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Comment Re:Have you tried Pinta? (Score 1) 9

Though immediately after I posted that, I realized that having a windows vm won't help much if you want to dedupe files in one of the other VMs :D

haha, you got that right :) But for video processing the VM might work, hmmm...so many ways to skin those digital cats!

Comment Re:Have you tried Pinta? (Score 1) 9

Cool, thanks! I'll definitely check out Quebes OS when I'm ready to start field-testing distros!

I think it'll ultimately come down to which one plays better with WINE, since I have some go-to programs that were a) powerful, b) flexible, and c) user-friendly enough in the trial period that I bought them, and use them at least once a week. Video ReDo and Duplicate File Detective are two that I can think of just off the top of my head, and I haven't seen anything out there to match them, at least for what I use them for.

Ah well, I suppose if I can't get them to work using WINE, there's always dual boot...but it would be nice to cut the strings entirely.

Comment Have you tried Pinta? (Score 1) 9

Just wondering if you've had the same issues with Pinta?

I'm a Winblows user (for now at least) so I haven't tried it myself. Have been casually looking for Linux alternatives to some of my favourite 'helper' programs in preparation to making the swap once Windows 10 becomes 'mandatory', and Pinta seems a possible option to replace Paint.NET which I absolutely love...and apparently it runs under WINE if you can get it rigged up right, although I don't know if it would grab system fonts. No idea on the capabilities of Pinta though, since that's native to Linux.

I really have to rig up a Mint installation to do some testing soon...

Comment Re:posting from my BlackBerry PRIV now (Score 1) 78

Out of the box, battery life was terrible, but it improved markedly after the first 3-5 days. I don't know if that's because it finished a bunch of background updates, or if the battery optimization algorithm needed time to figure things out, but instead of starting at 6am and dying at 3pm, it started to last until 9-10pm. if I'd based my judgement on the first day or two's battery life, I would have returned the phone. Glad I didn't.

Hmm...that is interesting. In my experience, I've only ever had battery life go down over time, never increase.

Unfortunately, I only had about 36 hours to check it out before I couldn't swap it out with my provider (technically I was supposed to have a week, but I was out of town when it arrived and I was told that that's when the countdown started...as I picked it up 5 and a half days later). I had to evaluate based on observed performance in the 24-36 hours I had available, and since every other phone I have had has not had this battery calibration or whatever, I had to assume that was simply how the battery life was going to be, and I knew it would piss me off every time I saw the battery meter. Even charging once a day would be pretty annoying, though. I do like the fact that if I forget to throw my phone on the charger before hitting the sack at night, I will still have enough juice to get to my next sleep.

Ah well, I'm happy enough with my sammy, just had to put a little more effort into locking it down and neutering the Samsung bloat/spyware. Plus it's water resistant...and I do like reading ebooks in the shower :-)

Comment Re:What I would buy (Score 1) 78

I had it for approximately 24 hours

You're an idiot if you think that is enough to properly gauge battery life. The battery sensors are not even calibrated at that point.

There are hundreds of screenshots by people easily lasting 3 days with their privs (and that is my personal experience as well).

I did go through a full charge/discharge cycle the previous evening, which is when the apparently rapid battery use first caught my eye (as in, when it died in my pocket while at a restaurant). That's why I was watching the battery closely the second day, to see how it performed during moderate use on wi-fi, not (maybe) searching for cell signals or something.

Funny how my Samsung (and my Sony before that) had absolutely no problem lasting 2-4 days right out of the box (2 days with moderate usage and setup, then 4 days easily on 'light' usage, i.e. texting and email only), no 'battery sensor calibration' needed. Perhaps I had a faulty battery in the Priv, but when I looked a little deeper into the reviews, they just seemed a little...frenetic in denying that there's anything wrong with the battery life. I mean seriously, methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Screen on-time is less and varies, obviously, but it is perfectly reasonable compared to the competition.

Sorry, I don't even know what you mean here. Do you mean if you minimize the screen-on time the battery life is longer? Well yes...as is the same for every smartphone. Differentce is, if I go into super-battery-scrimping mode on my S7, I can squeeze out 5 days or more, but even on regular ol' usage, I still get two days minimum. I tried using the Priv just like I've used any other smartphone I've owned, and it simply failed the longevity test.

Comment Re:posting from my BlackBerry PRIV now (Score 1) 78

Just curious, what do you think of your battery life?

I tried the Priv when I broke my previous (Android) phone, and while I liked the form factor, operation speed and features, the extremely crappy battery life out of the box killed the deal for me. Maybe there are a host of secret config settings or battery-saving apps I could have installed to make it usable, or maybe I had a faulty battery or some such, but I'm afraid I wasn't patient enough (or didn't quite love it enough) to find out.

Comment Re:What I would buy (Score 1) 78

Make a decent phone, decent price, slide out physical keyboard, long battery life and goddam headphone jack and there you go, Try to imitate the iphone and they will fail.

Apart from the price *and the battery life*, you're describing the Priv exactly.

There, FTFY.

I busted my phone a couple of months back (low-slung car and closing doors, don't ask), so I figured I'd take a venture on the Priv, since I like pretty much everything about BB except the paucity of apps when compared to the Android ecosystem.

I had it for approximately 24 hours, then brought it back (and thanked goodness my provider had a 'love it' guarantee on new phones!). The battery life was...less than optimal. I unplugged it in the morning the day after I received it (approximately 7:30 AM) and by 10:00 the battery was at 40%. That's AM, not PM. Yes, I was pretty much using it constantly over those 2.5 hours, trying out some features, but mostly just reading DYAC and other casual web browsing: no video streaming or other typically battery-intensive tasks. Sorry, if I wanted to have to charge my phone twice or three times a day, I'll go back to 2002.

That being said, I had absolutely no complaints with the OS or any other features: the keyboard was easy to use, keyboard shortcuts were great, etc. The phone was maybe a bit off-balance with the keyboard extended, but with practice it wouldn't have been an issue. It seemed responsive and snappy, easy to configure and find things. There were a lot of things that I liked quite a lot about the phone...but I just couldn't handle the battery life. My new S7 may be full of Samsung bloatware, but at least she lasts 2 to 3 days between charges, even if I decide to spend a couple of hours reading DYAC...

Comment Re:They operate but not perfectly (Score 1) 767

You can encode surround sound into two channel audio, but the result is not nearly as good as true separation of channels - which is why real him theater equipment uses digital audio inputs if it can instead of decoding surround from two-channel audio.

I'm sorry, what I am hearing here is "it's got to be better because Apple". The 'input' is already digital, we're talking outputs here. Requiring more batteries in more things because...profit?


It's not enforcement of DRM on audio playback. It's enforcement of the MFi Program for certifying hardware that uses the Lightning port.

Ah, there's the profit!

Besides the dubious benefits of in-ear 'surround', what exactly is the plus side of these 'improvements'? And don't say degradation of analog signals in cables because for the length of cable we're talking about, I doubt even the finest oscilloscope could detect a difference in the waveform end to end unless you deliberately ran it over some unshielded 120V power cables...and if you're doing that regularly with your headphones while using them, may I suggest that you leave the backpack 120V generator at home, or stop sleeping on municipal power lines? Besides which, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the DAC/battery wart at the phone end of these fancy new headphone cables, rather than messing up the super sleek design lines of the part of the 'phones that everyone gets to see and drool over...leaving the bulk of the signal path as analog as my two ears.

Comment Re:I don't have a FB account (Score 0) 51

you have no right to identify me via face recognition.

then you should take it up with your friend taking illegal photos with you (without a release). but likely you were in a public place where you have no expectation of privacy. you even said it yourself, you do not have a fb account, but your friends are (illegally, remember you never signed a release) publishing photos of you. location of the published photo, whether it is an art gallery in japan titled 'poses of snotnose' or on facebook, does not make it illegal. the person taking a photo is the one to blame.

imagine if your mother went to japan and saw the photo and wrote your name underneath that photo. that's now public information. are you still going to blame the art gallery?

Now imagine that some stranger that works at the art gallery (in a dark suit and sunglasses, 'cause it's creepier) sees your name sharpied under your photo, then goes through every other photograph that they have access to, including all those drunk frat party photos from the 90s that your asshole friend posted in the gallery for 'lulz' and sharpied your name under all of the ones that have you in them. And they have access to a lot of photos. Like...all of the photos, pretty much.

How's that? Skin creeping a bit yet? Why is this considered okay, even for people who have no relationship with this software? If my friends want to 'tag' me in their photos, great, no problem (or, if I have a problem with it, I'll ask them to remove the tag). However they should have to tag me every single damned time, not just once and then FB finishes the job.

Comment Instagram?? (Score 1) 69

Okay, I can see FB, maybe, because people post articles on there and maybe you trust your friends more than the networks to curate your news for you...but Instagram? Isn't that just a photo sharing service? Are the people you follow posting photos of news events, or is this just for 'local' news (like OMG HUGE BURGERZZ HERE! CHECK IT OUT!!!)?

(Don't know, don't use either service, although have seen more FB pages than Instagram pages...)

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