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Comment Re:Apple's on the wrong road (Score 1) 93

They occasionally undercut their competitors. The first flash iPods were cheaper than any other consumer device (including USB flash drives) with that much flash because Apple anticipated the demand and bought up an entire year's flash production capacity from several suppliers, getting a reasonable discount. No one else could get flash chips at close to the rate that Apple was paying for a while. More recently, they've used their cash reserves to build factories for suppliers in exchange for the first year of output from them. They end up paying less for chips than anyone else, and the suppliers then get to keep operating the factory and selling the output after Apple has moved on to wanting the newer process.

Comment Re:Basically... (Score 1) 292

I disagree. Yes it is popular to hate the OS as satan here on slashdot.

Windows 10 anniversary over 7 has:
1. Much better battery life for laptops and not just portables
2. Native wifi and NFC printing
3. Native USB 3 and USB type C drivers
4. Stable NVMe (7 is backported with 3rd party drivers that are buggy)
5. Hyper-V (A Must for any IT professional!). Yes you can run native Ubuntu and Fedora with a generation 2 VM
6. Better JavaScript performance (in Chrome)
7. Cloud integration with azure with Azure Active Directory. Some businesses prefer this model over having an expensive IT department
8. Ink works well on MS surface and hybrids for OneNote and Sticky Notes. I own a Surface Pro 3 and yes it is a work tool for me that is ultra portable

You could not pay me to go back on Windows 7. The only good thing I have to say about Windows 7 is it is very stable and has a consistent gorgeous UI with aero. But like XP it is showing it's age with 3rd party drivers that do not work well, terrible battery life, and it does not work as well with modern hardware.

Comment Re:Unusually +ve but what's in it for refusniks? (Score 1, Flamebait) 292

Uhhhh you DO know there are ways to get updates other than WU, yes? That many of those make it beyond trivial to refuse the spyware updates (and if I'm not mistaken AutoPatcher doesn't include them in the first place) so that we can have Win 7/8/8.1 completely spyware free?

I have dealt with Win 10 on more PCs at the shop than I care to mention and I can say with confidence...Windows 10 is a giant piece of shit. Its buggy as fuck, its updates are more unstable than running a Linux alpha build, hell I had forgotten what BSODs even looked like until Win 10 and its "sad face of suckiness". And the new "features"? Its either designed to give MSFT more datamining or fricking more cellphone style crap. Hey MSFT? If I wanted a cellphone I'd use my smartphone, which just FYI runs Android because unlike your mobile OS it actually has apps..

There is NOTHING about the new OS that makes it worth leaving Win 7/8/8.1, hell even Windows 8 had at least one reason, which was it made a good UI for HTPCs, but 10? It sucks your bandwidth, spies on you, gives you zero control over the OS, and for what? So I can give MSFT more data on me? Fuck you MSFT, you want my data PAY ME, I'm not giving up an OS I paid $110 for so you can make free money shoving ads down my throat using MY bandwidth onto MY desktop and snatching MY data..fuck off.

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