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Submission + - Bill Gates now owns an Android phone (

Billly Gates writes: I would assume this is the final nail in the coffin for Windows Phone and the rumored Surface Phone which may never see the light of day. Over the past few months we have seen a change in Microsoft with them being friendly to Linux with stories of porting .NET core over to Linux, helping write a custom Linux kernel, as well as introduction the not-so-popular-onslashdot WSL Ubuntu for WIndows 10.

We may have found the motive as Bill Gates (not me) stated he has no love for IOS and uses a large selection of Microsoft software on his Android device. It appears Microsoft wants to either be a mobile developers friend with Visual Studio which has Android emulators and WSL or maybe Microsoft or they are planning a MS distribution of Android as the tools are in place with Ubuntu, Node.js, Python, Microsoft Code editor, and the Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition?

Some of the old timers on this site may remember when IBM was the bad boy in the I.T. industry and changed when they lost the PC to cloners and MS DOS. Could we be seeing a new Microsoft now that the world is moving to mobile and they have no operating system in it? What is everyone's thoughts on this as all these stories would have been unimaginable last decade?

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Bill Gates now owns an Android phone

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