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Comment Facebook censorship good! (Score -1, Troll) 116

See little prols, embrace your master Facebook and lick Zuck's hipster sneakers.

We only censor the "bad" and "dangerous" stuff from the "alt-right" Trumpiness that God-Emperor Clinton has declared to be racist!

After all, freedom means being able to listen to the carefully constructed narrative that we have decided to feed you, and since we have unilaterally declared Trump to be racist for threatening our H1B pool, it's OK to censor him!

We never EVER censored a legitimate left-winger social justice warrior who believes in diversity just like us!! That's why that interview with the Green Party's Jill Stein that mysteriously disappeared from Facebook after receiving over 100k hits was NOT censored! Instead, we have determined that it never existed in the first place and you are all ordered to bow and pray towards Hillary 5 times today because it's the only way to purge yourself of your white privilege.

Comment Re:4K HDR video (Score 4, Insightful) 56

HDR HEVC video on 4K is not trivial to process on a very low power CPU. That's where the hardware acceleration comes in as being important.

As a point of reference, my desktop 4770K that's overclocked to 4.7GHz can have problems with playback of 60 Hz 4K HEVC video when in software mode, and that's with a software decoder that's using all available cores too.

With mpv setup properly, my GTX-1080 can show the same videos perfectly smoothly with single-digit CPU usage and the GPU doesn't even really heat up that much either since only a relatively small part of the GPU actually does the video acceleration. The hardware accelerated paths for video decoding are quite important.

Comment Thank you for standing up to EVIL PATENTS MS! (Score 2, Funny) 220

H.264? There are evil patents associated with that right?

This just sounds like Microsoft is trying to act like a positive in the freedom dimension Linux distro by refusing to support that evil patenty thing and by refusing to support webcams, which we all know could be used as NSA backdoors and are therefore evil.

Comment Re:Good to hear. (Score 1) 188

You can buy a used Sandy Bridge Xeon system for cheap that will not only annihilate that thing but be a better bargain than Zen will be.

Be careful comparing ancient parts (that in AMD's case are being sold as "new" because they haven't had anything really new for 5 years) in the bargain bin to new stuff. It won't look good on a price/performance basis for AMD next year when Zen finally launches if you do.

Comment Re:Hmmm. (Score 0, Flamebait) 58

How exactly did Intel sabotage GCC or sneak in to AMD's offices and break AMD's own compiler?

Oh you mean Intel didn't go out of its way to optimize its compiler for AMD chips? Tough cookies. If AMD is so amazingly great and wants to have "fair competition" here's an idea: Tell those geniuses at AMD to go out and write their own damn compiler for their supposedly "perfect" chips.

Bitching and moaning that Intel's compiler produces perfectly functional code for AMD hardware (it did, BTW, never broke a single program running on AMD hardware) but doesn't optimize for AMD's hardware is sour grapes from a second rate company.

If AMD is so magically "innovative" like all the delusional fanboys still believe, then they can optimize their own hardware and there's no responsibility for Intel to go out and do the work for them.

Comment Here's the real reason for Nvidia's complaints (Score 4, Interesting) 58

The real reason that Nvidia is bitching up a storm is that KNL has received a very positive reception in the HPC world.

Oh, and KNL is actually an absolute bargain in comparison to the requirements to get a high-end Pascal system setup, not only because you can buy an entire KNL system (not just a GPU card) starting at only $5000, but because it's self-hosting and doesn't need a high-end Xeon CPU just to feed the GPU. To put it in perspective, you could build a cluster of 26 KNLs for the price of one of those 8-way systems Nvidia is selling.

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