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Comment Re:when the security council said "nyet" and "bu s (Score 1) 80

Whatever you say... Events and history are speaking for themselves, much louder than the lies from the propagandists you choose to believe. Until the outsiders quit meddling, or completely conquer the region (again), the "Arab Winter" will not relent, and each year will break new records in the arms trade. Indeed the useful idiot is you.

Comment Re:when the security council said "nyet" and "bu s (Score 1) 80

Don't know what you mean. I'm merely pointing out how fanatics react to criticism of their idols, and that they cannot accept that they are being taken for a ride. This "Arab Spring" is a tragic farce. If recognition of that makes me a mindless cynic, then I shall wear the label proudly.

Comment Re:when the security council said "nyet" and "bu s (Score 1) 80

Ah, ever the good troll you are. We can always depend on that snappy comeback. So, why aren't you over there, fighting the good fight? Much better to do it from your comfy chair while chowing down on that warrior jizz. Eh, whatever, since I wasn't even talking to you, no further response is necessary.

Comment Re:when the security council said "nyet" and "bu s (Score 1) 80

We call it "humanitarian bombing" now. And I've noticed that all our pro-war mods have taken sides. Don't criticize the 'rebels'. They are 'liberators'. From what, who knows? But I'm sure our governments have all sorts of weapons contracts waiting to be signed by the customers with a better credit rating than the present regime. Fucking sick!

Comment Yeah, look what they're saying (Score 0) 80

[about the head of intelligence in Idlib]..."A big financial prize will be offered to anyone who brings the head of this guy"...

Go go 'rebels' go!

Maybe the more interesting story would be, whose banks are financing all of this destruction.. I mean, seeing that using satellite communications is nothing to write home about.

Comment Re:Don't run an exit node. (Score 1) 325

If the use of encryption becomes widespread, you can bet it will become restricted, if not totally banned. Sure, we're not there yet, but we are moving in that direction. We should be ready for it when it does happen. And mere encapsulation will not go unnoticed. We must get ourselves off the corporate wire. That is our only hope on the long run.

Comment Re:Don't run an exit node. (Score 1) 325

I know enough to see that engorging your packets with encrypted data will not go unnoticed should anyone decide to take a peek. Your optimism borders on the naive if you think otherwise. Be thankful your IT department isn't really serious, or competent enough to block your feeble attempts at circumvention. If whitelisted IPs and protocols are what it takes to do the job, then that is what you will get.

Comment Re:Just wait (Score 1) 80

Name one good reason I should care about the 'legitimacy' of anything on the internet. If and when TPB offers up something I need, I will use the service. If it's convenient, then it is useful. I certainly hope that the pirate party does not back down. Unfortunately the official cable cutters will decide what is 'legitimate'. In a world where entire countries can get knocked offline, it shouldn't be too difficult to deal with TPB.

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