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Comment Yes I've used it, but it was for engineering softw (Score 1) 1086

I used complex variables to do circuit analysis when I worked on a software GPS receiver and also used Fourier transforms and vector math. In addition, I've used numerical methods to extrapolate data. But in both these cases, it wasn't computer programming that required me to use the math; rather, it was the nature of the subject area.

Comment Re:Daniel Suarez (Score 1) 1130

Daemon reminds me of Neal Stephenson at the top of his game. I just recently re-read Daemon and loved it just as much as the first time. A pulse-pounding mystery/techno-thriller with lots of actual technology thrown in. His characters use real-world hacks to attack networks and computers, like SQL injection.

Unfortunately the second book, Freedom, was a radically different type of story. And it was too removed from reality to be as exciting as Daemon.

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