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Comment Re: It would be... (Score 3, Insightful) 230

Clearly you don't bicycle. I contest that sans "steel protection" you are an idiot if your senses aren't heightened. From this behavior you will quickly learn most drivers are the ones who don't understand how to drive. I've seen it all and it is thoroughly documented. Go Pro mounted cyclists have revealed much in the past few years.

Comment Uh... (Score 2) 305

To say companies built the INTERNET is stupid. It goes back to military and academia and carried forth largely by disinterested idealists who made things like GNU, liberated BSD, cypherpunks, netscape, even people creating languages like perl and php. I know this guy is just ignorant, but it is infuriating mostly since youth aren't even aware of these things.

Comment Trend... (Score 3, Insightful) 73

Make cellphone smaller. Release extended battery case that restores original size and costs you $100.

Release laptops severely limited in ports. Tons of dongles to enable previous functionality.

Release wireless headphones sold as a solution to reducing wires. Release extra co-product to re-establish the fit of wired headphones.

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