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Comment Re: Like the Altair 8800 - it's the first of it's (Score 1) 263

"But you're right, the Apple ][ was a new concept entirely. And by the time Atari, Commodore and the rest got into mass production the market changed."

What kind of revisionist bullshit is this? Commodore was already mass producing by the time the Apple 2 came along. And yes, I'm calling it the Apple 2 to rankle you.

Comment Re:Respect the pecking order. Don't fly above them (Score 3, Interesting) 136

Me it's RC boats. I live in a city so it's the cheapest, quickest way to get my RC nerdery done. Apparently, for a dog's visual cortex, this:

looks like the most delicious roast chicken a dog could ever want. As soon as I put the boat in the water, every dog around will jump into the water and desperately swim after the stupid thing. Now I warn dog owners before I put the boat in the water!

One day a guy shows up with a Husky. He tells me not to worry, Huskies don't like the water. OK, fine. After he told me he never thought he'd see his dog chest-deep in the water! It was true however that this dog didn't go any further and didn't actually swim for it. But he also didn't expect to have to towel down his dog!

Comment Oh so many good memories (Score 4, Interesting) 181

Back in the 80s I was in high school in Montreal. I was socially very awkward and shy and flat out dysfunctional. The local dial-up scene was a way to socialize with a bunch of people. I only ever met a few of them IRL.
My favorite BBS was SASSy. It was a one-user-at-a-time wall-of-text board with no logins. It was GREAT. I wish I could find the entire text archives but the sysop, Tim Campbell, was a very strange dude and never released them, because he felt it was worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

On the other hand you had the whole "warez" scene for the C64, got a lot of software that way and met a few people also. Often I would come back home with boxes full of floppies and hundreds of terrible games to play through!

At some later time multi-line BBS were a thing, and I met a woman at the time due to this BBS. (Linq) She was a mental ward head case and combined with my own terrible issues she set me on a path of virginity and loneliness.

Lushh, I still hate you. Every day.

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