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United Kingdom

'No Turning Back' on Brexit as Article 50 Triggered ( 259

An anonymous reader shares a BBC report: Britain's departure from the European Union is "an historic moment from which there can be no turning back," Theresa May has told MPs. The prime minister said it was a "unique opportunity" to "shape a brighter future" for the UK. She was speaking after Britain's EU ambassador formally triggered the two year countdown to the UK's exit by handing over a letter in Brussels. It follows June's referendum which resulted in a vote to leave the EU. In a statement in the Commons, the prime minister said: "Today the government acts on the democratic will of the British people and it acts too on the clear and convincing position of this House." She added: "The Article 50 process is now under way and in accordance with the wishes of the British people the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union."

What Killed Adobe Flash? ( 157

An employee, who claims to have worked on the development of Flash, writes: Apparently, the world settled on the "One True Cause" for why Flash "died". Take for example this blogpost by John Gruber about FedEx... it ends with this consideration on Steve Jobs' "Thoughts on Flash": "If it had been an angry rant, it would have been easily dismissed without needing to be factually refuted -- "That's just Jobs being a prick again." The fact that it wasn't angry, and because it was all true, made it impossible to refute."

Impossible to refute. There's no doubt that this was the beginning of the end for Flash, right? Except that this is utterly wrong. I worked on Flash, and I worked on the thing that actually killed Flash. It is my strong belief, based on what I observed, that Steve Jobs' letter had little impact in the final decision -- it was really Adobe who decided to "kill" Flash. Yes, Flash was a bad rap for Adobe, and Steve's letter didn't help. But ultimately, what was probably decisive was the fact that developing Flash cost Adobe a ton of money.
John Gruber, responding to the blogpost: To be clear, I don't think Jobs's letter killed Flash. But I don't think Adobe did either. Eventually Adobe accepted Flash's demise. What killed Flash was Apple's decision not to support it on iOS, combined with iOS's immense popularity and the lucrative demographics of iOS users. If Jobs had never published "Thoughts on Flash", Flash would still be dead. The letter explained the decision, but the decision that mattered was never to support it on iOS in the first place. It's possible that Flash would have died even if Apple had decided to allow it on iOS. Android tried that, and the results were abysmal. Web page scrolling stuttered, and video playback through Flash Player halved battery life compared to non-Flash playback.

Comment Re:How Google does Open Source (Score 2) 34

Click the grid View button on the upper right

Already did. Another lame view, what is it trying to be, pretty on a 4 inch handset? Why does it waste so much screen space, just to show a title, short description and icon? Continues the theme of form over function. Where is a simple list of all projects, one per line? That should be the base functionality, then shovel on the shiny, if you must. Or not. The kind of person who matters to this site doesn't want shiny, they want deep and functional. Take a look at Github if that isn't clear.

Comment Re:Not sure but (Score 1) 77

The common name is "Tasmanian Tiger" and you can have it in Queensland just like you can have "Texas Chilli" in Castle Rock Maine :)

in one, and only one, location

Things have been seen in a lot of places in Australia. They are probably just large dogs but get mistaken for other stuff up to and including panthers (

I heard about this project a few days ago. It's a camera trap survey to see what is out there and someone half-jokingly mentioned a thylacine since people claim to have seen them in the area.
It's nice to dream and think that maybe some thylacines survived because dingoes generally don't live in rainforest but if they had it's almost certain that someone would have noticed them by now (probably a hungry dingo).

Comment Nice strawman you've got there (Score 1) 627

Liberals/Progressives have always been "Your ALL in or you're OUT". Either you accept the whole ideology or you're not true to the cause

Nice strawman you've got there kid. Shame that it doesn't exist.

WTF did you people do in school? Ever thought to crack open a book?

Comment Re: While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 627

You are also conflating 'conservative' with 'religious'

There are a lot of God-botherers (they don't act in a Christian way, the "Jesus hates poor people that's why they are poor" bunch) who are in it for the politics and power and just put on the badge of religion for convenience. Take note of all the "evangelicals" who tried to pretend that Church-going Hillary was not religious, but somehow Trump was. So they do it themselves. Also the badge of 'conservative' is a fiction - they are fucking reactionaries.

Comment Re:Puritan orthodoxy (Score 1) 627

You're agreeing with the far left histrionics that lead to this guy getting fired

Massive reading comprehension failure - or did you reply to the wrong post - or are you just pretending to be stupid for the sake of having someone to attack? I agree with YOU that the action of kicking the guy off the project for what he does in his off hours is ideological bullshit - puritan bullshit in this case of fuckwits who think they should enforce what is done in bedrooms and right wing bullshit in the case of bosses thinking they own employees outside of work hours. Far side of crazy - not conservative, middle or left.

This asshole shares your ideology

Bzzt - wrong. You not only have no idea of my ideology (since I was talking about others) but you've got the tiny little bits I've written about ideology utterly backwards. I agree with you about the action, I'm only pointing out that you are trying to blame it on the sort of people that would also agree with you about this action.
It appears that in your anger you've decided that there are only two ideologies, right and wrong, so you are blaming everything you see as wrong on the same bunch of people whether they also see it as wrong on not. I don't think you are really that dumb when you are not angry.

Comment Because it's far right histrionics (Score 1) 627

You're agreeing with the far left histrionics that lead to this guy getting fired, but blaming it on the far right.

No, you've got it utterly backwards. I'm pointing out that this is puritan bedroom enforcement shit from the far side of crazy but people are blaming this on the left who do not care what you get up to in your bedrooms.

It's this sort of puritan fsr right shit that makes people shake their heads and say "only in America".

Comment Re:How Google does Open Source (Score 4, Insightful) 34

Wow, what an annoying front end. I don't want to see bouncy balls and random projects, I want some kind of rational, useful view, perhaps by popularity, contribution rate, dependent projects? Something that does not scream PR. Something that does not scream style over substance. As PR, this just reminds of Google's sad record of trying to force its anti-copyleft views on the community. So far, every random project that popped up is Apache-licensed. Hey Google, Apache may be your favourite license, it is not necessarily ours. Looks like the same arrogant people running this PR effort as Google's previous abandonware project hosting. At least they seem to have stopped beating the dead Subversion horse, that is at least something. All the random projects that popped up for me point at Github.

If this page is indicative of how Google "does" open source, then Google has serious issues "doing" open source. Maybe Google should be less concerned about "doing" open source and more about participating in it.


US Congress Votes To Shred ISP Privacy Rules ( 466

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Register: The U.S. House of Representatives has just approved a "congressional disapproval" vote of privacy rules, which gives your ISP the right to sell your internet history to the highest bidder. The measure passed by 232 votes to 184 along party lines, with one Democrat voting in favor and 14 not voting. This follows the same vote in the Senate last week. Just prior to the vote, a White House spokesman said the president supported the bill, meaning that the decision will soon become law. This approval means that whoever you pay to provide you with internet access -- Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, etc -- will be able to sell everything they know about your use of the internet to third parties without requiring your approval and without even informing you. That information can be used to build a very detailed picture of who you are: what your political and sexual leanings are; whether you have kids; when you are at home; whether you have any medical conditions; and so on -- a thousand different data points that, if they have sufficient value to companies willing to pay for them, will soon be traded without your knowledge. With over 100 million households online in the United States, that means Congress has just given Big Cable an annual payday of between $35 billion and $70 billion.

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