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Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 589

Just how much would a second driver even earn, if this guy is already driving at peak times just to cover his own costs.

You're also assuming there aren't excess mileage charges on the lease, quite apart from other factors.

But hey, you know where he sleeps. Pop over, give him the benefit of your insight and ideas. Hell, sounds like he'd welcome the company and a decent cup of coffee at least.

Comment Re:Lots of jobs near the bottom (Score 1) 589

Although comically, 'straight out of university' graduates joining my company this year will be earning more than the graduates that started last year now earn.

This is causing some understandable conflict.

But even that aside, the starting salary for graduates at my company is above the UK average wage, so not even remotely close to minimum wage. Average graduate salaries are £18-20k/year, which is £200/month more than minimum wage (assuming someone on minimum wage gets paid for 40 hours/week including holidays). £200/month is worth having, especially at that tax rate, and that's the starting salary; two years in that £200/month differential will have doubled, five years in the difference buys a new car.

So your experience may not reflect national trends, even without salaries moving much in the past decade.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 589

Given Uber have lied about the income their drivers can expect to receive I'm not sure how you're expecting him to have avoided that bad decision.

I also think that even if he made a bad decision, Uber at a minimum allowed him to make it, knew he was making it, probably encouraged him to make it, and have a fucking obligation not to fuck him over as a result of it.

People make bad decisions. If the job is shitty, if he hates it, if it doesn't earn as much as he wants, that's a bad decision and sure, he should look for other options.
The job is all of those things and doesn't even pay him enough to go home and sleep in a bed at night. That's not a bad decision, that's a fucking travesty. Yes, Uber are very much accountable.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 589

Indeed. Mocking people stupid enough to believe your lies as you exploit them is sociopathic. Employees are stakeholders too and neglecting them tends to be an excellent way to kill a business.

What pisses me off is that the cunts behind Uber will exit with a large windfall before the model collapses.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 589

I've known people put their life savings into learning a new skill, only to find that the jobs aren't there, the world's moved on or that even after the training they just aren't able to compete in the labour market.

The effort isn't lacking, the risk taking is there, the desire to learn exists and the outcome still completely sucks.

I don't want people like that dying young and homeless. You were lucky, in your background or genetics or decisions; others aren't. Survival in this century shouldn't be down to luck for anybody.

Comment Re:Yea, America's fault. Wait, lets blame Trump! (Score 2) 589

We know that half the population is not intelligent and we know that modern marketing techniques can subvert intelligent, aware and thoughtful people. Ergo half the population is very vulnerable to exploitation by malicious people and companies that have resources.

You may consider those victims a cash cow. I personally feel that it's appropriate that society provides them with a level of protection, including preventing cunts like Uber from building a massively valuable company by breaking the law and exploiting people that were unfortunate enough to trust them.

Conning people out of money is illegal in most countries. It's fraud or comes under other legislation. Why do you think that conning people out of their labour is perfectly just fine?

Comment Re:It's not gonna happen (Score 1) 63

I completely disagree. 126kbps AAC would be pretty much transparent even in good listening conditions. 126kbps MP3 would probably be pretty bad. Depending on the source and encoder, it could be as annoying to listen to as tape (but with different flaws). Tape mostly had hiss, wow/flutter, and poor dynamic range. The hiss was not usually a big deal except in fancy-pants music with quiet components... this was not a problem for my rock/pop listening. The poor dynamic range was something that my brain seemed to adapt to fairly quickly. The wow/flutter was really annoying, and a stretched tape or low batteries really made for a poor listening experience. MP3 does not suffer from any of those things, but it does have really nasty artifacts - especially on things like cymbals. I have to admit that these are so terrible what I will usually take the time to find another source. With that said, AAC does not have this problem (though it still has other artifacts), especially at anything over 100kbps+.

Comment Re:America! (Score 1) 589

Hmm. I grew up in a country with no minimum wage and yet everybody had food, clothing and shelter. Not necessarily regular luxuries but a decent enough standard of living, enough cash for cigarettes, a car, a TV to watch.

Maybe the countries you've been to have other issues, because the lack of a minimum wage does not cause grovelling suck-ups.

Comment Re:America! (Score 1) 589

hmm. I earned £2.20/hour babysitting, adjusted for inflation, with a bonus for an overnight stay.

That is not well paid. I pay more than that for a friend to feed my cats when I'm away from home and she has a full time job on top of that.

I actually pay well over the national living wage - £7.50/hour from April - unless she sits playing with the cats for fair while. In which case she's not feeding them and she should be paying me for the entertainment.

This could make an interesting court case.

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