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Comment Re:Sounds dangerous (Score 5, Insightful) 73

Shit, better tell Boeing before the first takeoff. I bet they never thought of that. Milled parts aren't strong enough either, that's why they're casted and heat-treated in all kinds of ways... Every heard of single-crystal turbine blades?

So the 3D printed part is just a "blank" that gets toasted. It's probably easier to get all the holes in there that way.

Comment Re:Torrent Availability (Score 1) 48

LOL neither do young people. Kid at work stared at me all smirky and asked why I cared about that, all he has to do is stream from Netflix if he wants to watch something.

I asked him if he knows what a "file" is.

We've come full circle. We're old, we're not cool, whatever we do is wrong.

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