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Comment Re:My god, who did this redesign? Kennedy? Johnson (Score 1) 113

That's the production budget my friend. Reports in industry trade rags are that the total budget including marketing was 800 million dollars. So that's a net of 400 million. About a 33% return. I agree, 400 million profits seems great to you and me! But, it is nowhere near as profitable as it could have been.

And I don't know... even if I was a vampire lawyer, I'd be devastated when my projections were for taking in about 2.0 billion dollars and the film only brought in 1.2 billion dollars and merchandising sales had collapsed as a result of the move (down 47%). And the thought that the next film (IX) was probably going do a Justice League swan dive to much lower profits than it would have made due to damage to the brand and over half the fans angry and saying they wouldn't pay to see the next film or any other disney star wars content in the future.

And that's before the lost blue ray sales.

Thanks for engaging. As a well written character from another i.p. says, "I can do this all day."

Comment Re:Is this unexpected? (Score 1) 217

I stopped buying new PC's frequently about 8 years ago.

My current mode is to buy a cheap computer with a good processor and add the best reviewed $200 graphics card.

I store everything long term on removable drives.

With increased streaming options, I stored less locally for a while but that's turning around as the streaming market fragments into a million $10 channels so I'm storing more locally again.

Comment Sales Taxes Regressive & Easy for wealth to ev (Score 1) 178

We could do without sales tax and go with income and property taxes including the old fashion luxury item taxes.

Only a few states don't already have an income tax, automobile, and property tax system in place.

Place additional taxes on liquor that costs over $40 per liter, electrical usage over double the average household usage, on premium concert tickets and restaurant meals over $40 per person.

Tax investment income. Limit the amount of 'tax free' income anyone can have to 20% of the countries average income (so about $10,400 per year right now).

But drop sales tax. You are taxing too many people living in poverty. In some states they even tax unprepared food. That's literally taking food out of children's mouths.

Look, 10% of the country has over 95% of the countries wealth and about 80% of the entire countries income. At some point, everyone else is so poor that you have to go where the money is to collect taxes.

Or you'll end up like brazil where poor people kidnap 1,000 wealthy people per year, killing some of them.

When democracies collapse, countries like Monaco with tons of wealthy people who are not paying for national defense will become ripe fat plums to be plucked.

Comment Re:Fair Comparison (Score 1) 293

We are sort of both saying he same thing.

The upper managers have to make the tough decision because most middle managers in businesses without high turnover are unable to make the tough decision.

So the upper manager makes the decision and then either hires a person to implement it or tells a middle manager to do it.

Comment Re:That's a common fallacy (Score 1) 1009

Backing over children is a tragic problem. It looks like it might be more common (about four children per 100,000) but that may include injuries (in which case it would be less common).

An average 1,297 children die (two children per 100,000) because of guns each year. And 5,790 are treated for injuries

OTH, a lot more people own cars (70%) than own guns (42%). If more people owned guns, more children would die because of guns assuming the rate remained the same.

Comment Re:That's a common fallacy (Score 1) 1009

While I stay away from guns myself (I have grandkids*), the National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates there are roughly 5 million to 10 million AR-15 rifles owned in the United States.

It only takes one to kill 50 people in under 5 minutes. It is in the wealthy people's self interest. I personally think they plan on plundering the U.S. and then leaving. Or they are daft idiots who've lost contact with reality. Hard to say which one is correct. Maybe both.

*guns are a big risk to kids. guns bought to protect kids often end up killing them.

Comment Re:That's a common fallacy (Score 1) 1009

Or, as in brazil 1,000 times a year they kidnap you, your kids, your spouse. Sometimes they kill you.

Or as in france revolution, the russian revolution, the chinese revolution, ....

It really serves the interests of the wealthy to make sure the masses or happy if they don't want to lose everything and also spend years in a labor camp.

Monico is only safe as long as democracy lasts. Once democracy is done, Monico is a fat plum waiting to be plucked by someone's army.

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