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Comment Re:Antenna is cheaper (Score 1) 421

You can build your own antenna for much less and it works a LOT better than anything in the 20-50 dollar range. Outdoor ariels are still better than those for the most part, just don't get suckered in to those "remotely adjustable directional" jobs. They're almost all cheaply made and the directional part breaks within the first year. As someone with limited options (only one) for cable and/or internet, I have spent much time and money investigating. My home made bowtie indoor gets 20 channels and I'm 30 miles from the nearest city with a broadcast tower.

Comment Re:Very Illegal? (Score 1) 119

If I had mod points to spend, would definitely mark this as Funny. People will find a way to get what they want if you don't provide a way to sell it to them in a fashion they find acceptable. This is why I still have a VCR. Try content blocking that 1985 VCR that has no macrovision (or any other DRM) built in.

Comment Re: Note the concentration on rural votes (Score 1) 287

The article is perpetuating the whole Boss Hog / Hazard County narrative. While there are some shady dealings in some rural places, it's mostly easier to see as the eyes that are on it don't have as far to look or as many people to look at. Recently our county passed a 1% tax to build a new courthouse as ours is over 100 years old. Certain members of the county seat were trying to push a deal to buy the local golf course (for an outrageous sum) as the place to build said courthouse. Everyone saw through that crony deal and the courthouse isn't being built on the golf course.

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