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Comment Re:The bullshit is fresh and steamy (Score 5, Insightful) 237

Settings in a way, but not something as mundane and friendly as a checkbox exposed to the user anywhere. This shell game of truthiness is about which browsers are allowed to play 1080p content by the media consortiums and which browsers are following the DRM rules bullshit.

Comment Re:I saw this when the rush started (Score 1) 170

Probably not. Anyone who knows there are 7 to 10 inch standalone LCD screens available knows they can get one for $100 or less instead of paying for a tablet (and only high end tablets would have such a feature). The OEMs want tablets to be as isolated as possible so they have to rely on the cloud and users are mentally primed for SaaS.

Comment I saw this when the rush started (Score 3, Interesting) 170

Tablets were never going to replace anything, they're a flawed compromise between everything else. Manufacturers pushed them in the hopes that they could expand the relevance of the new mobile walled gardens, and the media fueled the hype because blind consumerism. Tablet OEMs who started designing keyboards into new tablets were ahead of the curve.

Tablets are for consumption, not production. Only now are people realizing this, so their tablet upgrades are laptops or nothing. If you don't need a video clipboard, you don't need a tablet.

Comment Easier, faster shopping (Score 1) 118

Just open three more checkout lanes (real checkout lanes, self-checkout doesn't count). Walmart knows how many lanes they need open because they study customer traffic patterns, but their standard operating procedure is to open three fewer than what the data requires.

One more reason why the Walmart store experience is openly hostile to customers.

Comment The form factor sucks (Score 4, Informative) 231

I have yet to come up with a reason why I would want a tablet.

Tablets are meant for consumption, not production. Touchscreens are a regression in human interfaces: sloppy, imprecise, immediately unintuitive kludges for meta input. Tablets are one side of a power grab by the industry because PCs offer too much freedom, privacy and repairability; the other side is app markets and cloud services. Tablets are too convenient; to achieve that they must sacrifice any spec based on volume: battery capacity, storage, RAM, cooling, etc. Except screen size... gotta keep packing more pixels.

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