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Comment Modern locos typically have fixed gear ratios (Score 1) 283

A serious mistake, indeed, if you put an automatic or manual transmission on a modern freight locomotive as they typically operate with fixed gear ratios. Most modern locos are diesel electric and speed control is accomplished by controlling current and switching motor coils between parallel and serial configurations.

Of course this is a hardware problem and not a software problem. Besides, from the programmer's point of view there may be a virtual loco machine that would appear to the programmer as a set of gears...

Comment This is not my experience (Score 1) 386

We still have an 8150 MFP. Works like a charm. Once, the HDD went bad. Other than that, it just keeps running. Sure, It's a little slow compared to some printers, but compared to printers of the day it was just fine. Besides, how many printers can do double-sided 11x17 prints these days?

However, I doubt that we would ever replace it with another HP. Mainly because all of our more recent HP printers have been utter crap---especially the inkjet ones.

Comment Google has a double standard (Score 1) 241

When Google was requested by Universal Pictures' agent to nix their own IMDB site due to DMCA infringement, they did not comply. However, when a few days later when Paramount's agent clearly makes a bogus DMCA claim that an Ubuntu torrent infringes on their Transformers movie, the link gets taken down. Clearly, there's a double standard.

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