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Comment Re: Yes! I knew it. (Score 1) 457

In theory yes now that I think about it. But then again, this should limit the spying ability. For one, my TV is only connected to my PC via HDMI and the PC is off most of the time. When it's on, well, if the PC is compromised then I'm hosed anyway, if not, then it should not pass the network packets (I do not remember whether common video cards support networking over the hdmi port, the specs can lie though)..
Hmm, or maybe I should just use component to provide video signal to the TV...

Comment Re:Who cares about the drivers, (Score 1) 139

But if you go to my country (and probably other countries that were occupied by the USSR), you will find that a lot of older people can speak Russian (it was mandatory to learn in the USSR), but younger people may not, but younger people are more likely to speak English (it is mandatory to learn a second language in school and most schools choose English) than older people.

Comment Re:Who cares about the drivers, (Score 1) 139

While it is common for Europeans to be able to speak foreign languages, you cannot be sure which ones. For example, people in my country usually can speak at least one foreign language. But some speak Russian and others speak English as a second language. Some know both, some know some other languages.

However, I would be incredibly annoyed if I went into a store (or called a taxi) and the employee could not speak the national language well enough to be understood without me asking the same thing multiple times. We have a national language, if you want to live and work here, learn it. If you cannot speak it well enough, get a job that does not require you to talk to clients.

Comment Re:I do, and think it's critical (Score 1) 203

I listen to the radio at work or when I'm driving short distances. I also sometimes listen to radio at home when I am doing something and want music as background. It is much better than flipping records or tapes all the time. Also, if I listened to a digital playlist, I would be really tempted to choose the next song myself and would end up spending more time choosing than working. I have noticed this when listening to music on my PC - I spend a minute choosing whet to listen to, then ~3 minutes listening to it, then a minute or more choosing. I also end up playing a few songs a lot of times over and over, which then makes me fed up with those songs. Listening to radio I can just concentrate on the work. Also, the radio station I listen to broadcasts the news which is also good.

When I am driving a longer distance, I also listen to tapes or MDs. When doing something (where I need to concentrate) at home, I listen to tapes, records or CDs. Or listen to radio and sometimes have a tape deck turned on, ready to record a good song I hear.

Comment Re:Terrible Idea (Score 1) 266

Boards - yes, might be a bit difficult to repair a modern board, though my friend works at a cell phone repair company and they do solder things on the base board of the cellphone. Still, I would like to be able to buy the spare parts from the manufacturer instead of searching for them on ebay etc. And some devices have mechanical components - I would really like to get a replacement gear, pulley or something like that.

Comment Re:In my day... (Score 1) 179

CRTs have good black levels. This is important when watching a movie in a dark room. I have a plasma TV (bought a plasma because its black levels should be better than those of a LCD for a similar price) and its black levels are still worse than CRT. I have a CRT computer monitor so when I go watch TV I immediately notice the non-black black color.

Comment Re:pointless (Score 1) 179

I want my TV to do one job - display the image in the best quality possible for the given input (VHS or laserdisc should look the best it can, 1080p should look the best it can) with good black levels (like to watch movies with room lights off), accurate color reproduction and no dimming on bright images.(ABL).

I do not need:
1. smart functions or OS - I can connect a computer with a OS I want to it.
2. good speakers or amplifier - I have a decent sound system.
3. Low power consumption - I rarely watch movies and as long as the TV does not use more than about 1kW I'm good. More than that, it may trip the breaker and I may need more cooling in summer.
4. Ultra thin case - as long as it is thinner than maybe 30-50cm, it's OK. A bigger case may make the TV more stable too.

Comment Re:Most of the web really sucks (Score 1) 325

Instead, all browsers do the same stupid thing - try to load all 30 images at the same time, leaving you sitting there looking at 30 partial images.

On a higher bandwidth connection this would be faster. Loading small (say, 100KB) images on a connection where there is high ping to the server (say, I have a fiber optic connection, but the server is on the other side of the planet)in series is slower than loading them in parallel, because of the time spent waiting for the replies (setting up the tcp connection etc).

I also remember download accelerators that would split up a file in multiple parts and download them in parallel, this would usually make the download faster even if all pieces came from the same server. Also, iperf -P10 is usually faster than iperf -P1...

Of course, on a very slow connection, loading multiple images in parallel is worse because each session is competing with the others for bandwidth and the downloads may time out.

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