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Comment Trend... (Score 3, Insightful) 73

Make cellphone smaller. Release extended battery case that restores original size and costs you $100.

Release laptops severely limited in ports. Tons of dongles to enable previous functionality.

Release wireless headphones sold as a solution to reducing wires. Release extra co-product to re-establish the fit of wired headphones.

Comment toxic fumes (Score 3, Insightful) 99

Something rarely discussed is the toxic fumes. The hobbiest flashlight community has done a lot of research on these batteries for the past decade. The fire is the absolute least of your worries. These batteries violently vent extremely toxic gas that causes severe damage when inhaled. If you breathe this in you should immediately seek emergency attention. I just haven't seen this mentioned enough and everyone should share.

Comment Re:Richard Stallman (Score 1) 175

I won't say you're completely wrong, but I believe you would agree that Free Software has precipitated some of these advances. I believe it is important enough to be cherished and protected, however intact the movement is decades from now, to me it is important that it simply exist. Future generations should understand Free Software, agree or disagree, in order to think clearly about the ways they interact and live their lives. If Freedom is not something you cherish, then sure give it up, but do so knowingly and move on. However I respect and realize the contribution of those who chose to help spread Freedom because the benefits they have provided to society are valuable.

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