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Submission + - Windows 10 to Force Updates on Home and Pro Users 3

BronsCon writes: It seems as though Windows 10, the long-awaited Microsoft operating system, will not allow "Home" users to determine which updates to install and will, at best, allow "Pro" users to defer installation of updates, only allowing corporate licenses the right to decide which updates to allow on their systems. With their history of bad patches, does anyone think this is actually a good idea?

Submission + - iOS WiFi Bug Allows Remote Reboot Of All Devices In Area 2

BronsCon writes: A recently disclosed flaw in iOS 8 dubbed "No iOS Zone" allows an attacker to create a WiFi hot spot that will cause iOS devices to become unstable, crash, and reboot, even when in offline mode. Adi Sharabani and Yair Amit of Skycure are working with Apple for a fix; but, for now, the only workaround is to simply not be in range of such a malicious network.

Submission + - Should John Seek Overtime Pay or Insist on Maintaining His Current Arrangement? 1

BronsCon writes: A friend of mine recently came to me for advice regarding how to handle a situation with his employer. I advised him to contact an attorney, because any advice I could provide would likely be poor. But, his situation has made me curious; so I'd like to describe it here and pose the same question to the Slashdot community.

My friend, we'll call him John, has been working for a California-based company for several years in a position covered by IWC Article 4 (PDF warning, sorry) under the assumption that he was exempt from sections 3-12 (which includes the section relating to overtime pay); he recently decided to read over the law, as well as the exemption that could possibly apply to him, the Professional Exemption and the Employee in the Computer Software Field exemption, and discovered that given the current terms of his employment, he is in fact not exempt from any provision of Article 4. He also believes that his employer sincerely mistook his position as exempt and does not wish to punish them for what he believes to be an honest mistake.

For the duration of his employ, John has more or less been allowed to come and go as he pleases and has received frequent commendation for the level of work he puts out, so it would appear that his loose schedule has been beneficial for all involved, up to now. What prompted him to review the IWC documents was a sudden insistence from his boss that he was not working reasonable hours because "every other salaried position requires 50-60hr workweeks".

Here's the rub; he does not want to pursue the unpaid overtime, because this would bankrupt the company and put him out of a job, and he is worried that suing his employer may well make him unemployable. He simply either wants things to continue on as they have been, foregoing overtime pay in exchange for a high degree of freedom in his working schedule (which typically equates to coming in between 8:00 and 8:20 rather than at 8:00 sharp, taking 20-30min breaks rather than 10min, taking an occasional long lunch, and typically staying 30-90min later than most of his coworkers to make up for all of it, as well as working weekends to get things done that didn't get done during the week), or adjusting the working relationship into full compliance with IWC Article 4.

John's development work is largely done solo, he is always present for meetings, which are not held regularly, and his work is frequently completed ahead of schedule and under budget. There are no team members twiddling their thumbs while John is out getting coffee or walking off a heavy lunch before returning to the office.

I'm curious to see how Slashdot's advice will align with John's lawyer's advice, as well as what John will actually do in his situation. So, Slashdot, what would you do?

Submission + - 55.000+ Twitter usernames and passwords leaked (

BronsCon writes: "Today anonymous hackers leaked more than 55.000 hacked twitter accounts username and password through Pastebin. It was very shocking to see such a massive number of Twitter accounts are hacked. Also celebrity accounts are hacked. Links to all 5 pastebin pages of credentials are included in the article, so you can search for yours."

Submission + - Steve Jobs Dead at 55 (

BronsCon writes: "Jobs, 55, has been instrumental in turning Apple into the dominant producer of portable music players, a leader in the smart phone business and, with the iPad, the inventor of a new category of modern tablet computers. Today, Apple announced that he has passed away, shortly after resigning as CEO of the company and the day following the announcment of the iPhone 4s"

Submission + - One Free Website For Every City (

BronsCon writes: "San Francisco Bay Area based web design/development firm Gutensite is giving away one Free Pro website to one person or organization in every city, world-wide. By creating a regular Free Lite site with the promo code "MYCITY" you will be eligible to win the prize, a free upgrade to the Webmaster package for one year, a $420 value.

The first sites have a higher chance of winning (see rules for details). But even if you don't win the Grand Prize, everyone will still get to keep their free site, or get 25% off the first full 3 months if they eventually decide to upgrade to a Pro site."

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