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Comment Value in stock vs. cash (Score 1) 67

Yeah but his current valuation is based on his stock position with Facebook stock. There is no way, for example, that he could sell all of his stock at current market value without crashing the value. So if the offer from Microsoft was a cash offer, that may have been a much better bargain IMHO.

Comment Re:I've got 2 problems with a digital wallet (Score 3, Interesting) 206

Agreed. And the important point is that I don't trust my phone, or any of the equipment the retailer is using. I know that my credit card company / bank trusts my phone to allow the NFC transactions, and that's all I need to be indemnified by federal law and limited to $50 max damages by the Fair Credit Billing Act.

Comment Tax avoidance vs. Tax evasion (Score 5, Insightful) 579

It's important to understand the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion. Tax avoidance is taking all the deductions, programs, etc. you are entitled to under tax law. We would never expect an individual to not take a tax deduction or child credit etc. because they have "courage". That's just bad personal finances. Tax evasion, on the other hand, is illegally trying to avoid paying taxes you owe. For example, lying on your tax forms.
I have no problem with Apple doing legal tax avoidance, and all their investors (including a lot of your personal retirement plans, etc) would agree. Anything else would not be patriotism, it would just be bad finance practice. If they're doing something illegal, that's another issue. But let's not slam a corporation that is legally following tax law. Instead, let's slam legislators and encourage legislation to close tax loopholes and simplify the tax code.

Comment Comcast starting to lock people in in Utah (Score 3, Interesting) 95

With Google Fiber coming to areas in Utah, it's interesting to see Comcast start to push heavy contracts but at a discounted price. I think they want to make sure that people are at least locked in from changing to Google Fiber for a couple of years. Seems like a last-ditch effort to protect market share in the face of an obviously much superior competitor.

Comment Re:400 Kilocalories ? (Score 1) 148

That comment in the original article made me chuckle. Although it is technically correct and OK to use the term kilocalorie for food measurements, everyone in the world shortens it to "Calorie". But using the correct official term makes things sound more scientific-y and awesome-nerd.

Comment Re:Will be billed at $1000-$5000 per use (Score 2) 34

What the market will bear, of course. Prices are not set on "what value do you put on owning that little robot". They are put on "What value to you place in having that sharp or poisonous metal shard removed from your digestive tract before it kills you". Willingness to pay, my friend, based on the service performed, not on the value of the tools.

Comment A tax on the stupid (Score 1) 113

I hate to say it, but roaming taxes are a tax on the stupid, or at least on people with pockets too deep to care, or a company account etc. It's pretty easy these days to either give your carrier a phone call before leaving, to arrange an international rate for your trip, or to buy a local sim card or throwaway phone while you are there. Or just turn off your data roaming and use wifi. It's not like ten years ago when people didn't understand data roaming. People should know these things, there are news articles once a month.

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