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Comment Re:Basic income (Score 1) 420

UBI accompanied by compulsory sterilization? Maybe with the existing system side by side so people in a short term ditch due to bad luck can use the existing systems and those who have no hope of getting out of the hole get sterlized and go on the UBI (and have the children taken away to foster care to avoid a bad example for the next generation)

Comment Re:Basic income (Score 1) 420

The problem with UBI is if we replace food stamps and medicaid with UBI and the people just blow it on drugs and are then starving on the streets and filling up emergency rooms what do you do?
UBI assumes all humans are basically good. Food stamps, rent assistance, medicaid assumes humans dont know whats good for them and need help in a way that they dont mess up.
Added complication if you provide UBI you would have to adjust it for children and that is a motivation to just have children without planning.
To make UBI successfull you would have to put so many checks on people's individual behaviour that you would be living in a nanny state. Scandinavia is already a nanny state so UBI makes sense there.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 2) 420

Americans dont value education enough. In India maids will skip a meal in order to buy a text book for their kids. Instead the poor in the US would much rather buy videogames than spend time studying at the library. Life is not hard enough in the USA. It needs to get harder. The period from 50s to 70s where you could lead a middle class life on working class skills is never coming back. It was an anomaly created by the WW2 where all the other countries had destroyed economies and depended on US manufacturing and US could export its way to wealth. Now all countries are recovered from WW2/colonialism. Its an equal competition and working class skills will not get you a middle class lifestyle.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 420

In countries like India most middle class software programmers have a maid who cleans the house, makes the bed,washes dishes and clothes,a cook who comes cooks the evening meal, a driver who drives them to work, a gardener who comes and maintains their yard and a laundryman who comes picks up their laundry presses and returns it.
In USA you have to do all of this yourself or go out to a central place to get food made by someone else.
Personal services are only feasible when their is a large gap in income between the middle class and the working class.
If you expect middle class wages for jobs like taxi driver or food delivery than these services will only be avilable to the elite and not to the middle class.
Working class folks need to have an uncomfortable life . This is motivation for their children to work harder in school than their middle class counterparts and clim out of the working class.
In every generation some middle class kids will screw up and fall back to the working class. Hence you will always have your supply of working class people. The fallacy is to believe just because your parents were middle class you will be middle class and not working class. If yu try to prevent downward social mobility you also block upward social mobility

Comment Re:Thank you, Pres. Trump, for putting America fir (Score 1) 221

H1Bs were introduced as part of WTO negotiations. When India agreed to let US sell Caterpillar backhoes and Pepsico Sugar water in India , US agreed to let India sell software services in the US and as the work permit process in the US is messed up and the L1 is very restrictive, H1s were introduced. The conflation of H1B (a free trade visa) with immigration is unfortunate and happened because of a quota which put an artificial limit on number of people coming to US to provide short term software services. Trump can put conditions which prevent Indian software companies from selling software services in US. India will probably retaliate with restrictions on US companies selling into India. If I was a Boeing, Caterpillar, GE, Coca Cola , Apple or Microsoft shareholder I would not be very happy. If I was a worker at these companies' plants I would be very worried about layoffs.

Comment Re:It's a start! (Score 1) 221

You do realize that most developing countires have higher income inequality than the US. What this means is that while beginning and average salaries are lower , salaries at the higher end are higher than in the US. Cardiac surgeons from India will not move to the US as they earn much more in India than in the US. Same for folks earning 150K plus. The kind of folks who would attract those salaries in the US are getting paid much more (PPP adjusted) in India. Only people at the beginning of their careers are willing to go to the trouble of moving to the US. All this measure would mean is that companies would do more work offshore and reduce their US presence.

Comment Re:Students? (Score 4, Interesting) 221

Its for skills that cant be found locally. The latest cutting edge research is done in universities and as the majority of grad students are foreigners if companies want people with reseaerch experience at the cutting edge they need foreign students. Students are getting H1Bs because the US immigration system is so screwed that it has no specific visa for Students who have graduated from US universities to stay and work in US (every other country which has a large education industry has a student work visa post graduation) so they use the H1B which was meant for Models.
Also mostly students are now spending 2-3 years in OPT so by the time they are on H1B they have the skills and the experience.

All this would not be needed if the Comprehensive Immigration Reform under Bush had got passed which had basically said every student graduating in STEM would have a Greencard stapled to their Diploma.

GCs are always better than H1Bs as they have the same freedom to work for anyone and do not depress the market like H1s do.

Comment Re:Positive feedback? (Score 1) 310

If I cannot use my wealth to give my children an advantage what is the point of the wealth? Why work hard and earn money if someone who doesnt will get the same opportunities for their kid.
Ye society should try to keep the ladder open for social mobility as smart kids can be born to poor parents and we would not want to lose their potential but the kids of wealthy parents have already got a track record so their is nothing wrong in society giving an advantage to the chidren of successfull folks. If really smart poor kids will catch up in 2 or 3 generations.

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