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Comment Re:As unpopular as it will be to hear... (Score 1) 129

On the surface I agree with you. In practice, I've gone the other direction and have become more pro-open-source over the years.

One example is MATLAB. I like MATLAB, and consider myself fairly good at it. People come to me to ask MATLAB questions. With that said, my company has floating licenses and these are a pain. Mathworks is very responsive in their customer service, but when you find a bug, you have to work around it or wait until they fix it. On the odd occasion where you want to actually distribute a script, you need to (maybe?) have the end-user download and install the (free as in beer) runtime separately.

I've switched the vast majority of my data analysis and other scripts to Python, and I no longer have to search for co-workers who left their copy of MATLAB open. When I find a bug, I can actually fix it myself and even return the fix to the module's project, along with any other feature that I find to be missing. When I need to distribute a script, I just make sure that I'm not using some forbidden-fruit GPL module (the ecosystem is mostly BSD) and zip the whole shebang up with one of the py-to-exe tools without consulting the frigging lawyer.

It's not all-rosy, for sure. Scientific/technical computing on Python has a higher learning curve than MATLAB. While vast help exists for Python trouble, MATLAB has all of the help concentrated in one place which makes finding solutions easier. One unexpected benefit to Python is the GUI. At first blush, MATLAB holds the high ground with its GUIDE visual GUI builder. But for anything more than a few simple controls, GUIDE is an unholy beast to work with. I've found my life much better with Python and it's wide choice of GUI frameworks. Even setting up the whole GUI with a text editor in Tkinter is worth the up-front time investment vs. the misleading initial ease of using GUIDE.

On the topic of SAS, one product that I do use of theirs is JMP. I have to admit it is faster (for me) for quick-and-dirty data analysis than using Python. I think I'd like to code up a Python application to do some of my most common JMP workflows... not try to reimplement the whole thing.

Comment Re:Nice for a change (Score 1) 254

And kill citizens in exchange for tax revenue. Really, short yellow lights do kill people. Municipal governments know this and some of them still shorten the lights beyond the acceptable range as dictated by DOT engineering standards.

In my opinion we should be able to draw and quarter the people responsible for intentionally turning human misery and death into tax revenue.

Comment Re:IN SOVIET RUSSIA (Score 1) 530

Sorry, I am otherwise occupied trying to herd US citizens into realizing what the real threats to us are. Here's a hint, it ain't the great Russian smokescreen.

It's people like you who are so convinced that partisan politics is an all or nothing, us or them situation that you are willing to create lies in your mind to support your position and get enraged about non-issues because you have tied your ego to the belief center of your brain and completely bypassed the logic circuits.

Case in point. My number one concern is for the health, well being, and viability of every American citizen. You call that concern traitorous for some inscrutable reason. You keep attributing partisan political motivations to me when I have never taken a stand for a political "side," only pointed out how someone was incredibly wrong about the availability of emails. That is not indicative of the actions of a logical person. Those are the thoughts of a compromised mind.

Comment Re:IN SOVIET RUSSIA (Score 1) 530

Did you even read what I wrote, or are you again interjecting your own thoughts? I can play play that game too you know.

I said I am in opposition to our government on many things, and firmly in favor of the people of the US. You call that being a traitor, fine. Therefore, as a non-traitor yourself, you must support 100% of what our government is doing, eh? Well then, that would make you a Trump supporter, and a bigly one at that! Well, if supporting our government in everything they do and kowtowing to Trump is your thing, keep it up patriot! I will oppose you and you can call me a traitor all you want.

You like the idea of rampant corporatism, encroaching fascism, and deliberate misrepresentation of the electorate. I get it. You're too stupid to realize that our government, both "parties" as you call them, are nothing more than the new aristocracy, completely dedicated to their own causes which are vastly different than the interests of their constituents and even their supporters. I get that too. You want to support your "side," but you don't realize that your "side" doesn't support you and is acting against your interests as a citizen. I get that as well. But just because you are committed to the same subjugation and exploitation of the US people as our leaders doesn't mean that I won't try to talk you out of being a self destructive robot dedicated to taking all of us down with you. Again, call me a traitor all you want, I will wear your stupid label as a badge of pride.

Comment Re:IN SOVIET RUSSIA (Score 1) 530

I see your reading comprehension level is way below the material presented. I was referring to your activities and how they were like what Trump does with his stupid tweets. I pointed out how what you said was silly and irrelevant to reality. Just like a lot of what Trump says. You then proceeded to dig your heels in, defending a demonstrably asinine position, just like Trump does. You do it again in the post I am replying to. You can't even address the points I made. You presented no evidence of your claim, nor any corroborating suppositions that point toward evidence. You said nothing to refute what I said other than what boils down to a rhetorical "nuh-uh."

Please forgive me if I don't take you as an authoritative source. You can't even quote me correctly and the words are right there in the post. We are all somehow stupider for having read what you wrote. You are awarded no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 226

Woah dude! What have you been smoking? I am talking about the actual news. Take a look:

And here is the definition of false flag:

Two people responsible for the hundreds of threats against Jewish community centers, synagogues, and cemeteries as well as destruction of property, etc. The second link reveals this Jewish guy is responsible for threats all over the world, not just in the US. The media pushed hard for this story to be part of the "racists and anti-semites following Trump and Bannon, emboldened and galvanized into action, blah blah blah." Turns out it was the farthest thing from.

That doesn't preclude the Trump supporters or organization from doing the same thing with stirring up dissent, which was my point. Create a crisis, capitalize on it. You know, a page out of ol' Saul's book. Jesus, I keep forgetting how incredibly stupid you are. Don't try to figure out what this means, it will only confuse you.

I don't even know what the fuck the elders of Zion is, I'm just quoting the news, the Israeli police, and US justice department. What kind of filters are you running in your cortex that has you off on such a tangent? You need to clean them out, they're toxic and you can't see reality because of what you have overlaid on your perceptions.

Finally and most importantly, I don't have a "team." I am decidedly not one of you, if you will pardon the expression, fucking stupid morons that think a political party is going to save them. I don't play that game and I certainly don't see either party serving my interests or representing me in the slightest. So, yeah, keep on with your presupposed opposition, preconceived notions, and crazy internal monologue. If it helps you make enemies and completely misunderstand the world around you then I guess its working as you hoped?

Comment Re: So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 226

I hope your kids date black people and have little mixed babies...

If only everyone would do the same, we wouldn't have a race problem in this country any more. Racist fucks like you would be the same "race" as everyone else.

Maybe we could hate people for being ignorant and hateful instead of skin color. Would be great to see you up against the wall first.

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 226

With all of the liberals and Jewish dudes calling in bomb threats to synagogues and knocking over Jewish headstones, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a false flag operation as well. Fucking crazy humans, the lot of you.

Manipulation of the public is way too easy, and by that I mean manipulation of individuals on a large scale. If you want to generate sympathy for your side and hatred of the other all you have to do is secretly attack your own side in a very public way that makes it easy for people to virtue signal. See the reference above or all of those black college students hanging up nooses in trees and painting the n-word on walls, fake rape accusations, etc. IT happens more often than you might think. Hate is so gauche that the people who thrive on it have to manufacture it now. The sad part is how much you all eat it up.

The really awesome part would be if these people thought they were being paid by Soros to generate interest in taking down the government but they were actually being paid by Trump's people to make the public upset at the liberal fringe elements.

It would be funny if it weren't so plausible.

Comment Re: RICO (Score 1) 226

If some of these protesters are being paid to do this, and if they have done it before (within the last 10 years), and if there is a common plaintiff then yes, there could be RICO charges.

That being said, its a super long shot and there would have to be a huge investigation into who was funding this kind of activity. This would not be like the Italian mob where their presence was known and their ability to avoid prosecution was a thorn in the side of law enforcement. This would be the discovery of a whole new organization, their objective being subversive attacks on the American political system from a faux grass roots perspective. A totally different animal than profit motivated mobsters.

With Trump in office, RICO charges would be the least of their worries.

Comment Re:IN SOVIET RUSSIA (Score 1) 530

Do you ever get accused of acting just like Trump? You know, when you say something incredibly stupid, get called out on it, and then instead of admitting you effed up you just say it again, and louder hoping it will sound true. Well, if not, you sure are taking one from his playbook on this one.

Former Secretary of State Clinton assumed office in 2009 and stepped down in February of 2013.

Trump made that comment in July of 2016.

It is not a stretch to think that the 33,000 deleted emails Trump was referring to didn't all get sent on the last day of her tenure. Do you personally know of any intermediary servers that retain random emails and their contents for 3.5-7 years? Maybe a log of "to" and "from," but contents from the body? Even if they did, where the hell would you start to look? What you propose is like looking for a non-existent needle in a million invisible haystacks.

Come on man. Really?

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