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Comment Re: Nothing of significance (Score 1) 214

Big features that are missing:
* Text size adjustment that consistently works (a lot of the population has trouble reading on their phone).
* Better integration with cars for safety (cell phones still kill and injure a tremendous number of people when mixed with automobiles).
* Voice commands that work
* Ability to switch to gloved mode for colder climates
* Better ability to track battery and data usage on an app or task basis

Comment Re:Apple is the Trump Towers of computing. (Score 1) 214

Being beaten on a single feature and being beaten across the board are two very different things. Apple was much closer to having an overall inferior problem about 5 years ago when high end Android was way ahead from a hardware perspective and Apple was competing on usability and richness of applications. With Android having moved down market now the major feature on which Apple lags is lower cost models. Used are the only lower cost Apple models and these lag in many respects.

Comment I would prefer bricking the devices (Score 1) 45

And I think we should make that something globally legal. Put in some safeguards, like a 48h observation period and a requirement to record logs and upload them with your identity to some legal entity that a device owner can then find out from what happened (but not who did it).

But if that is all fulfilled, make it legal for anyone to secure the hazard presented by these devices. After all, you are allowed, say, to put out a fire by yourself too.

Comment Re:Definitely script kiddies (Score 1) 72

Indeed. The main characteristic of script-kiddies is that they have very big egos and very small understanding of how things actually work. No halfway rational group of attackers would ever do such a pointless attack that only draws attention to them. I hope they find the morons responsible and charge them the full amount of damage done. No reason to add any punishment after that.

Comment Re:CIA (Score 1) 176

One thing in reality that reinforces conspiracy theories like that is many people such as the ex-CIA Republican candidate Evan McMullin who spent their career embedded in Medical NGOs.
I'm not blaming him, he was doing a job, just the idiots in his management that thought up that counterproductive shit that makes utter loonies like the CIA-AIDS conspiracy nuts look like they have a point.

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