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Comment Re: Android is Linux (Score 1) 86

Technically 'Linux' only refers to the kernel...

I think that many people do not understand just now much the kernel dominates the thing the call "operating system". Some people might not even know that Linux runs a whole separate user space, complete with libraries and root filesystem, just to do bootup initialization, especially installing hardware drivers (initfs). No question whatsoever that that is all Linux, right? Then you have libraries, only a few of which are considered part of the "OS", including graphics and UI support, which are already in that gray area where marketing calls it OS but the computer science prof does not, then the vast majority of what's on the computer... applications... which are very clearly not OS. Really, you only need a very thin library, basically just Libc, in addition the Linux kernel, in order to run some serious machinery, for example, a web server. By the way, initfs does not use Gnu libc, it uses klibc, written by Peter Anvin, a kernel developer.

Comment Re: Android is Linux (Score 1) 86

Linux is a kernel, not an OS although we think of it that way.

No, you think of it that way because you do not know what you are talking about. The software that supports a computer's basic functions, such as scheduling tasks, executing applications, and controlling peripherals. Hint: if it doesn't have a scheduler, it's not an operating system.

Ahem, someone with mod points has an issue with the truth and lacks a moral compass. Microsofty? Somebody who has a whole bunch invested in trying to spin Linux as not having achieved what it has.

Comment Re:No goalposts moved - kernel is kernel (Score 1) 86

Only market droids and technodunces buy the bullshit that the userspace skin is the OS. Anybody with a slilght clue understands that an operating system does scheduling, virtual memory, manages devices, etc etc. And has a user space that can easy be mischaracterized by marketdroids.

You can get console on Android and poke around. Its Linux. Some top level dirs moved around for completely bogus reasons, but it's Linux. It runs Linux binaries.

Comment Re:Can you say "move the goalposts" boys and girls (Score 1) 86

say what you want about Windows but I can grab a windows laptop and inside of 10 minutes be booting into anything from BSD to Zorin OS, just try that on a Chromebook

Right. I used to think that Microsoft was completely useless, but now I view them as a source of cheap PCs for running Linux.

the community acknowledges that "the kernel is not Linux"?

You must be talking about some other community, because the one I am in is not confused about whether Linux is Linux, and Android is Linux.

Well sheeit, by that metric you could claim Linux "won" half a decade ago since all those cheapo locked down routers used by millions are using the Linux kernel as part of the embedded OS.

Correct, Linux won about half a decade ago. Actually, further back, but let's not niggle. Some mopping up still to do.

Comment Re:Windows (Score 1) 86

My TV has not seen an update since 2011. It is an kernel from ~2008. I seriously doubt anyone is going to do anything about it including me.

It probably works fine and you know you want a bigger panel anyway, with 10 bit color depth, 4 times the resolution, twice the frame rate and 10 more inches diagonal, all for the same price.

Comment Re: Control vs. Security (Score 1) 81

Because these morons do not actually want to do anything about the problem, they are just looking for excuses for MS. How somebody can be this stupid is beyond me, but "happy slaves" are apparently a reality.

Incidentally, for serious security vulnerabilities, the Linux kernel has time-to-fix considerably less than 90 days. Times of below 12h after reporting have been observed. There is no issue to be fixed here, the Linux folks are doing their job. The problem is that MS is not doing theirs and are endangering hundreds of millions of people in the process.

Comment Re: Control vs. Security (Score 1) 81

You are either stupid or trolling.

First, MS did actually get something like a year here. And second: The policy is simple: Get 90 days unless there are some special circumstances. There were none (except gross incompetence by MS), hence the bug got published after they failed again (!) to fix it and it was already being exploited.

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