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Comment Re:Science discourages reproducing (Score 5, Insightful) 320

You are vastly underestimating grad students. All grad students already have a bachelor's degree, had high enough grades to get accepted to grad school and had previous undergraduate research experience. Most incoming grad students have already published research papers. Many of them have had industry experience between undergrad and grad school. The average age of grad students is 33 years old. We're talking about mid-career professionals, not wet-behind the ears newbies.

Comment Re:It never does (Score 1) 253

Sounds like you've had crummy insurance. I have State Farm for my auto and home. I've had to use my auto insurance twice and my home insurance once (for a break-in). All 3 times the payment was within a few weeks for the maximum coverage amount. No arguments. No hassles.

Maybe I could save a few bucks a month by switching to one of the cheaper companies. But its worth it have good insurance when the chips are down.

Comment Re: Sure, just add more magic (Score 1) 222

Why would prospecting in the asteroid belt be any more free? You would have about as much freedom as someone living on a oil rig or a submarine. What is it that you would intend to do in the asteroid belt that you would be prohibited from doing on Earth?

"It would be both total servitude and total freedom."

Paraphrasing Orwell is not a good sign

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