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Comment Re:NY Government at Work (Score 1) 364

The Federal Reserve is no more federal than FedEx...except that FedEx doesn't have its board of governors appointed by the POTUS and FedEx is not responsible for circulating Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. cash). Also, most the profits from the Federal Reserve Banks, by law, go to the Treasury.
But, aside from that...yes, you are technically correct that the Federal Reserve Bank of NY is a private corporation.

Comment Incredible! (Score 1) 376

God forbid that LG should make a refrigerator that works well, LG is just piling on more and more useless features. Heck, they cannot even make a reliable ice maker that doesn't occupy 1/4 of the refrigerator and freezer volume. To make things worse, all of those screens in the doors just increase the heat load on the cooling system---even after making the door ridiculously thick to accommodate the screen and extra insulation. So, how do they want to improve the products? By adding WiFi. Brilliant!

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