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Comment Re:Municipal/County Fiber (Score 2) 167

The idea is that the municipality/PUD takes over care and maintenance of the new physical plant. Verizon is perfectly free to compete with the other providers to provide TV service over that infrastructure, but residents shouldn't be forced into a monopoly. The infrastructure itself is then operated in a non-profit/open way. Works great in the two counties I've been in that have it.

Comment Re:Use A Big Pipe (Score 1) 167

This is where innerduct comes into play. I built out a campus project a few years ago, and before we pulled cable, we installed MaxCell innerduct. That stuff is magical. It allowed me to run 6 fiber cables through a single 2" conduit, with no damage, and if I ever need to swap one out again (due to a cut or whatever) it's a pretty simple matter to pull it back with a new pull tape. The best part is that it's pre-lubricated with dry silicone, so it's really slippery against the cable jacket material, and it has integrated color coded pull strings. Fantastic stuff.

Comment Municipal/County Fiber (Score 5, Interesting) 167

Or, you know, you could just eliminate the laws that prohibit/restrict Municipal and/or County fiber projects. Two counties I know have PUDs that have deployed fiber to pretty much every address also serviced by their power connection. Residents then have the option to choose Internet service from several different providers (Zayo and Level 3 will also do transit over it), and TV service from several providers, and it's all very reasonably priced and reliable.

Of course, the big boys (Verizon et al) Hate it, because it dramatically lowers the bar to their competition.

Comment Re:A mystery (Score 2, Interesting) 115

This is pretty standard on most European cars (and in fact true of all modern vehicles with traction control). The braking system is biased towards the rear brakes, which keeps the car from nose diving during hard braking. Also, in slippery conditions prior ABS/ESP kicking in, it allows the front wheels, which steer, to stay turning longer before locking up (and triggering ABS/traction control).

My VW typically goes through 3 sets of rear pads before I have to replace my fronts.

Comment Re:100 days (Score 1) 274

It's not just the batteries that are the issue, unless Elon is only saying that the batteries will be there within 100 days. Utility scale electrical equipment is generally bespoke and/or custom manufactured and has long lead times. On top of the batteries you need to have utility scale inverters. You need switchgear to direct the produced power, you need large transformers to boost it up to utility voltages. In the organization I work with, we just finished a major electrical upgrade where we purchased 12 pad-mount transformers. While they were out of the catalogue, the lead time before shipping was still 8 weeks, and that was from a major manufacturer. Really big transformers, those capable of working with megawatts of power, take months to manufacture.

When Vancouver lost one of the two large transformers that supply the downtown part of the city, it was found that it would take 18 months to get a replacement manufactured.

Comment Re:Yes Apple cares... sort of (Score 1) 332

My adapter is now travels in the little pouch with my (3rd party) earbuds, along with the adapter for those stupid two-pin airline jacks (if any still exist). It's just not that big of a deal, and the battery life is sufficient that I can watch a movie or two, and then go on and do something like read a book while the phone charges again.

Comment Re:just like lightbulbs in a transition economy (Score 1) 334

Well, colour temperature != CRI. Colour temperature, which you're talking about is colour temperature. CRI is a measure of how continuous the spectrum produced by the light source is. They're two independent things. You can have an LED with a 5000k colour temperature and an excellent CRI, and a 2700k with a lousy one. Basically a high quality CRI will cause colours on paper/paintings/etc... to look good/normal. A lousy CRI will look off.

Comment Re:How much to re-create Apollo? (Score 1) 317

What technology could be saved from Apollo? The idea of the technology could be re-used but in terms of actual physical objects none of the items from Apollo can be used. For example some of the technology of space suits pioneered by Apollo can be used in making new space suits but it will still cost money to make the suits. It will cost money to design the suit from scratch in the first place.

A number of years ago a group of Engineers tore down a Rocketdyne F-1 and built a set of CAD drawings/solidworks models from it. It was a useful exercise to do, as there are few people with the experience of building large RP1/LOX engines. They of course have all the drawings for the engines, but the drawings only show part of the story. They were all hand-built machines and very much works of art, but each one was unique and had its own quirks. Also, because it was a crash program, not everything was documented. The design is there, but not how to put it together, what little tuning tweaks were done on the production line, etc...

Anyhow, at the end of the process, they actually wound up firing the gas generator for the turbopump on the test stand. This small part, on its own, produces more thrust than an F16 in full afterburner, and when coupled with its turbine, 55,000 shaft horsepower. Ars Technica put together a nice write up on the process.

Comment Re:Great idea... But there is a problem... (Score 1) 317

And now you're learning what these kinds of things are really about. Project Apollo was not about the science, it was about beating the Russians and demonstrating the superiority of the American political and economic system. Of course, the only thing you can really do when you get there is good science, but that was a secondary objective.

Anyhow, the science isn't the primary point. It never has been, and it never will be.

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