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Comment Re:questionable (Score 1) 290

Well the Student Loan problem is because we allow everyone to go to college as long as they can pay for it. Of course not everyone is cut out for college so we let them waster 4 years in luxury courses (as in should only be taken by the indepently rich) like Art History and Women's Studies. So they end up in debt without a real career. So they work as Baristas and other pseudo jobs and since they are college educated demand 15 dollars per hour. This drives up the Cost of Living for everyone so that even the productive folks struggle to save money.
Solution would be for the State to fund college but have a nationwide standardized test (no multple attempts as that favors richer kids) and fund the college of the top 30%. The rest can go to vocational schools on the govt's dime or if they want to fund their own education do it without Student loans.
It will allow poor and rich smart kids to go to college, rich dumb kids to waste their parnets' money but avoid burdening poor kids with a huge loan for a course which has no career. The poor dumb kids go to vocational school and learn a money earning skill without the burden of student debt.

Comment Re:And I predict the solution will be... (Score 0) 75

OK Californians get to complain about Indians coming to California but Mexicans dont get to complain about Anglos coming to California?
And UK? Cmon British came to India as traders and stayed for 400 years. The English have noone to blame but themselves. if they hadnt come to India, Indians wouldnt be speaking English and taking IT jobs

Comment Re:questionable (Score 1) 290

This can be fixed by making it mandatory for companies' to pay for daycare or provide onsite daycare. Also carve out an exception to the discrimination laws if companies want to structure your salary as Base+Family allowance which has amounts which increase with increase in family size . Also allow Housing allowances which the company can base on family size. All of these are allowed in Europe.
But the fact of the matter is all the middle aged parent were young bachelors/spinsters at some point. They could have saved the money for when they would need to hire nannies to keep up the same level of engagement so people will feel its unfair to cut them a break now. The same people will be middle aged parents with no savings in 10 years time.

Comment Re:Market (Score 3, Insightful) 157

It just may not take care of it in a way you like. As far as the market is concerned all kids with allergies dying because of no epipen and hence the gene pool being cleansed of allergy genes is a valid outcome.
So is the parents of such kids burning down Mylan and killing everyone on its board of directors (The market has no conscience)

That is why we do not let unregulated markets play by themselves. Capitalism needs a tincture of socialism otherwise its just as bad as Communism just in different ways.

Comment WTO Compulsory Licensing (Score 1) 157

There is a clause in the WTO licensing deal covering medical patents. Every national govt has the right to invoke it have a particular drug's patent suspended and have it manufactured as a generic if it is considered a public health emergency. For a drug where there is no alternative, which is shown to work and where the company is being unreasonable, the govt can always pull out the big gun. The US govt doesn't as its bought my Pharma lobbyists.

Comment Re:And you apparently do not understand calculus (Score 1) 358

So in your misguided worldview, people who scrimp and save, research, and invest their earnings wisely should have to pay more taxes and be excluded from government assistance. While someone who earned exactly as much money but blew their income on parties, concerts, eating out, hookers, and blow should have to pay lower taxes and qualify more easily for government aid?

Net worth (wealth) is just the integral of income minus expenses (or if you prefer, income minus expenses is the first derivative of wealth). Income is the correct basis for determining taxation and qualification for government aid. How much wealth you accumulate depends not just on how much income you make, but also how much money you spend. As a result, any form of taxation based on wealth unfairly penalizes people who save their money instead of spending it unnecessarily. OTOH, taxation based on income treats everyone the same regardless of whether they spend their money wisely or foolishly.

Also, since wealth is the integral of income minus expenses, wealth is the accumulation of past income. So any attempt to tax wealth is an attempt to retroactively tax past income. Ex post facto laws are illegal under our Constitution.

If you want to tax rich people more, increase the tax rates on higher income. It's as simple as that.

Its a question of paying for services instead of free riding. Most govt budget is spent on law and order and welfare to keep the rich safe from the poor. The guy who is blowing all his money is not getting rich hence he is not taking as much in govt services and protection as the man who is wealthy and for whose protection the govt has to spend millions on poilice, courts,prisons as well as welfare and medicaid (to keep the poor from getting so desperate they make a try for his wealth)

Comment Re: Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the pla (Score 1) 518

Wealth is an abstract concept.

Is it? I'm pretty sure that things like swimming pools, mansions, beach front property, houses, cars, and dollar bills in a wallet are all pretty concrete and tangible.

If there are no cops and lawyers and judges and property deeds well anyone can enter your beach front property and swim in your pool as long as you are not sitting there with a gun guarding it. And if you are sitting there someone else can use your ski property .

In nature noone owns anything.

1. Why should we value "the way that nature does it"? Nature also doesn't do science.

2. You're wrong anyway: animals routinely fight over control of territory, mates, and food.

Animals can hold onto only one territory not many differnt territories spread across the world. So yeah you get to hold to one house (as long as you work from home and never leave the house)

Its society which gives rise to law which gives rise to property and money which gives rise to wealth.

It's society which gives rise to law which safeguards property and money and wealth. You can still have stuff in the absence of a government or a society.

Not much. Even Somalia has money and Society. If we truly have a non ownership society where machines provide whatever you need very few people will sign up to be your private security guards and of course such a society has no police to enforce civil crimes against property. Police will only care about murder or assault. Not that a squatter is sitting in your multi million mansion and swimming in your pool

if its not working for most people society has the right to decide to try another way.

Nobody owes you anything. Get a job or work for yourself, hippie.

Agree. Noone owes the rich to continue living in a society where money has meaning

Given that more and more economic value is being created by machines whose income accrues only to the owners of the machines and not to entire society (though without society we would still be hunting and wearing skins so no machines would have been invented); we may need a new system.

Careful, your jealousy and greed are showing. I would hate for you to lose your self-righteous moral high ground.

There is no jealousy. I may be one of the few who would end up owning machines which produce the wealth. Doesnt mean I want to live my entire life in gated communities fending off the murderous poor

A star trek kind of society where people's basic needs are taken care of by the output created by machines (which are owned by society as a whole) and people work for prestige and luxuries.

1. I, for one, am going to need more than an "attaboy" for showing up to a day job no matter how lax the rules are.
People have a pyramid of needs. Once basic needs are met people mostly do work for attaboys. You might be the type who sit at home playing video games and watching porn till you die. The proposed society has a place for people like you

2. You know that Star Trek isn't real, right? If you want some kind of a system such as that depicted then you need to prove that such a system is possible in the first place. You go do the science and the economics and then get back to us with the results. In the mean time I won't vote for your cockamamie schemes being forced down our throats.

Its an example and a concept. Neither does Adam Smith's invisible hand. Its a concept.

Also, as far as I can tell, it's the exact opposite in this country: the lazy and indolent are having children by the dozens while the intelligent and productive members of society (middle class and higher) are having fewer and fewer children.

With free videogames and unlimited porn people without the drive to work are definitely not going to go out and find partners. They will watch porn till they die of old age.

Comment Re: Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the pla (Score 1) 518

Ownership through tooth and claw is limited to what you can hold on to at the moment and not too different from true communism as nobody owns much and the common goods are owned by everyone. Its society and law which allows you to own stuff you are not sitting on or holding in your hand else someody picks it up and uses it. The reason we need ownership is if someone cant own it they wont work to create it. But if robots are creating everything we dont need to have ownership. Robots can produce everything and you can just grab it as you feel like.

Comment Re: Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the pla (Score 1) 518

On the contrary, reproduction becomes a huge problem when sex is the only form of entertainment that people can afford.

They are getting an UBI. They can afford video games and internet (free unlimited porn). In most countries where porn is freely available the birth rate goes down. The standards become too high and the real thing just does not compare.

Comment Re: Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the pla (Score 4, Interesting) 518

Wealth is an abstract concept. In nature noone owns anything. Its society which gives rise to law which gives rise to property and money which gives rise to wealth. if its not working for most people society has the right to decide to try another way. Given that more and more economic value is being created by machines whose income accrues only to the owners of the machines and not to entire society (though without society we would still be hunting and wearing skins so no machines would have been invented); we may need a new system. A star trek kind of society where people's basic needs are taken care of by the output created by machines (which are owned by society as a whole) and people work for prestige and luxuries. This can work in a society where 90% of the economic output can be provided by machines and you only need humans for 10% of the creative jobs. For such jobs a human who doesnt have to work but wants to do the work will be much more productive. The humans who dont want to work will be bored and eventually stop reproducing so the problem will solve itself over 5-10 generations in a humane manner.

Comment Automation in the military is the problem (Score 1, Flamebait) 518

Every other time in history when we had excess young men we had large scale warfare which soaked up the excess. Now with automation there are few casualties in war so the traditional way of dealing with automation is not going to work. We need laws banning the use of machines in war. if people want to kill people from other countries they should have to risk their own lives as well. Air strikes, drones and missiles should be outlawed like Chemical weapons. People should have to put their own lives at risks. Thats the way to soak up the excess who cannot adapt to the new technologies. Otherwise you will have rioting and the poor killing and eating the rich for food.

Comment Basic-Pascal-C-C++-Java- (Score 2) 629

Started out with Basic in 5th Grade(1990). Put one floppy in to load dos. Put the other floppy in to load Basica or GW-Basic and you are off to the races. Hard Disks? What Hard Disks?
Then Grade 7 we start with this cool new Language Pascal. Structs Cool!!
Grade 9 We start C. Pointers. ugh!!!
Grade 11-12 C++. Well we pretty much kept writing C code just used objects.
Then this cool new hot Language comes around everyone is excited about Java!!
Get to college- Computer Sci 101- Fortran. WTF? Well our professor is smart. He says we will use Java even though the course is called Intro to programming using Fortran. (The college was a state college and it used to take 5 years to change the official course).
So we use Java and C++(MFC&ATL) in college.
First job - Training on Cobol!!! WTF squared. Anyway lucky enough to get assigned a group using C++ and not to a group using Cobol , VB , .net or Java (Though had to take the training on all of them). Yes it was one product with each module in a different language . Go figure
Then get on a project porting the old code base from C++/Tuxedo to Java/J2EE. Good times. Not much time to do laundry, sleep or take showers but good times.
Leave to go do a Masters and the first course is AI . Learn Lisp. Then ML, of course Java and C are around as is C++ templates and one wierd Machine learning class that uses Algol.
Leave college and go to a job. The company is doing Java, C++ and .net. Mess around with all of them. Get interested in Python as a scripting language. Then get interested in Android. New job. PM for a group doing mobile development. Learn ObjC so that the developers cant bullshit me.
Now Java 8 and scala are bringing functional programming and closures . For someone who did Lisp and Objective C thats old news.

What I am trying to say is the languages change and each one teaches you something. Each has its place. As long as you are willing to keep learning the particular language you are using today does not matter.

Comment Re:It's A Start (Score 1) 619

I graduated in 2001. The company which had hired me on campus sent me a regret letter 2 months before I graduated. I spent the last 2 months of my college frantically job searching while finishing up final year project and thesis. Finally found a job outside the country so at the age of 21 I moved to Europe for a programming job. Yes it was scary as I had never lived in a city different from my parents but it was fun(even my college was in the same city). 3 years later came to the US to do my Masters. Shit happens. Don't let it get you stuck in a rut.

There may be a glut of Americans with degrees but when a company is looking for a people who can get shit done they will look for them all over the world and they will prefer folks who have proved themselves by surviving the H1B screening process. Companies don't have any patriotism. Most of them are multinational. There is a reason companies prefer immigrants for jobs where a risk taking nature is needed. People who can give up their support structure and move across the world will not be scared of learning a new programming library. Just show people that even though you were born here and had everything handed on a platter to you , you are still a risk taker and people will hire you whether you are 20, 40 or 60.

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