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Comment Re:Religion (Score 1) 892

It is any ideology that one refuses to be critical of, regardless of existing information that might prove their view to be false; Avowed Communists, Die Hard Free-Market Anarcho-Capitalists, Partisan Democrats and Republicans, the Apple fanboi, fans of the television show Lost, and you!

Seriously, everyone thinks they are a person of reason and logic without seeing their own personal bias.

iPad Steering Wheel Mount 230

kevin7kal writes "The Apple iPad is the ideal automotive communications and entertainment device. It is sized perfectly to mount using the iPad Steering Wheel Mount without obscuring the driver's view. 'I don't think that I am exaggerating when I say that the iPad Steering Wheel Mount probably has saved my life...'"

Comment Re:Cato !Free Market (Score 1) 242

By real supporters of the "free-market" do you mean the folks over at I would say that the Cato institute lies within the realm of pragmatic Libertarianism. While they do not take an absolute stand with the An-Cap types over at they do present realistic free-market solutions within our current system.

Comment Re:Harassment is a crime already. (Score 1) 408

It should only be a crime if the child asked to be left alone, over and over again, and this individual would not go away.

Doesn't the website have a "block this person" button. If not, it should have it. I can block someone in Skype, email (filter by sender address) and probably can call my cell provider to block a specific number or install some blacklist software to my phone. What I can't do is getting someone to stay away from me IRL (maybe there is some law in my country, I did not need it and hope to never need it). However, in this case, the virtual buyfriend did not exist IRL so it was possible to completely block him.

Comment I just want to be special like everyone else (Score 1) 209

When you play a class for the first time you start thinking about how totally awesome it's going to be and how special you are. You run around for the first 20 levels eager to show everyone else how super cool your new class is.

If you're a warrior you jump in and save that priest from the mob of 3 striders...and she runs away instead of healing you.

If you're a druid you start to heal that protection pally who's pulled 5 to many bristlebacks...then you lose agro, he heals himself and finishes off the 2 that killed you.

Eventually you ding 31 and start to realize that your class isn't all that special...but that shaman that just owned your face is!
...and you re-roll.

By the time you hit end game all you really want is a class that can heal, kill or survive...just like everyone else.

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