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Comment Re:found the trump klansman. (Score 2) 153

If you think I am a Trump supporter or a racist you obviously didn't read my post history, but that's not really a concern.

That you would use those terms with such abandon is telling. It is really indicative of the level of intelligence involved in the mud-slinging meta attacks that the younger generation tries to pass off as intellectual discourse (not to be left out, there are some older generation people that have learned to do this. Its even more pathetic when they do it as they should have learned better by now.) Namely, just call someone a racist and associate them with a public figure that is held in contempt by the majority of people in the particular forum you are speaking in and you don't even have to have a cogent argument. Which is for the best I guess, because I have a hard time believing that someone who resorts to this kind of behavior can get past their own stunted emotional responses to rationally consider their own opinions, much less those of someone else.

I implore you, learn to focus on the issues at hand instead of carrying around the equivalent of a sharpened stick to poke people with. You might learn that what you accuse people of, and are convinced they are a party to, is so far from the truth that you would be utterly embarrassed that you had made that accusation when you learn the facts.

Comment Re:America in one sentence (Score 1) 483

We haven't changed our bodies or minds out for anything newer since then, so the fundamentals would still apply. When you have a shiny metallic ass to bite we can talk about progress in this area. Until then, the basic principles of "delicate meat sacks with opinions" will always apply. Progress will be measured in terms of who forgets this first and, as a result, dies at the hands of another less "progressive" person.

Comment Re:A effective attack and defense (Score 0) 153

Well that and the fact that Arizona grew tired of the constant stream of illegal immigrants robbing, raping and killing their constituents. In an obviously misguided attempt to try to enforce immigration laws that our faithful supreme federal government would not they passed their own laws that would allow their local police departments to help control immigration.

The Federal Government sued them and won the right to go on not enforcing federal immigration laws which are currently on the books, thereby rendering Arizona helpless to defend its own borders. If that makes any damn sense at all...

Comment But others have said it better... (Score 1) 295

It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth---and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up---that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had. -- Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Death gives meaning to our lives. It gives importance and value to time. Time would become meaningless if there were too much of it. -- Ray Kurzweil

Comment Re:Given the reviews (Score 3, Informative) 460

Had it been released as an experimental indie game with an exploration/screenshot based self-fulfilment motivation as its published gameplay feature, at a price point suited to match, it would've sold very well and not had anywhere near the subsequent negative press.

Unfortunately it's far more profitable to feed the hype engine, suck in a few million gamers to pay full price and treat the small percentage of refunds as a cost of doing business.

The major publishers then wonder why people don't pre-order..

Comment Re:Nope, and missing the point (Score 0) 74

Tips build goodwill.

I get my pizza as the first delivery from the shop, before they go on to deliver the other pizzas in the car.
I don't get battered pizzas.
I get delivery on days they have no delivery staff.
I didn't pay extra the time I ordered a pizza, fell unconscious, woke up, rang to ask where my pizza was, found out it was three hours later, and had a new one made and delivered to me.

It's the little things. They add up. Anyway, pizza, garlic bread and a tip still come to less than Dominos charge for a pizza, and I get a far nicer pizza too.

Comment Re:So does Slashdot have a quota? (Score 2) 287

There was a powder-keg of misogynist bullshit just waiting to go off

Maybe, but GamerGate wasn't it. Unless you can provide enough evidence to counter the vast tract of material demonstrating collusion amongst games journalists, lapses in ethics and the intentional vilification of the people pointing those out.

Since miso- means hatred, lets skip straight to the biggest manifestations of hatred: Death threats and bomb threats.

Draw me up a list of the documented death and bomb threats that have been validated by the police as legitimate and worth investigation, and lets see where the fucking hatred sits.

Comment Re:social experiments (Score 1) 321

I don't think it presumes a lack of free will. I think it presumes that a very small percentage of young people, in certain situations and with certain preconditioning, will tend toward activities that result in pregnancy. People can control themselves. Those young women that became pregnant, they controlled themselves in such a way that they became pregnant. Was that decision made easier by the stimulus they experienced? Well, it looks like in about 2-4% of them, the answer is yes.

One thing you need to remember is that you, and I, and everyone alive on this planet for that matter, comes from ancestors who all did one thing right, without fail, 100% of the time, each and every generation, going all the way back to the very first humans ever on this planet. That singular thing that every single one of your ancestors have in common? They procreated successfully and created offspring that procreated successfully.

Think about that for a moment and let's compare. What if every ancestor of a certain person from the beginning of human history was a murderer. How surprised would you be when that person committed a murder? Murder is, admittedly, a more complex behavior than sex so it is easy to argue that sex would be even more likely.

Also, it's not like there aren't tons of papers, experiments, and conjecture on the psycho-sexual motivations of humans. I have read that just about every human behavior has been related to or attributed to sexual drives by psychologist, psychiatrists, philosophers, and pundits. Everything from the drive to work and earn money and upwardly mobile social movement to speech patterns, vocabulary choice, and clothing. So it's not about whether or not people have free will, its about how people choose to use that free will, and how the world occurs to them when they make choices. Its about how people choose to have sex, when they will choose to have sex, and even why they choose to have sex.

I also seemed to notice a slippery slope in your writing that was coupled with a pejorative view of sex. If that is the case I fear we may have difficulty discussing this subject without knowing each other better. When discussing topics like sex there can be heavy filters and unspoken assumptions that lead to misunderstandings between people that are not aware of each others presuppositions. My goal in replying is not to say you are wrong, not is it to argue, but merely to say that any discussion of free will and sex needs to include the possibility that people will choose freely to have sex, and that those free choices are influenced by antecedents, stimuli, and experiences. It is true that acknowledging that people can control themselves is a good first step toward controlling that behavior. It is also just as important to realize what you are dealing with when considering human sexual activity. To deny that there are incredibly powerful underlying components to the human makeup that can be manipulated to increase the likelihood of procreation is shortsighted and leads to useless therapies like teaching abstinence, non-communication on sexual matters between children and parents, and ultimately sending children out into the world drastically under prepared and unsupported.

As humans we are, at our basest nature, violent sexual beings that don't always make choices that fit with the predominant behavior patterns we display to the world on a daily basis. Forgetting this leads to all sorts of problems. Like assuming that people will, with he proper training and teaching, decide to not rape an unconscious woman when she presents herself as such. I would love to live in a world where everyone could be taught proper self control and willpower, and would use those skills without fail. However, this is not the world we live in, and this is not who humans are. Drop a fully sedated and unconscious supermodel in front of 10000 young intoxicated men and regardless of how well you train them, some of them will rape her. Its not surprising, really. Remember those ancestors that I mentioned earlier, the ones that have been batting 1000 on the procreation front? Many of them were rapists, too.

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