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Comment Oh like last time? (Score 5, Insightful) 103

Like when Facebook had games and eventually took over all the ad space the developers had to finance their games?
Like when they suddenly banned all their developers from billing their own customers?
Like when they were giving away facebook credits and making developers pick up the tab?

For some reason I think I'll give this a big ol' pass.
You'd have to be pretty dumb at this point to think Facebook wouldn't steal all the profit.

Comment Too little too late (Score 4, Interesting) 44

I already shuttered my shop and got rid of both my people. I just don't want a business partner like Google or Apple that dictates what I can sell in the marketplace to the point where I have no freedom of expression. They also are fond of reaching deep into the pockets of those that keep them in business.

Comment We don't have the maturity to use the tech we have (Score 1) 141

All our computers and phones are spying on us. We haven't even got enough enlightenment and wisdom to use agriculture, banking systems and gun powder to make the world anything but a worse place to live. As soon as pervasive automation takes hold we'll probably mothball most of our population and just give them enough to get by through some minimum income situation.

Comment Re:who decides what is "hate speech"??? (Score 2, Insightful) 405

SJWs of course. All those people can get off welfare and use those gender studies degrees.

Only really serious hate speech, like disagreeing with anything a woman or person of colour says.

It'll be fine, and if you disagree you will be required to get a 2 inch tall tattoo on your forehead that says "Shitlord".

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