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Comment Re:No jobs, sit in traffic all day (Score 1) 191

dunno what the radio has to do with it, my "hood" has less people in a square mile than a small apartment complex

I dont have to step outside and deal with a ton of road traffic, I dont have to spend my life surrounded by 4 sides of other people bing assholes

its a simple fact, people in cities are saturated by the annoyances of other people, and its stacked in 3D, just cause your town sucks nuts on traffic and you want to walk an hour to work, is your deal not mine

I dont like to be corralled and herded like cattle

Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 4, Insightful) 199

Yes, this story is odd... almost if the "scandal" is ginned-up so as to generate Yet Another Story Of Workplace Sexism And Why Something MUST BE DONE NOW (And BTW, Trump Grabs Pussies).

It's just one more "Raising Awareness Moment" rammed into the eyeballs of the reader. Or a attempt to threaten a lawsuit and then settle.

Comment Why web apps tend to suck in general (Score 1) 198

When there are so many layers between you and "the metal", it's just a matter of time before one of those layers creates a road block. You can get around these road blocks in at least two ways: 1. install native code and get to the metal, or 2. use less efficient techniques to get around the block.

Taking route 1 means you can't claim "cross platform browser app" any more. Taking route 2 leads to slow code. It looks like MS chose route 2 and decided to use a frame-by-frame animation instead of using the obvious "timer and XOR" that's been used since the dark ages. I'm guessing that timers and/or XOR aren't available in whatever API was exposed by the browser environment.

After that, it becomes less clear why it's so slow. Even though rendering a cursor frame-by-frame is still less efficient, it shouldn't be *that* inefficient. As others have pointed out, you have a dirty rectangle and an update 60 times per second. Maybe the underlying API is re-rendering the entire screen.

And that's how you get to 13% CPU to blink a cursor, and a lot of other things. That's why web apps keep sucking. It's a problem that can, in theory, be solved; but it won't be solved because it's a lot of work across many different organizations, each with different objectives all trying to hit a moving target of changing architectures and standards.

Comment Re:Two glasses of wine per day would wreck me (Score 1) 117

This is why most of these studies say it's OK to have the two drinks; but they also say you shouldn't start drinking if you aren't already.

I think we are just at the brink of finally getting past statistical medicine and in to something much better. Statistical medicine is like Newtonian physics. It serves you well up to a point. To really do advanced things, we need to get beyond it and get to an understanding based on each individual's genetic makeup and environment.

It's only recently that they acknowledged the basics, such as Ambien effecting women differently than men!

Anyway, the mechanisms going on in your body might be such that you can't drink. You might be part of a large, but distinct minority. In a world that's moved beyond statistical medicine, the studies will say things like "Men over 40 with Gen profile signatures X2, N353, and G872 should not drink. Women over 50 with the same signatures should have one per day".

Comment Re:Fixed That For You (Score 5, Interesting) 349

I think it's worse than that. The guy's movie netted big and yet he feels his movie should have been entitled even bigger windfall despite having plot holes that Superman can throw a container ship through.

Rotten Tomatoes has a Critics score *and* an Audience score. A lot of popular movies have a higher audience score. BvS has a 63% audience score. Iron Man 3 got 78% audience score. Lest it be a Marvel v. DC thing, The Dark Knight got 94% audience score *and* 94% critic score, so it's not like so many reviewers are snobs about comic book super hero movies.

Comment Re:Here's the actual problem, (Score 4, Informative) 188

And it's for Visa applications from people who like to hang out with ISIS, which should be an automatic denial in any sane world.

Or all the folks who worked as contractors supporting US efforts in the region. I'm not in a Visa country, but I've been to several areas that have been controlled by Daesh, working as a civilian contractor.

Comment Just a bit of nostalgia (Score 2) 50

Fond memories of using something like this, if not SixXS itself over 10 years ago. Our ISP didn't do v6, and we needed to test with it. Tunnel providers to the rescue! Now even my local ISP that everybody complains about provides v4 and v6. It's been in Windows for... how many versions now?

I'd forgotten all about these tunnel providers. News of one shutting down and a trip down nostalgia lane seems appropriate. So long, and thank-you for providing something that we needed at the time.

Comment Re:Overreach (Score 1) 391

The vote was close to a perfect party split. That means it actually is a red vs blue debate. Politicians know they need to show loyalty to their party: Unless they have made an issue part of their campaign or have very strong personal feelings, they just default to voting according to the party position. And no senator is building their campaign around internet privacy regulations.

Comment Re:Plutocracy (Score 1) 391

Perhaps they just honestly believe their own rhetoric - that all regulations are a sign of an oppressive, overgrown government infringing upon the economic freedom of the people and crippling wealth-generating activity that would otherwise make the country more prosperous?

They see a regulation, they want it gone. It doesn't matter if the regulation is justified or not. Ideology says all regulations are bad and must be abolished to free the power of the market and of American enterprise.

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