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Comment Re:Already did that (Score 1) 168

And by did that....I mean my PHONE camera, because I would never leave a camera connected all the time to my desktop PC anyway.

BOTH cameras on my phone are covered by pieces of plastic that need to be moved aside physically in order to take pictures. Did that the very day I bought the phone.

However, I looked for actual products to do this....couldn't find a one. Not a single case with camera covers built in, not a single accessory available.....sad....very sad.

Hmm...apparently you fail at searching teh interwebs.

Mind you, these only seem to be available for iPhones, which sucks, although I did come across these which intrigue me. Maybe my days of electrical tape are over!

Comment Re:Audible rocks (Score 1) 60

So I went to test your site, sure I wasn't going to find the books I wanted, and I found exactly what I was looking for.

Damn. Now I regret my Audible subscription.

Haha, yeah, I know. I am continually impressed with their selection myself, but I was lucky enough not to have fallen into the Audible honeypot before I found them...although I'll admit I was teetering on the edge. I was getting quite sick of buying physical media for my audiobooks! Now if Downpour doesn't have it, I simply go back to the disc hunt online.

Comment Re:Audible rocks (Score 1) 60

Protip: copy to computer, convert to mp3, chop into 10 minute segments with sequential numbers and you can easily transit between listening methodologies without worrying about being online.

...or you can simply buy/rent audiobooks from Dounpour and skip the hassle. Pro-protip: using Downpour instead of Audible-based stores also financially supports a DRM-free business model.

FWIW, I don't buy virtual media from anywhere that encumbers it with DRM. I'll tolerate it in streaming services like Netflix, but if I'm purchasing an ebook or music, I expect to be able to do what I want with it, same as if I purchased the plastic or dead-tree version. The first vendor that offers equivalent freedom for movies and TV shows at a reasonable cost will get my business (and my entertainment costs will go up sharply, I expect, but such is life). For now I'll stick with the hassles of Netflix for video, and just listen to/read my books offline.

Comment Re:Because there's no advantage (Score 1) 206

I think the people you're looking for are the ones walking around with their phone constantly out and their eyes so glued to it they can't avoid common objects in front of them.

Not a large percentage of the population but they're out there.

...and by the grace of Darwin, may there be less of them every year. Trouble is, Darwin just can't keep up to Murphy...

Comment Precedent? (Score 1) 97


Online review site Yelp's star rating system does not make it responsible for negative reviews of businesses because it is based on user input, ... Under federal law, the decision said, Yelp is not liable for content its users post...The appeals court said distributing the content does not make Yelp the creator or developer of the content

So my question is, how long before we can expect this ruling to be applied to torrent aggregators? When will KAT get their domain and database back? Will the feds issue an apology?

Seems just a bit two-faced to me. Oh, right, $$ == per^H^H^Hprosecution. Guess the locksmith just didn't have the green to buy the 'right' ruling...

Comment Re:Umm... (Score 1) 73

>"Niantic does not and has no plans to sell Pokemon Go user data -- aggregated, de-identified or otherwise -- to any third party," Power wrote. The company also adds that data is shared with mobile app analytics companies and with marketing and analysis companies

We're not selling your personal info, we're selling ad space on your phone to marketers who have chosen to advertise to you based on your personal info which we gave them for free.

Totally different.

Ah, there we go. I was wondering why they'd give away the milk instead of selling it...well spotted!

Comment Re:Batteries going to 11? (Score 1) 210

"but the public is still clamoring for Thinner and Lighter"

Phones have been thin enough and light enough for 6 or 7 years. I think most people would rather a better battery than a thinner phone. I can't imagine anyone still thinks phones should be thinner- it'll get to a point where it makes them harder to hold.

"Get to"? As far as I'm concerned, we've been there for years now...especially with the apparent design hard-on for slippery-as-hell (but 'ooh shiny!') exteriors.


Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 532

It got past editorial review and was entered into the fighting pits, just like many a crappy paper. And it was subsequently jumped on! I'm not sure there's any irony here at all.

An article that discusses the release of a peer-reviewed paper is in turn apparently not reviewed at all (peer or no)...are you sure your own irony meter isn't malfunctioning? ;-)

Comment Re:They are asking for it (Score 1) 129

The other thing I'd wonder about is what kinds of questions are they asking, and why do they need all that data? In the U.S., the census is only supposed to be for one purpose, enumeration of representatives in Congress, but they ask all sorts of nosy questions that have nothing to do with that.

^^ This. Why does name and address make this more 'useful' data? So they can figure out which street names tend to have the most people named 'John' living on them? How exactly could retaining and associating this particular data be used to determine anything that would actually be beneficial* to the poor slob compelled to give up their info?

Well, at least they're not pulling income information straight from the tax authority...I particularly like the claim that Stats Canada does it "to reduce the burden on Canadians". >:- /

* Note: I do not count 'targeted' advertising as beneficial to anyone besides the asshat trying to sell people as much shit they don't need as possible while spending as little as they can on advertising.

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