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Comment Can't lose what you never had (Score 2) 190

Cable will lose subscribers, but they won't lose the money those subscribers haven't paid yet. It's like trying to Chicken-Little the fact that cable will "lose" revenue from subscribers that die in the next year.

The fact is, the TV market is changing and the providers continually refuse to adapt. If cable rates increased at less than 6 times the rate of inflation, that would help save their asses.

Comment Re:A quick breakdown (Score 1) 153

Maybe ATM's and POS registers have been upgraded?

Doubtful at this point. Many of those vendors are being targeted with Win10 IoT, which hasn't been available long enough for new systems to be developed and deployed. In 6 to 12 months we'll start to see all the old XP-based POS, ATM, and other kiosk solutions get replaced with RaspberryPi + Win10 IoT, which is the intended market of the OS (well, Universal App bootloader), not hobbyists.

Comment Re:They can't figure out how to actually make mone (Score 1) 65

It's not about Twitter failing to be profitable, it's about all these suitors wanting the last available huge set of user data on the Internet.

Internet products and services above a certain critical mass threshold become a means to an end: user data. The product or service is just the bait.

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