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Comment Re:Or it might go up (Score 1) 451

Your citation shows higher poverty 2009-2015 than 2001-2008. More people have been impoverished under Obama than before.

Tell you what, Chris: People can look at the graph for themselves and see that poverty has been steadily declining since the end of the recession. And right now, poverty is lower than it was the year Obama took office.

The poverty rate today is also almost exactly where it was when Ronald Reagan left office.

Comment Who's to say? (Score 2) 21

"How do we know this radiation isn't actually good for you? I mean, the Sun's heat is radiation, right?"

- Trump's new director of the Department of Energy.

[Note: If you think I'm somehow exaggerating, you might find tonight's story about Trump's new Department of Energy "enemies list" an interesting read:}


Comment Re:Yeah but... (Score 1) 204

Sigh....how to write a Linux virus in 5 easy steps using the same tricks malware uses, BTW wanna guess what kernel hosts the OS that has surpassed Windows in infections and has for over 5 years? That's right sparky LINUX.

So your vaunted "source" means absolutely nothing, its classic security by obscurity. wanna guess how much of your average Linux distro is actually vetted, as reported a couple years back by a scan of github access by a security firm? Less than 2%, that is all, the other 98% hadn't been touched by anybody but the authors who could have put any malware they wanted into it and you wouldn't know anymore than if you were on windows or OSX.

BTW I'll be happy to smack you with some citations if you'd like, from the KDELook bug that was hosted on all the major KDE repos for over a year to the Quake 3 malware that was hosted on all of the major repos for a year and a half, just ask. Thanks to Android we now have undeniable proof that Linux security is nothing but security by obscurity, and that if a malware vendor wants to own Linux? It gets pwned just as hard.

Comment Re:Wait what? (Score 1) 230

Irrelevant. That's kind of like saying "Yes, I am breaking the law, but I was only borrowing, not stealing it. I fully intend to give the bread back after I eat it." It's still illegal, and making that argument makes you look like an fascist claiming its not a 'real job', it's just something I pay them for working for me.

There is no "I don't expect my employees to earn a living from the amount I pay them" exception. There are exceptions for family, charity, and internships (and a few stupid ones for farm work). That's about it. None of those apply.

Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score 3, Insightful) 433

You can't vote without a voter registration card or some other proof of who you are (e.g. an electric bill), and you can't vote unless you have at some point properly registered to vote, which you can't do without a SSN. So for illegals to vote, they would have to either commit outright identity theft to register fraudulently (which they screen for and actively remove when found) or steal somebody else's mail and vote in his/her name (which would likely be discovered when that other person went to vote).

In short, the absence of strong evidence supporting such a claim is, in this case, strong evidence of the absence of such fraud.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 262

I have lived in Kansas for about 27 years, so I guess that makes my opinion at least as valid as the opinion piece from a Kansas City, MISSOURI newspaper

No, not really. The Kansas City, MISSOURI newspaper actually included evidence.

As for the other, you're just flat out wrong. Did you know that since Brownback and company took over in 2012, Kansas GDP (GSP) has grown half as fast as the national GDP?


Second, did you know that you can't trust any of the economic numbers that have been coming out of the Brownback administration? Here's why:



And since you seemed offended that I would cite a MISSOURI newspaper that is all of about 15 feet from the Kansas border, here's some fact-checking from a Wichita, KANSAS newspaper that you might find illuminating. Oh never mind, you're from Kansas. You wouldn't find anything illuminating. What's the matter with Kansas, anyway?


Comment Re:Trend whores get what they deserve. (Score 1) 66

I have no pity for idiots laying out thousands for pointless SmartCrap. There's no good reason for a fucking doll (or refrigerator or thermostat or dog bowl or...) to have goddamn internet access.

It's like some irresponsible asshole buying a gun then crying when he leaves it out and the baby shoots the TV.

I don't own any but I don't see it as pointless. I can see a very good reason for it. Adults ask siri and google thousands of questions a day via their smartphones. A logical extension of this is a teddy bear for a 4 year old where the 4 year old can ask questions like "what is a raccoon?"

Comment Re:Welcome to moronic logic (Score 2, Insightful) 451

Fact: Under Obama care, life expectancy declines. In addition, there are many news articles detailing how coverage cost as gone way up and services have gone down.

Conclusion: It is trumps fault.

If Donald Trump can take credit for the improving economy over the past year, then he can also take credit for the declining health of the nation over the past year.

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