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Comment Duh... (Score 2) 202

Let's see, Intel and AMD's offerings have been complete shit until very recently. your 10 year old i7 is absolutely fast enough and in some instances as fast as a i7 computer from 6 months ago.

Only recently did both chip makers get off their asses and offer any kind of a performance boost that will make a difference and get people interested in buying a PC.

Watch sales to double in the next 12 months.

Comment Re:Fantastic (Score 1) 561

Mine last 20 hours on a single charge, Bose 35 and have been out for over a year now, only time I have a problem is international flights over 20 hours.
My daughters "skull Candy over the ear BT headphones go at least 12 hours on a single charge, those were a lot cheaper.

Comment Re:Did anyone think it would be otherwise? (Score 1) 463

Not just prosecution.

Also police enforcement.

In some jurisdictions they stop blacks more, search them more, and arrest them more (for the same things whites may be doing in the same area).

Once arrested, whites are released more often (partially due to income to pay bail) and some blacks have to plead guilty or face up to a year in jail before they get a trial where the jury is more likely to find them guilty.

I was *on* a trial where it was clear the prosecution knew the guy was innocent. The only witness against him was a convicted felon who testified to owning a gun (illegal) on the stand. And as we saw in the jury room, given a map of the complex- the witnesses testimony was *literally* impossible. The guy should not have been arrested, and a judge or prosecutor should have looked at it pre-trial- seen it was impossible- and recommended the case be dropped.

But even there, the guy might have been convicted because one of the jurors actually said, "well the defense didn't PROVE he was innocent". Fortunately the rest of us were aghast and instructed her on presumption of innocence in the u.s.

Comment Re:Did anyone think it would be otherwise? (Score 2) 463

It's simpler than that.

Garbage in.

Garbage out.

Feed it hitler data and it will turn into a trolling neo-nazi.

Feed it racist parole data and it will spit out racist parole recommendations.

If you give it data that matches the ideal of what we would like to happen, then it will recommend based on the ideal of what we would like to happen. You need to be very careful about what data you feed it.

If you feed it florida data, it will recommend letting whites go free without even a criminal record while recommending blacks serve 5-7 years because that's what some florida judges have been shown to do in the last year.

You have to explain things to A.I., as you would to a child.

Comment Re:Not servicable (Score 1) 561

Not made to last..... Wife's iphone 4 STILL WORKS just fine 7 years later.

My HTC ONE M8.... replaced TWICE and then finally died because the battery swelled and cracked the display.
My One X did not last more than 12 months before it started having problems. I have been through 6 android phones in those same 7 years.

I think you dont have a clue at all about iphones and longevity.

Comment Re:Fantastic (Score 1) 561

I haven't used wired headphones for 3 years now. Bluetooth is so much more convenient and even in my car it's automatically connected.

Honestly, give up the cheap wired things and try the wireless stuff. It's extremely convenient. Both android and iphone are fantastic without wires. there really is no real reason to have to search for a cable to plug in or even dig the phone out of my pocket anymore.

Comment Re:Slashdot is the wrong audience for this questio (Score 1) 561

Apple solved this. A stolen iphone is 100% useless on the black market as they cant register it or get into it without the owner releasing it from icloud. And so many people are getting burned on that.

Pawn shops refuse to take an iphone if you can not prove it has been full released and reset. Even the craigslisters are asking for proof that it's released before purchase..... well the ones that have a brain are.

Comment Re:Future proof (Score 2) 481

This took me 2.5 seconds to google and I don't even give a crap about the issue.

Could people stop being so damn lazy when the information is easy to verify?

New York Taxable Income Rate
$25,000 - $50,000 3.591%
$50,000 - $500,000 3.648%
$500,000+ 3.876%

          Alabama: Birmingham levies an income tax of 1%
        Arkansas: Seven Arkansas school districts assess an income tax surcharge equal to 10% of state income tax before tax credits. They are Berryville, Green Forest, Westside, Hope, Huntsville, Waldron, and Marshall.
        Colorado: Three cities impose flat taxes on compensation. Aurora charges $2 per month on compensation over $250, Denver charges $5.75 per month on compensation over $500, and Greenwood Village charges $4 per month on compensation over $250.
        District of Columbia: D.C. has a bracketed income tax system. The rates are 4% for the first $10,000 of income, 6% for $10,000 to $40,000 of income, and 8.5% for income over $40,000.
        Delaware: Wilmington has a flat 1.25% tax on income.
        Iowa: 666 school districts impose an income tax surcharge ranging from 1% to 20% of state income tax owed.
        Indiana: All 92 counties in Indiana have an individual income tax. Tax rates are in the process of being changed and will be announced on the Indiana Department of Revenueâ(TM)s website once they are finalized.

        Kentucky: Eight cities in Kentucky levy income taxes on residents and non-residents. They are: Bowling Green (1.85%), Covington (2.5%), Florence (2%), Lexington-Fayette (2.25%), Louisville (2.20% for residents and 1.45% for non-residents), Owensboro (1.33%), Paducah (2%), and Richmond (2%). Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government and Louisville - Jefferson County also impose taxes on businesses.

        Maryland: All 24 Maryland counties levy income taxes on residents and non-residents. Tax rates range from 1.25% to 3.20%. Baltimore also has an income tax of 3.05%.
        Michigan: Several Michigan cities impose income taxes with rates ranging from 0.50% to 2.50%. Detroitâ(TM)s income tax rate is 2.50% for residents and 1.25% for non-residents.
        Missouri: Both Kansas City and St. Louis have an income tax of 1%.
        New York: Yonkers and New York City both have individual income taxes. New York City's income tax rates range from 2.907% to 3.648%. Yonker's income tax rate is equal to 10% of your net (after credits) state income tax.
        Ohio: 235 cities and 331 villages in Ohio have an income tax, including Columbus, Toledo, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. Ohio law requires a flat rate that cannot exceed 1% unless it is approved by the voters. Ohio local income tax rates range from 0.40% in Indian Hill to 3% in Parma Heights.
        Oregon: The Tri-Met Transit District (includes Portland) assesses an income tax of 0.6318% and the Lane County Transit District (includes Eugene) assesses an income tax of 0.60%. Multnomah County (Portland) also assesses a 1.45% business income tax.
        Pennsylvania: Most municipalities in Pennsylvania assess a tax on wages, known as the Earned Income Tax. This tax is usually split between the municipality and the local school district. The local Earned Income Tax is only assessed on earned income, like wages. Unearned income like interest and dividends are not taxed. Pennsylvania state law limits the Earned Income Tax to a maximum flat rate of 2%, but Home Rule cities like Philadelphia and Scranton are not subject to this maximum. Cities with tax rates above 2% include: Philadelphia (3.98%), Pittsburgh (3%), Reading (2.70%), Scranton (3.40%), and Wilkes-Barre (2.85%). Non-residents have to pay the Earned Income Tax as well but are usually taxed at a lower rate. You can look up local tax rates on Pennsylvania state's website. Local income taxes are also assessed on the net profits of businesses.

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