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Submission + - Congress back on the Web Oversight Bandwagon again (

ma1wrbu5tr writes: "Here we go. Now Congress wants to try to get back into Internet oversight, coming on the heels of the FCC wanting to redefine "broadband internet". The current language of the article suggests that it might put the kibosh on some anti-competitive practices from certain ISPs, but has undertones of more than ISP control. The writer's spin is that this is a "a move aimed at clarifying murky interpretation" when referring to parts of the 1996 Telecom Act. While I think some ISPs are perverting the very concept of a privacy policy, don't you think Congress should be more focused on fixing the giant oil slick in the gulf, or prosecuting dirty Wall Street scum? If I thought any good would actually come of federal meddling, I would give a hearty go ahead . But given the track record of those involved, a few campaign contributions would make the worst of them immune and, in the end, wouldn't help consumers (the people) at all."

Submission + - South Park Studios releases "The Unaired Pilot

ma1wrbu5tr writes: "South Park Studios has released what they are titling as "The Unaired Pilot".
It is free to watch, contained no ads when I watched it, and can be seen at
I do recommend watching it; though it may be a bit rough around the edges.
It answers some questions, and has a few alternate veins in the story.
I refuse to insert spoilers. Go watch it! It also has a version with commentary from the crew."
Linux Business

Submission + - Linux PCs at Wal-Mart are "Off The Shelf" 3

ma1wrbu5tr writes: "They were selling, but not well enough.
"This really wasn't what our customers were looking for," said Wal-Mart
spokeswoman Melissa O'Brien.
The article goes on to explain, that though they did sell all of the
machines in the stores, they are not going to restock.
Further, a spokesperson for Everex, makers of the gPC,
said selling the gPC online was "significantly more effective".

My problem with the article is that it condemns Linux on the
desktop, but obviously doesn't take into account that entire
governments are using Linux workstations. I will agree that
this doesn't happen on a large scale in the US, but in less wealthy
countries, even more schools are making a *nix the OS of choice.

It seems short-sited, but in the end, shelf space is limited."

Submission + - Badmouth a customer? eBay says "No way!" 1

ma1wrbu5tr writes: "eBay recently announced more changes to the rates and to how feedback can be left. I personally
think this is a horribly misdirected idea. Though I have never had a problem with a buyer on eBay,
I have had problems with a seller or two, who didn't seem to care whether I was happy or not with
the poorly packaged crap I got. At least twice I said nothing for fear of a negative mark on my
otherwise perfect eBay track record. I say, "Huzzah to eBay for finally doing something for the little guy!""

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