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Comment Re:To be fair. (Score 5, Funny) 224

...pretty moderate approach...

A guy got stopped by a cop for rolling through a stop sign.
The guy started complaining about it, saying, "C'mon man, I slowed down before crossing."
The cop rips him out of the car and starts to beat the crap out of the guy, saying, "Do you want to me to stop? Or do you want me to slow down?

Comment Re:Your god has no human attributes of any kind (Score 1) 13

:-) Actually, I was pretty tight with my father, but seven years of Catholic school is another matter. Maybe that;s why I believe biology trumps theology, which (theology) is something that should be taught to more developed brains in college where there can be a real discussion. Brainwashing little kids with that stuff is abusive. Teaching respect does not require a god, religion, or any of that, as convenient as they may be.

Anyway, none of any of this belies the fact that we don't need 'purpose'. We are perfectly free to create it, debate it, whatever gets your rocks off. Just don't impose your 'purpose' on anybody else.

Comment Your god has no human attributes of any kind (Score 1) 13

None at all. Except for those we give it. We are its human attributes. Your god did not create good and evil. Man did. Man created morality. So now it exists in god, through man. Your god is only as moral as man, no more, no less. And I don't know about you, but everything I see, hear, and feel, 'good' or 'bad', is 'god'. You won't hear me deny the existence of that.

As for looking for the definition of 'good' in ancient tribal tradition... Uh, no. They have no corner on that market. In fact, that is the rut we must crawl out from. We're still living by those traditions, as they are little more than manifestations of our fears and hates, and arrogant sense of superiority.

As a personal preference, the life of the bonobo = good... chimpanzee (with all their screaming and fighting) = bad. Apparently most humans believe just the opposite. Hence the violently coercive authority, as opposed to your feared 'hedonism' which is being perverted by that same authority that attempts to suppress it. Funny how those people are invariably unable to live by the rules they impose.

I think the humans' biggest problem is arrogance. That they think they are different from, or above the natural process (biological urges) explains a lot of mysteries when trying to explain any forceful social hierarchy. Man can't simply force the weaker members to obey. So the high priests create a 'superior being' to squash the urge to rebel against them. They say, "To be against us, is to be against god." (Yeah, Bush stole that one, too, with his 'you're with us, or against us' crap) It's time to realize that god does not exist in that form, and that we live in infinite abundance. War and oppression are unnecessary and hedonistic, infinitely more so than sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll.

Comment You're up early (Score 1) 83

Diaper duty?

I believe your insistence on something "superior" is the problem. Which to me, you're only looking for an authority (father?) figure that all must obey. The "superior being" is your justification for your authority, which the reasonable man knows he can live without. Contrary to what MH_42 said, we don't need a god to be good, and we sure don't need to devil to be evil. The whole concept of both resides entirely in our heads. They do not exist on the outside. All we have is the guidance of others and our own observations. Everything else is a self created hallucination, usually for the sole purpose of domination.

It all amounts to, who cares why, or where we come from?. You're just supposed to enjoy the time you have here. And you should allow others to do the same. We are here because shit happens. It is impossible to be otherwise. No deity is required for any of it.

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Journal Journal: Gangland Style 1

So, what's your gang affiliation? Everybody has one. There is no other way.
Question was inspired by this
...violence is a tool of statecraft. What, after all, is a dr

Comment Re:An important bit missing, too (Score 1) 18

Well, damned if d_r didn't steal the words right from my fingertips, and you and I skimmed over this. You insist that life has meaning. Why? What purpose does purpose serve? Other than to serve man? This is the brain making shit up. Nature has no purpose. It is totally on autopilot, and so is everybody's deity.

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