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Comment Re:Wrong side of the equation (Score 2) 519

Of course that would be true regarding unskilled labor; that's why I picked $32K/year as a threshold. It is safe to assume that anyone currently making $32k or less would drop out of the workforce if you gave them a check that met their basic needs. And I agree that we're not losing much if those people just drop out of the labor force. But it's the people just above that threshold that will make or break UBI. How many people who make $32k-$64k would drop out? How many people making $64k-$128k would drop out? How many people are working hard just so they can retire early and if offered the equivalent of an immediate pension, how many would quit work even though they're in a higher income bracket?

Comment Wrong side of the equation (Score 2) 519

Jaczek said that people in the program will be randomly contacted from each region's low-income population and invited to apply.

It's not a test of UBI if the participants are all selected from low-income populations. The pilot program as described is just a streamlined welfare system. The challenge of UBI will be whether people in productive jobs will work less if they have a basic income to fall back on. Would someone with a $32k/year (or more) job give work up and play video games for $17k/year? That is question that will determine if UBI succeeds or fails.

Comment Re:Please, Elon, find us a cure for Leftism! (Score 1) 63

Let's suppose kill-bots were to kill off 99% of the global population right now. That still leaves 70 million people alive. That's more than population of the UK; more than sufficient to have a self-sufficient internal economy among the surviving capitalists.

Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 1) 342

That's pretty wishful thinking. As long as Republicans control at least one house of Congress, he will not be impeached. He is too egotistical to resign. And based on actuarial data, he can expect to live about 15 more years. Keep in mind: he's never smoked, he doesn't drink and he has the best healthcare money can buy. https://www.washingtonpost.com...

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