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Comment Wait chain (Score 1) 257

First you have to wait for a new version of Android. Then you have to wait for the manufacturer to integrate their special bells, whistles and bloatware. Then you have to wait for your carrier to add their branding and bloatware. It takes time to add all that bloatware

Submission + - Microsoft Finally Kills Windows XP Antivirus (databreachtoday.com)

kierny writes: Shed a tear for enthusiasts of aging Microsoft Windows operating systems. That's because Microsoft is finally deep-sixing Windows XP — the antivirus engine, that is. After seven years of related warnings, Microsoft on July 14 stopped updating its built-in Microsoft Security Essentials software, or feeding it new signature updates. Other antivirus vendors are continuing to promise XP-compatibility for their products, as is Google for Chrome — for now.

Of course, old tech never dies — it just fades asymptotically away. But the 12% of all desktops and laptops still running XP show that breaking up [with aging Microsoft operating systems] is still hard to do.

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