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Comment Re:That quote says it all (Score 3, Funny) 94

The problem with a lot of SV/Tech startups is that the people involved appear to believe that their income comes from VCs. Their business plan is effectively "Get VC Money, Then Sell Company!"

It's hard to tell for sure, but you seem kind of surprised by this. If so, you must be pretty young, since this has been true for almost 20 years now.

Comment Re:No experience, billion $ empire, not beholden (Score 2) 412

He built a $2 billion dollar business empire

If Trump's business empire is only worth $2 billion, instead of the $4 billion that he claims, then he's an even worse businessman than we thought. Starting with $200 million 40 years ago, $2 billion now would be far below average for the stock market, whereas $4 billion is only slightly below average.

Comment Re:Hard enough? (Score 1) 111

Phone is in my left pocket with screen (and home button) facing my body, top of phone down towards the ground. Reach in & trigger home button with thumb as I'm pulling it out & pivoting it around my thumb grip to be right side up.

Same here, just with my right hand. Though with my phone, I press the power button with my thumb to turn the screen on.

As far as handwriting handedness, I'm told it doesn't make a big difference. It's nigh indecipherable by anyone else regardless of what hand I'm writing with...

Hell, if you can read your own handwriting, you've got me beat.

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