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Comment Re:"no dedicated GPU" (Score 1) 81

I am typing this on an AMD APU system that claims to have an integrated Radeon HD 8400, and I can assure you that it is terrible gutter trash and is barely functional with any significant applications running.

So, just like having a real Radeon then?

I kid, I kid. I'm not going to look that one up, but a lot of these integrated chipsets are nothing like what the model number would imply. I remember nVidia outright changed the name they were reporting for a couple of different integrated video chipsets, without actually doing anything to improve performance. That was worth a snicker, too.

Comment Re:Missing the point (Score 1) 100

I'm less concerned about my exact location being sent in emergencies than by the fact that my phone can now be hacked to provide by exact location AT ALL TIMES.

Nobody has to hack your phone at all to get your location down to a few meters in the best case, using DtoA. You just have to be in sight of two towers. Then they do a little math with your timestamps and they know right where you are. Get over the idea of positional privacy if you have a cellphone turned on.

Comment This unsolved crimes include yours (Score 1) 156

We live in such a complex web of laws now that we are all breaking them every day... so if the government can on demand browse through your phone they WILL find evidence of some crime. Especially Slashdot readers I'd warrant.

So basically what the government wants is an easy way to harass or lock-up anyone it deems a nuisance for any reason,

Comment Re:Define "Emergency" (Score 1) 100

Since it's pretty much ILLEGAL to call 911 when there isn't an emergency, any claims that "THEY" are going to use it to get you are ridiculous.

Last I checked, in a few places you still dialed 9-1-1 to reach the PD whether you had an emergency or not. Other places get quite cross about it, which is why the practice should either be made universal or abolished.

If someone wanted to get you, they'd make your phone dial 9-1-1 and make threats, preferably in your voice. Of course, they have to have owned your phone already, but there's new vulns all the time.

Comment Re:Why not? - What Trump really said (Score 1) 594

DONALD TRUMP: They should at least try to get it right. And if they don't do a retraction, they should, you know, have a form of a trial. I don't want to impede free press, by the way. That's - the last thing I would want to do is that.

We already have laws covering this. It's called libel. Go forth and sue, your Trumpness! Best of luck with that

Comment Re:Does MS have any idea what they are doing? (Score 2) 185

Microsoft's revenue depends on OEMs who want to sell the cheapest, shittiest hardware possible. That's why Windows, since the earliest versions, uses your hard drive as additional RAM, constantly swapping things back and forth.

This is a troll, right? Not only were we paging on Unix in days of yore, but the system was so primitive you had to allocate space for your physical memory at the head of the paging file.

I forget when Macs got virtual memory. System 7?

Comment Re:5.38 hours per day (Score 1) 169

Is it really "abusive to bandwidth" to have background entertainment while doing menial tasks? How close are you coming to the cap?

Very. I had a 250GB cap until this month, when I had to spend more money to raise it.

Autoplay is a setting, and it's per-profile, as is bandwidth - If the use case is just listening to the audio, why not set the bandwidth to the low setting?

But then you have to twiddle it back and forth every day, that's annoying.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 553

The level of entitlement in this thread is truly astounding. "You must remain stuck in the slow lanes so that I may go as fast as I fucking want."

That is not what is being said, but if you want to apply the logic in that way or spin it in that direction, go ahead. It's actually "you are not to impede the flow of traffic because that creates dangerous conditions", which sounds a lot less selfish, doesn't it?

In addition, frankly, I'm just fine with that. I get the hell out of people's way. I pull over for individual cars on twisty roads. I give bicycles a wide berth. I slow down when a pedestrian appears to have problems walking. If I need to pull over, I signal and then I get completely off the road. In general, I am an extremely considerate driver. In exchange, everyone should get out of the fucking way. I do it, it's not that hard, they can do it. It costs you a few pennies at most even if you're stopping and pulling over to let people go by. I make people wait a bit if I'm on an uphill and driving something slow, but far less than just about anyone else, and I don't understand why so few people can display even inexpensive courtesy.

And just in case it was not clear, I am on your side in this.

If this is an example of what it looks like when you're on our side, we don't need you, coward.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 553

There is zero requirement to let someone behind you go faster than you providing you're passing someone,

The law already prohibits driving in an unsafe manner; interrupting the flow of traffic does that. You're creating an unsafe condition by causing traffic to bunch up. You're not permitted to merge if you would interrupt the flow of traffic, as a rule. (In some cases drivers are required to let you merge, e.g. onto freeways, but we're talking about the other side of the highway right now.)

Fuck em.

Asshole confirmed.

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