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Comment Re:Need to curtail the CIA and NSA (Score 1) 107

Sorry, 'authoritarian left' is purely a political fantasy to create nonsensical arguments. It is nothing but a distraction. It is something that cannot exist outside the realm of human imagination. Authoritarianism can only be measured by degree, not by character.

Comment Re:CIA Fronts (Score 1) 107

but it can embarrass the fuck out of the CIA

It's been done hundreds of times, but c'mon... How do you 'embarrass' or shame a psychopath? They laugh at the outrage. *They fart in our general direction* And minuscule 'settlements' are already factored in, under petty cash. And if something goes wrong, tank the economy and/or start a war to divert attention. Works every single time. Like, right now...

Comment Re:Need to curtail the CIA and NSA (Score 1) 107

Marx may have been (his goals of the withering state would indicate such), Lenin definitely not. You still got it wrong. Just like people who see humans as property, it is antiquated and wrong. Leftism and authoritarianism are direct polar opposites. Leftism ~ anarchism. You're letting mass media define your words for you. And your faith in them does not mean you are correct by any means, nor does your majority status.

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