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Comment Re:There is something to that... (Score 1) 458

To be fair, some of us like Macs because it's a super-easy way to get a smoothly operating unix laptop. The hardware is generally within +/- 10% of equivalent Windows gear - though that calculus got difficult for a while when Apple fell behind the Intel upgrade curve. I run Linux all day, every day, but it's in a VM, so at the end of the day I don't really care what the underlying OS is.

Comment Re:Typical Conservative Response (Score 1) 505

My base ideology is libertarian, so I'm all for individual freedoms. I honestly believe that, in the vast majority of cases, a system that emphasizes strong individual freedom and personal responsibility will leave humanity better off.

With that said, all ideologies eventually smack into reality, and none to date deal with it perfectly. One of these realities are germs. Disease does not respect the individual model and demands a coordinated approach. Absent a 100% safe and effective vaccine (which would be compatible with individualism), the only way to stomp out a communicable disease is to reduce the population with it to such a degree that it fizzles out.

As such, I feel that we can and should make allowances for individuals to act selfishly or in ignorance, but only up to the point where the vaccines are no longer effective in wiping out the diseases. At that point, you have to make the pragmatic decision to set your failed ideology to the side for the moment and solve the problem at hand.

Comment Re: Good to see some patriotism. (Score 1) 474

Also, people predicted the twists and turns of the polling months and years ago, before anyone knew who the candidates were going to be.

Couldn't that just mean that people behave predictably around elections, rather than indicating that the polling is manipulated?

Bookmark this and come back on the 9th. You don't believe me today, but you will then.

I'll agree to that if you agree, when the popular vote is 6 million votes against him, not to claim electoral fraud.

Comment Re: Good to see some patriotism. (Score 1) 474

Turnout is obviously important, but this is somewhat lessened by the electoral college and the tendency of states to go one direction or another based on geography. Yard signs are nice, but most of these polls do make an effort to determine "likely voters". There are also simply more Democrats than Republicans nationwide (again, tempered by the geographic differences).

Comment Re:Good to see some patriotism. (Score 1) 474

You can call Clinton a number of things. I'm not a fan, so I'm inclined to agree with many of them. But stupid, she is not.

And that is what she would have to be to get involved with this sort of thing when she's so clearly ahead in the election. Her dilemma at this point is not "win at all costs", but "How can I expand the Democratic footprint?".

Comment Re:Fuck that! (Score 1) 196

Somehow I've managed to travel all over the world on business, not speaking a lick of whatever language the cab drivers are speaking and have managed to get to my flight every time. I'm not taking a side here - it seems that a reasonable expectation to have a cab driver in England speak English... but let's not overstate the very basic communication needed here.

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