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Comment I hope they follow through (Score 1) 197

I hope they do not change their mind, large business will have a cow over this. Why, updates controlled by a third party, rental fees and what about travel, do you need to be connected to the internet at 35,000' ?

Office 365 system requirements for client connectivity gives you time to review your long-term desktop strategy

I did, when Windows 95 came out, went to a fairly new OS and never looked back. Nothing like loosing work many times per week to give me incentive. Granted I heard M/S is much better these days, but as someone mentioned, the spyware on W10 keeps a tiny smile on my face.

Comment US Lead ? I don't think so (Score 2, Interesting) 237

The US will never be a leader in what to do with Climate Change the country keeps changing it's mind every 4 to 8 years. Other Countries need to get together and lead, ignoring the US. Even China and India are getting concerned from what I heard. So Sweden is doing the correct thing.

People in the US have a addiction to large gas guzzling Auto worse that the most hard core heron addict. The newest two excuses I hear is 1) They are higher and I can see better. 2) they are larger thus safer. Ignoring the fact with almost everyone is driving the same type auto those two excuses are irrelevant. Nevermind the strangle hold of the established Corporations.

Pres, Carter brought up Climate Change up as a big issue the late 70's and stated if work not started now. it be more difficult going forward. He even installed Solar Panels on the White House. When Regan came in the first thin he did was rip them down and said Carter was nuts. Since then the US have been going around in circles.

Comment Re:In this economy? (Score 1) 564

I too lived through that era, graduating a couple of years before 'hey!'. I knew only 3 people who had 8-tracks and 2 was in their cars. Maybe the 'hippie' gen people (~10 years older than me) may have bought 8-tracks for home use, one cousin much older than me had one. Outside of that, everyone had Vinyl at home.

BTW, after seeing how 8-tracks worked in my friend's car, I realized quickly they were a big waste of $ :)

Comment has to be asked (Score 2, Insightful) 574

Why is infrastructure on the public Internet ? It is not like the internet existed when most of the US electric grid was 'designed' and built. It worked quite well for 70 or so years without the internet. And I will say I have experienced more blackouts over the past 10 years than I did in total before 1990.

Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 1) 333

What winter :) Last year it was a cool spring here in December, January and February with no snow. So far as of today it hardly went below freezing a couple of days and by now when I was young, we would usually have had a few light snow storms now, with maybe a permanent covering on our lawns of 2 inches (~5cm) or so.

Great for my heating bill anyway

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