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Comment Re:Terrible headline. DESKTOP DISTIES letting go (Score 3, Insightful) 378

It's becoming more clear every day how the major Linux distributions have all been drinking the same cool-aid.

Seems so, but as of now 32 bit Linux has 22 years left (year 2038). I heard that may be fixed but AFAIK nothing yet. In any case for 32 bit I would use NetBSD or OpenBSD since the 2038 issue does not exist for them. I would like to know what "major dist" officially includes :) One distro I consider major just released a 32 bit version.

Comment congratulations NetBSD (Score 4, Interesting) 41

I am glad NetBSD is still around. Between the complaints of this and that UN*X type systems no longer a UN*X, NetBSD is one system that you never hear that complaint. It is a small and very nice UN*X system with some interesting features. I even mounted a very broken file system using rump to pull some files from it that were created after my last backup. Nevermind 7+ supports in kernal lua, which seems intriguing to me.

Comment One possible end result (Score 1) 259

I have been thinking about the possibilities of this 'fight'. I suspect the outcome will be 'encryption licences' similar to Gun Licences, except encryption licences will be extremely hard to obtain.

You need to get a licence for a non-backdoored device, otherwise you get a device open to the Gov and anyone who can find the backdoor. Interesting times.

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