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Comment Re:At Work (Score 1) 230

A doctor basically said once that vaping was to smoking like jumping out of a 5th story window was to jumping out of a 10th story window!

That's so cool you know a celebrity! Say 'hi' to Dr. Nick for me, could you?

Comment Re:Dumb (Score 1) 230

Why not, I dunno, sell government approved vape pens in the commissary? From what I've read, most of the incidents with vaping are from people trying to "soup up" their vape machines. This amounts to banning Honda Civics on base because a few ill informed morons cause them to ignite by modifying them in ways they don't really understand.

No, it's more like banning Ford Pinto's on a facility full of powerful conventional ordinance and nuclear weapons.

Actually, it's banning all wheeled conveyances with combustion engines because someone kept insisting on driving the Pinto. If they'd just ban the 'Pinto' equivalent but let people drive, er, use other reliable models without the inherent design flaws, no problem! Oh, and make modding them a bustable (brigable?) offense, since that shit makes even a trustworthy brand unreliable.

Comment Re: Dumb (Score 1) 230

If you buy anything vape related, you are a fool.


And if you buy anything coffee related you are a bigger fool.

Oh wait, did I trample on a harmless activity that you enjoy that some asswhack nutbags take unfounded offense to? Golly gee, sorry about that!

Comment Re:Split View (Score 1) 104

Or FreeCommander. They even have a portable version on the Portable Apps site.

This has been my go-to fix for the whole Windows Explorer incompetency for about a decade now. Free for personal or corporate use, a donation gets you access to the 64-bit version and past versions of the software, but the free 32-bit current version is not function-crippled in any way. Portable version even works on computers where you don't have installation rights, and having bookmarks capabilities for corporate network folders is the best thing ever. ;-)


Comment Re:3D TV is dead? (Score 1) 399

So... in other words... 3D was a solution to a problem that no one seemed to have had.

That's it in a nutshell....no one really wanted it in the first place. It was a 'solution' in search of a problem.

So...exactly like curved screens then?

Wonder when those will officially die off. At least for 3D TV's you could purchase one that had 3D (plus a bunch of actually useful features) and just not use the 3D...

Oh, looks like that's already on it's way out too.

Comment Re:puzzled (Score 1) 254

These online companies love this because they get more impulse buys. If you have to pull out the credit card to buy then it gives the dumb consumers chance to rethink their order. If someone complains they will refund for one order, or one customer, etc, but they will not change their minds on the technology that makes them tons of money taking advantage of customers.

(Amazon even tries to mislead people into signing up for Prime where the one-touch buy works best, by saying "click here for free shipping!" Had to clean this up from my mother after noticing she was into a Prime first month free trial with automatic charging of the credit card at the end of the month, and she had no idea what Prime even was and only purchases one or two things a year from them. This seems very deliberate and not just a misunderstanding as you can see the lack of safeguards or explanations of what you're signing up for.)

^^^ This.

I also had to do this for my mother, after she had ordered something a bit closer to Christmas than she wanted to, and of course she clicked on the enticingly blinky "Free 2 day shipping!!!" button, with the eensy teensy fine print on the bottom about something-something Prime. Who doesn't want to be Prime? Sure! It's free, after all, the button says it is! Of course she knows what she's doing, she's ordered from Amazon at least two or three time in the last couple of years...she's an old hand at this Amazon thing!

*facepalm* Okay Mom, I know it's totally not your fault, but lets start by getting this Prime fee reversed on your credit card...

The sad part is, I don't think she'll be ordering anything from Amazon again, even though I walked her through what buttons to push to avoid enrolling in 'Prime'. Use of shady tactics destroys customer trust, and what makes me extra angry is that stupid shit like this just reinforces her low-grade technophobia, which we were doing so well in overcoming the last little while. I was so proud to hear that she had ordered stuff online on her own! Then I got the call. >:-(

Comment Re:Why doesn't Alexa ask for a password? (Score 1) 254

Unless you know someone named Alex (or even Alexa) and speak rapidly or slur your words...and really, who doesn't slur juuust enough to get the wrongeset word sometimes? Reading my friends' dictated texts is a hilarious enterprise on occasion...

"Alex-and-Jeff-want-to-buy-a-car. A-black-2016-Escalade."

2 weeks later

"Oh no, what have you done!"

Comment Great, just great (Score 1) 114


In addition to the physical advantages, Gorilla Glass is also clearer than normal glass, which allows for more vibrant head-up displays, connected surfaces, and entire dashboards that function as touchscreens.

Dammit, I can't keep up with cleaning the fingerprints off of a 100 cm2 surface, what am I gonna do with a couple of square meters...?

Comment Re:Not sure about the rest, but... (Score 1) 114

Get a wrap, or paint protection film.

(disclaimer: I do own a bit of 3M stock, but it's because they make a lot of useful and popular stuff like the above)

Umm...I came here looking to crack a joke about needing a screen protector for your car, and find this.

It is truly a strange world we live in...and now I find myself thinking about putting these things on my pretty new Murano... :S

Comment Re:There is a niche for this... (Score 1) 161

... and that's for portable, but not mobile computing. Essentially when you want to have a computer on a table where you have electricity, but you still want to be able to carry it around.

Essentially you want something like that in a rather rugged case, so it'll withstand some abuse. It doesn't matter how light or thick it is, as it won't be "carried around" with someone, but specifically carried from place A to B, probably as part of some larger setup.

For example this could take part in stage productions controlling the lights, or a video mixer.

^ This.

I could definitely see a use for on-site commissioning, where having access to the company software/licenses without necessarily having to have access to a network connection is *very* useful. The ability to update CAD drawings more rapidly in-situ, as well as use the extra screen real-estate for hunting code gremlins could be a big time saver in the long run. Professionals won't care that this beast needs to be constantly plugged in while in use: the fact that they can simply fold it up and move over to the next compressor or plant or whatever is the useful part.

Yes, all of these things can be done with a single screen laptop, but as anyone who works with CAD or PLC software knows, the extra screens are golden when you're trying to increase productivity and/or troubleshoot a glitch.

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