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Comment Man... oh man.... (Score 5, Interesting) 72

I've been a true blue IT pro foss loonix guy for most of the last 16 years. And every year. Nay. Every 6-10 months some hardware designed to "thwart" crackers, and other crypto attackers goes the way of the dodo.

I think the industry looks at security the wrong way and the lulzsec guys weren't wrong in that ideological rant they made. You can't predict the unpredictable. Firewalls aren't a wall in any meaningful sense. "Software defined" networks are just a catchphrase for networking complex things in a dynamic manner. Intrusion Prevention Systems do not prevent. Hell, if you let your cisco guy deploy it, it wont even log a thing and when it dies you will have no idea why.

Bollocks, Shenanigans and costly Stupidity (don't get me started on "hardware routers" or "storage networks"). This is what I have found in my years in the battlefields, young grasshoppers. And a deeply felt wish that I had chosen archeology instead.

Comment Re: Micro$slop requires virtualization? Really? (Score 1) 172


What is this "virtualizing" the "interface" kerfufelisch nonesense.... no no, my friend. You are severely mistaken. Sand Boxing is NOT "about" virtualizing. Sand boxing is about isolating upper layers from lower layers. This can be achieved by virtualization or through not virtualization. How about that?

Comment Look man, I dont even understand why (Score 1) 121

There is closed hardware in networking. Any monkey can do that. They are glorified old PC's and all their value is in the software anyway. Hell there is no such thing as a "hardware networking appliance". Those only exist in the imagination of people that think learning to configure an IP stack is a somehow complex ordeal.

Comment Re:big data,,, (Score 1) 111

Some more than a hundred billion dollars beg to disagree with your statement there, sir. As for your final question, I propose as an answer "Who cares?". Nobody cares about intrinsic built-in trust of a civilised society. All they want is profit to have as many bitches sucking on their dicks and their kids dicks. Human lifespan is short and the rich are accutely aware of this. This is why they take what they can when they can.

You seem to believe someone out there in industryland cares even a little bit about the rest of society and their future: good luck with that.

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