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Comment Re: Not the only one dead (Score 1) 396

You dont. 1 professor killed once in a while is an acceptable cost for not putting regulations on free speech and gun rights. As you might have heard an armed society is a polite and fair society because if you are really really rude and unfair (even if you did stick to the letter of the law) you are liable to be shot. Its kind of a safety valve to prevent the really assholish behaviour in society. Once in a while society needs a reminder. Of course we do need to deal with the crazies with guns. The solution is pretty much to have guns for everyone. The crazies will only go crazy once and then their crazy genes will be removed from the genepool permanently. A few generations of this and you will get a very polite,fair and sane society

Comment Re:What was the code anyways? (Score 1) 396

Given that he got a BS at IIT, an MS at Stanford and worked in Industry before he went for the PHD at UCLA I doubt that this was his first time coding. Google was a piece of code written by 2 PhD students and both of them are billionaires right now. This guy might have believed he was cheated out of being the next Brin or Page.

Comment Re:Oh boy! Look at the media again... (Score 1) 396

Simple solution. Get rid of Social Security. When people know if they mess up their kids they are going to starve on the streets in their old age they wont mess up their kids.
A lot of sickness in society would go away if you make the family the basic unit instead of trying to raise children at a society level. This means no extra welfare payments for having kids but does mean extra salary if you are married and have dependents to take care off. No equal pay for equal work bullshit. Instead pay singles less and pay breadwinners of families more and watch the divorce rate plummet.
Also get rid of Child Support and Alimony. If someone doesnt support their children they will starve in their old age. If the children do become wards of the state make sure the parents have to undergo mandatory vasectomies/hysterectomies. If you cant take care of your kids you no longer have the right to have more kids.
Make extra marital/pre marital unprotected sex a crime (basically reckless people who are risking a pregnancy they are not ready for).
Put such people on a sex offenders registry.
And reduce the hormones in the meat which are making kids go into puberty at lower ages.
Instead put in Chemicals to delay puberty so kids have time to focus on school without getting distracted by their hormones.

Comment Re:Credit, (Score 3, Informative) 396

I have been in Research groups which are full of Indians and Chinese on visas and a few locals and the professor gives the toughest thankless tasks to the Indians and Chinese and the visible conference visits to the locals. What are they gonna do? Go back home after spending thousands of dollars and giving up years of earning potential (note all of these folks are college graduates who could get 6 figure salaries but are working for less than minimum wage as grad students).
Its not racial- I have seen professors of Indian and Chinese origin do it to Indian and Chinese students and not do it to Indian Origin students who happen to be US born and hence have the right to work off campus.
The F1 system which prevent folks from working off campus needs to be reformed as it basically traps people into an apprentice system (something the unions fought long and hard against)
Professors dont treat locals like shit as locals have a choice they can just take up waitressing or taxi driving for the period of time it takes them to find a new advisor(and yes driving taxis pays more than grad research assistantships) and still carry on with their classes whereas a F1 student who loses his/her funding may have to drop out of the program and go back home

Comment Re:Mental illness (Score 1) 396

I like your Boxes comment except that Academia is not a liberal Democracy. its pretty much an oligarchy with those who came earlier controlling the journals (soapbox), appointments based on seniority and connections (no ballot box elections), College review committee staffed by peers of the professors you are complaining about (so much for an impartial Jury). That does leave only the Ammo box. Of course most dont go that route. Instead they decide to go the CSA way and seced. They breakaway from Academia and go create companies or work for companies. Fortunately academics are not as hardass as the USA about secession.

Comment Top secret project (Score 1, Informative) 396

OK if I am the govt and I needed to disappear a few researchers for a top secret project (and one of them insists on taking his girlfriend along) how would I do it?
Well telling that one shot the other and killed himself would be a good way. Has anyone even seen the bodies? Putting a campus on lockdown is a good way to make sure noone sees the gvot leaving with the guys.
And then of course you create a soical media back history to paint it as a crazy. But there the govt slipped up by putting up Sarcar's profile as a Muslim. Sarcar is a bengali Surname and probably the intern at the *ia tasked to create the profile just went with Muslim as most Bangladeshis are Muslim but Sarcar is a Hindu surname.

OK guys how do you like this conspiracy theory. Please find holes in it

Comment Re:FAKE (Score 1) 396

California needs to install border fences/ build a wall with search and seize checkposts to keep out all the crazies from states with no gun control. Gun control in one state which has open borders with no gun control states just wont work. If needed we should send commandoes and undercover agents into Minnesota and Texas to get rid of the guns.

Sounds stupid? Well we do it for drugs when we send commandoes into Columbia

Comment Engineers make good terrorists (Score 1) 396

Engineering seems to be the one high status profession that the oppressed are able to get into (If you are a Palestinian refugee in a camp you are not going to become a doctor or a lawyer or even if you become one you are not going to be able to practice in the US as these professions are very protectionist). Yasser Arafat was a civil Engineer.
Also the people who gravitate towards engineering and programming (similar but not identical professions) are people who can concentrate for long periods of time without needing human interaction. This means anti-social folks who hate human interaction and humans in general can be very good engineering students.

So I am not surprised an Engineer took out another Engineer especially when he believe that the other Engineer had committed the cardinal sin of Academia - stealing credit. (Funnily enough VCs do this all the time. Some startup will come and give a demo. They wont fund them but take the code and give it to another startup which they do fund because their gut tells them the other startup has a better chance of executing to success)

Comment Emperor's new clothes (Score 2) 242

Finally a govt has called out what everyone has known. Apple's products are not technologically cutting edge hence not eligible for the waiver.

Much more advanced Android phones are manufactured in India so their is nothing preventing Apple from manufacturing in India.

Apple is anyway known for taking technology invented by others and repackaging it in beauitful formats.

Its the same technologically as a marketing firm (you can know a company' core capabilities by seeing who has status - at Google its the Engineers. At Apple it is the Marketers).

Comment Re:Jingoism and Nativism (Score 1) 242

Under British Colonialism the local Excise tax on goods produced in country was higher than the customs tax on goods produced in Britain. This drove Indian industries out of business. India had already started on the Industrial revolution when the English came. In some technologies like rockets it was actually ahead of Europe. It was by selling luxury baubles(the 16th century equivalent of iPhones) to Kings that the English got the Kings to allow them preferential access so as to destroy the local industry. Industry only got restarted when the Indians became so poor that the savings in labor cost savings outweighed the customs savings. By that time the British had direct control and decided to start earning via income taxes rather than mercentalism. Incidentally before the English came the per capita income in India was at par with that in Europe and far higher than in the American colonies. Colonialism drove it down to way lower levels. I am glad that the current govt is not falling for shiny baubles and selling out on the real economy.

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