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Submission + - SQL Server ported to Linux (

Billly Gates writes: Microsoft has a preview of SQL Server available for Linux. The product will be available for Linux in Azure as well as standard alone installations. The initial version will be written for Redhat while Mark Shuttleworth wants a new generation of SQL developers running on Ubuntu which hints a release for that platform as well.

Submission + - Windows 10 RTM available now for download (

Billly Gates writes: Build 10240 RTM now available for download for members of the insiders program. Windows 10 is a big shift for Microsoft where a more long term release with minor updates. Windows 10 has a fixed start menu and a new universal api for mobile and desktop apps which are now cross platform.

Submission + - Windows 10 RTM in 6 weeks (

Billly Gates writes: Arstechnica has the scoop on a new build with less flat icons and a confirmation of a mid July release date. While Microsoft is in a hurry to fix the damage by the Windows 8 versions of its operating system the question next is if it is ready for prime time? On Neowin a list of problems are already mentioned by MS and its users with this latest release including wifi and sound not working without a reboot and users complaining about tiles and apps not working in the new start menu. Also the new Microsoft browser EDGE/aka Spartan will be shipping without plugin support at RTM which could damage its reputation as an IE killer as one of the disadvantages of IE compared to Firefox or Chrome was the lack of real browser extensions. Also this new build takes away color from the titlebars similiar to Office 2013 which bothers some users as well. What is not known is if Microsoft plans to have OEMs sell new computers with Windows 10 in the middle of July? Or will this mean OEM's will get the official version for testing and deployment in the middle of July too while Microsoft fixes the bugs for the next 1 — 3 months before it comes standard on all new pcs?

Submission + - Firefox marketshare plummets to 10% (

Billly Gates writes: This is a story which is both sad, yet unsurprising. News like this just 5 or 6 years ago would send many of us in a panic as only Firefox was the savior from the stranglehold of IE 6 on the internet last decade. Many things have changed since then. Microsoft decided to start developing IE again to remain competitive. IE became secure and standards compliant starting with IE 9 which is still continuing to catch up with project Spartan for Windows 10 and no longer is proprietary.

New players have arrived derived from a new standard called webkit. Webkit and it's fork Blink created a new more modular rendering engine. Chrome, Safari, and mobile apps and browsers based on it rapidly have taken marketshare over the last few years. Chrome became a better browser with very fast java, threaded tabs, and tight memory management, and innovated many of the new HTML 5 and CSS 3 technologies leaving Firefox and IE in the dust.Firefox meanwhile has frustrated it's users over various issues and poor releases starting with Firefox 4.0 and continual breakage with add-ons every 6 weeks.

Netmatshare produces statistics independently from other companies which have Firefox marketshare listed at around 10%. but all seem to show the same trends. Are we heading into an era soon where webmasters will not support Firefox and put banners encouraging their users to download Chrome instead?

Submission + - Supermario 64 coming to a browser near you! (

Billly Gates writes: Since Unity has been given a liberal license and free for non commercial developers it has become popular. A computer science student used the tool to remake SuperMario 64 with a modern Unity 5 engine. There is a video here and if you want to play the link is here. You will need Firefox or Chrome which has HTML 5 for gamepad support if you do not want to use the keyboard.

Submission + - Fake Komodia root SSL certs in use by over +100 companies (

Billly Gates writes: Lenovo and Superfish are not the only companies who used the fake root SSL certificates by Komodia to spy and decrypt network traffic. Komodia advertises its products including a SSL-digestor to rid the obtrusive thing we call encryption and security. So far game accelerators are mentioned as some have seen these certs installed with Asus lan accelerator drivers.

Submission + - Microsoft trademarks Windows 365. Gives hint to renting (

Billly Gates writes: There was confusion during the Microsoft consumer preview of Windows 10 last month. Microsoft mentioned it was a free upgrade for one year for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. What did the meaning of "free for one year" mean? It turns on the government paperwork for the trademark included references for operating systems in addition to other services like video on demand and extra software. Does this mean Microsoft plans to go the road of Adobe and allow only rentals to use your own computer?

Submission + - Another 0 day exploit hitting Adobe Flash (

Billly Gates writes: Just a week or 2 ago another flash exploit hit the net installing CryptoWall through infected servers from ad networks. Now the scammers are using another 0 day exploit to hit any browser at any version to install malware or Cryptowall on a victims computer. A decade on Slashdot there were discussions on whether it was time to uninstall Java JRE from local browsers. Is it time in 2015 to just uninstall Flash now since we have HTML 5 with major websites like already switching to it?

Submission + - Visual Studio 2015 supports CLANG and Android (with emulator included) (

Billly Gates writes: What would be unthinkable a decade ago is Visual Studio supporting W3C HTML and CSS and now apps on other platforms. Visual Studio 2015 preview is available for download which includes support for LLVM/Clang, Android development, and even Linux development with Mono using Xamarin. A little more detail is here. A tester also found support for Java, ANT, SQL LITE, and WebSocket4web. We see IE improving in terms of more standards and Visual Studio Online even supports IOS and MacOSX development. Is this a new Microsoft emerging? In any case it is nice to have an alternative to Google tools for Android development.

Submission + - First build of Windows 9 shows start menu return but with Modern tiles (

Billly Gates writes: A leaked alpha of Windows 9 has been brewing on the internet. Today a screenshot shows what MS showed us at BUILD which includes a start menu with additional tiny tiles for things like people, calendar, pc settings, and news etc. What the screenshot does show is it is much bigger than Windows7 taking 1/3 of the screen similar to the Start Screen which will show more apps (frequently used desktop apps) in addition to other features. Is this a shift for MS to fix Windows 8? Or do some of us who are really still used to XP and Windows 7 won't allow anything modern in it? Also what is unknown is the return of AERO, and how will Cortana fit voice control fit in?

Submission + - New Poll: Majority of eastern Ukrainians do not back Russia (

Billly Gates writes: A new independent poll which includes east Ukraine shows quite a different picture than what the armed men in camouflage holding Russian made weapons want you to believe regardless of the voting. Kiev has accused the separatists of really being Russian intelligence agents disguised as peaceful Ukrainian protesters taking over buildings and TV stations and destabilizing the country. A new poll shows even in Eastern Ukraine that the majority do not want independence or be part of Russia. While joining the EU is not something the majority of eastern Ukrainians want the rest of the country is in favor of becoming European at 56% in favor. What does this say about other former Soviet Union countries like Belarus, Poland, Romania, and Georgia when voters decide something that is not in favor of Moscow? Putin seems to be winning the propaganda war which shows a different picture even in western media of an illegitimate government taking over by radical racists again't a country that wants to be part of Russia.

Submission + - Microsoft drops support for IE 8 (

Billly Gates writes: With the death of XP it is no surprise if other ancient software with it such as IE 6 no longer become supported. However, IE 8 is still the de factor standard browser right now for the majority of internet users. This is especially in China and enterprises world wide who are not ready for HMTL 5 yet and need support for unsigned ActiveX controls and older encryption standards for specific sites.
Microsoft no longer supports IE 8 and will perform security updates according to its default homepage for first time IE use.

Where I work we use unprotected mode as it is to run sites designed for IE 7 and for state governments who still use quirks mode for Medicare processing.

Now IE has it's first known vulnerability since the EOL for both Windows XP and now IE 8. Should we IT professionals worry? We were given no advanced notice unlike XP!

Submission + - Private keys stolen within hours from heartbleed OpenSSL site (

Billly Gates writes: It was reported when heartbleed was discovered that only passwords would be at risk and private keys were still safe. Not anymore. Cloudfare launched the heartbleed challenge on a new server with the openSSL vulnerability and offered a prize to whoever could gain the private keys. Within hours several researchers and a hacker got in and got the private signing keys.

Expect many forged certificates and other login attempts to banks and other popular websites in the coming weeks unless the browser makers and CA's revoke all the old keys and certificates.

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