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It's funny.  Laugh.

Happy Odd Day! 545

From a mailing-list "Today is November 19th, 1999. The numerical format for today is 19-11-1999. All of the digits are odd. The next Odd day will be 1-1-3111 - which is well over a thousand years away, which we will never see. Days such as 13-4-89 have both even and odd digits, thus, it is neither odd nor even. The next even day will be 2-2-2000 - the first one since 28-8-888. So, now you have a reason to celebrate this Friday as it'll be your last odd day on Earth!!!!!!" So Slashdot wishes you a nice odd day!
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Happy Odd Day!

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    I couldn't sleep last night. I just felt, well...
  • I like stories like this. It just made me smile, and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Things like this let me know not to take life too seriously. It's the little things that can make a person happy.
    Happy odd day, everyone!
  • by Hyper ( 5220 )
    Happy Odd Day I guess :)
    Damn, I'm getting all teary eye'd and sentimental..
    Enjoy your day guys.
  • by vlax ( 1809 ) on Friday November 19, 1999 @08:37AM (#1518461)
    ...but I expect to live to see 1-1-3111. :^)

    As Woody Allen said, some people try to achieve immortality through their work, others through their children. I hope to achieve immortality by not dying.
  • So is that why the demo for Linux was delayed another day?
  • by Monkey42 ( 53334 )
    I thought zero was neither odd nor even. Since multiplying a negative by a (-1) gets a positive, and multiplying a positive by (-1) gets a negative. But multiplying 0 by (-1) still gives 0, I thought it was neither negative nor positive.
  • True that! It confuses the crap out of my teachers when I put the date for the jewish calendar on my papers...
  • actually, i think the most idiotic thing is that for someone who thinks it's idiotic, _you_ replied!

    happy odd day
  • The 2 and 0s?
  • Yeah, my logic fault was that I assumed that 2001 was an odd number. It is, but not if you count each digit individually.
  • 1999 is indeed prime.
  • Exactly, For 10 days out of every other month we've been odd. Some of us have been outright strange. But now because of the impending even month And the curse of an 1111 even years to come, we must stop being strange. No more may we enjoy a day of oddities. In short oddness has been banished from this land for the next 1111 years.
  • Cancel that post, i'm damn retarded. Dunno where all that came from....

    *smacks self in head*

    I hate it when people interupt me when I'm replying
  • by kip3f ( 1210 ) on Friday November 19, 1999 @08:57AM (#1518476) Homepage
    This is easier:
    bash$ factor 1999
    1999: 1999
    Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.
  • by cetan ( 61150 ) on Friday November 19, 1999 @08:59AM (#1518483) Journal

    Does anyone remember were they were at

    12:34:56 on 7/8/90 ? (following American date "standard, July 8th).

    A perfect sequeance of numbers :)

    or, for others. August 7th.

    That won't happen for a few years.

  • "They refuse to listen"? How odd. All it takes is a simple demonstration of Cantor's diagonalization approach, and there you have it.
  • However, all of number theory relies on the fact that 1 is not prime. The Fundamental Theory of Arithmetic (that every number has a unique prime factorization) would fall flat on its face if you could stick in as many 1's as you wanted.

  • Actually, I think we will.

    I mean consider all the wonderful things coming out of medicine lately to serve our immortality. We have head-transplants for when your body gets old (I know they can't reconnect the nerves yet, but they are making great progress towards that with handicapped people like Reeves), we have human-cloning so that we can make headless versions of ourselfs (they have isolated the gene which makes a body grow a head), they have medicines that show signs towards stimulating regrowth of brain-cells so we don't end up braindead after a few hundred years, and truely effective cancer treetments are just around the corner.

    Who says we need to die just because everyone else did?

    We cannot reason ourselves out of our basic irrationality. All we can do is learn the art of being irrational in a reasonable way.
  • by EricWright ( 16803 ) on Friday November 19, 1999 @09:02AM (#1518506) Journal
    Cool, so as another poster mentioned, 11:59:59 19/11/1999 is the last odd timestamp of our lifetimes. It's also an entirely prime timestamp!

    That will be one primo second to be alive!

  • Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the last prime number day was 7/31/1999 and the next one is 1/1/2003.

    Party on!

  • Although, this isn't terribly fascinating, seeing as how 11-19-1997 was all odd, too.

    And last Wednesday, and last Monday. And the Saturday before that. And the Thursday before that. And Tuesday before that. Then the previous Sunday. And that Friday, Wednesday and Monday.

    Woo. I'm underwhelmed.
  • Last time I checked, 1,1,2001 is odd...

    The formula for odd numbers is 2*(n+.5)

    N for 2001 = 100
    N for 1 = 0

    It may be the last one of the millenium, but not the last we will be alive to see. (At least I hope so!)

    This kind of story brings out the people who don't bother to read before they post. 2001 contains 3 even digits, 2, 0, and 0. the requirements state that all digits must be odd.

  • All Real numbers are not Integers, but all Integers are Real.
    While we're being pedantic, this should read "Not all Real numbers are Integers," or better, "Not all real numbers are integers." The way you phrased it seems to say that none of the real numbers are also integers, which is the opposite of your point.

    "All people are not dead" is very different from "Not all people are dead."

    Sorry, but with all this fine logical niggling going on, I couldn't help myself.
  • I don't recall the exact definition, but I believe 1 isn't prime.
  • I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
  • This is just result of the common decimal notation. If we use hexadecimal notation, then all of this changes.

    Personally, I find all these people talking about the new millenium in 2000 to be complete idiots. The new millenium doesn't start until the end of 2048.
  • I realy like a sig. I like that one. And you know what? I'd bet it is...
  • Yeah, but the leap month is simply referred to as "Adar II"

    (as opposed to "Adar, the month", or "Adar II: The Wrath of Haman", or "Adar-3D, the search for forced humor" :-)
  • It said odd numbers though... I don't quite get that... that would be silly since 21/11/1999 (november 21, 1999) should be the next "odd" day... and even if it's primes... then 23/11/1999 (november 23, 1999) should be the next "prime" day. What's up with this... maybe I missed some significance here... I'm confused about what's so special with today!!

  • Stuff that doesn't matter.

    who cares?
  • Amen, I always hated how people seemed so amazed by this when it is simply a definition.
  • What a coincidence. Everyone always told me I was odd.

    Happy 23rd to me! Yippee!
  • Statistically you have a good chance. Less than half of all people that have lived have died. So if this keeps up you might live to 1-1-3111.
  • by jwjr ( 56765 ) on Friday November 19, 1999 @09:17AM (#1518608)
    That's the number of days in the interval between
    this odd day and the next one. Of course, it
    falls out from the specification of an odd day
    and arithmetic, (and a little luck with the
    number of days this month) but it's still kind of
  • If that wasn't enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy:


    The last prime day for a while (until 2/2/2003) will be 11/29. That is phat.

    And if that wasn't cool enough- 3/3/3119 is the next prime odd day. Wow....deep....warm and fuzzy.
  • by Pika ( 49094 ) on Friday November 19, 1999 @09:18AM (#1518612)
    I was looking for a reason to get totally trashed tonight!! looks like I found it!
  • ...who loved stuff like this. (He probably mentioned it in class today back home.) I just missed his anniversary, too -- he got married on November 18, 1988, or 111888. He even has that six-digit number engraved on the innerside of his wedding ring.

    We won't have any of those combos around again until 11/11/2011 (111111) or 11/12/2022 (111222) if you want distinct digits.
  • Brain Malfunction...
    Segmentation Fault...
    Core Dumped.

    Ok, I realised that they actually meant ALL digits odd, as opposed to the actual numbers. That would then rule out 3/11/1999 (march 11, 1999) becuase it's actually 03/11/1999, and 0 is even... well sort of, that's actually mathematically debate-able, but I guess the idea is that all the digits are odd (and even if 0 isn't even, then neither is it odd).
  • time() returns 943045533.

    94304-5533 is a zip code in Palo Alto, California.

    • Coincidence? Or something far more sinister?

    Perhaps someone should modify XTraceRoute [] to show the physical location that corresponds to the current time_t.

  • um, dude:
    A)Slashdot is based in the US if i am not mistaken, and no one has said anything that suggests that it has a responsibility to be international (As nice as that would be).
    B)Just reverse the numbers and have a happy 19/11/1999.

    I agree with you about the date format, but it is not something to get bent out of shape about.
  • but the argument could be made that 1 is not an even or an odd number because an odd number must be only have two factors, 1 and itself. 1 is divisible only by itself, therefore, not odd.

    You just described PRIME numbers. Odd numbers are #s not evenly (that is with no remainder)divisible by 2. 0 is even because 0/2 = 0. 1 is not because 1/2 = .5.

  • I guess I don't quite get it. Why won't 11/13/1999 be an odd day?

    Mike Eckardt []
  • How would we never see the next one when the Grand Unified Theory of Physics will be discovered in 2050?
  • 1 is not prime because it is only divisible by one number, namely, itself.

    0 is not prime because it is divisible by an infinite number of numbers, namely, any number other than itself.

    Ho hum.

    Time to go be as odd as possible. :-)

  • Hmm ... so the last odd timestamp of our lifetime would be: 19:59:59 11/19/1999

    I'll be letting out a little whoop at that time to celebrate.


  • How the hell is it ironic?
    Interesting, maybe, conincidental, maybe, but not ironic!
  • Can we get a list of odd days in the 3rd millenium? Bet there's plenty.

    In the third millennium, from 2001 - 3000, there are exactly 0 "odd" days. There will be 5000 "even" days though. In the fourth, from 3001 till 4000, there will be 8000 "odd" days. And 40 "even" days; all in the last year (4000). Note that we also have 40 "even" days left in this millennium.

    -- Abigail

  • by mochaone ( 59034 ) on Friday November 19, 1999 @08:39AM (#1518688)
    The next Odd day will be 1-1-3111 - which is well over a thousand years away, which we will never see

    Walt Disney is scheduled to be taken off ice then. That should coincide with the opening of Disney Solar System on Pluto.
  • Wouldn't the last prime timestamp be 23:59:59 19/11/1999?

  • If you are looking at digits, then the next even year is 2/2/2222, since 0 is not odd nor even. But if you are looking at the whole year, then 2000 is even. But that means that 1/1/2001 would be the next odd day, since 2001 is odd. So I suspect that it is digits we are looking at. Therefore, enjoy today while you can, it's going to be a *LOOOONG* time until an even or odd day.

    Ok, one more time for the math impaired. 0 = EVEN. Because it is divisible by 2 with no remainder. 0/2 = 0. Done, fini. It fits the definition of even.

  • Why are int's not real? 12/6 = 2, so to is a real number right? two is certanly an integer....
    "Subtle mind control? Why do all these HTML buttons say 'Submit' ?"
  • Short answer: Even.

    Long answer:
    You can say that any number divisible by 2 with no remainder is even. That makes zero even. You can also say any number divisible by 2 with a remainder of 1 is odd. That makes zero even.

    If you want to talk binary, the Least Significant Bit determines even or oddness, zero being even, one being odd. This makes zero even. Of course, that's just another way of saying the same as above.

    If you want to talk properties of even numbers, let's start with multiplication:
    Ev * Ev = Ev
    Ev * Od = Ev
    Od * Od = Od
    Zero times anything is zero. So,
    0 * Ev = 0
    0 * Od = 0
    As you can see, zero must be even by this method.

    Or how about addition?
    Ev + Ev = Ev
    Ev + Od = Od
    Od + Od = Ev
    Zero plus something = something. So,
    0 + Ev = Ev
    0 + Od = Od
    Again, zero must be even.

    Pretty much any way you slice it, zero is even.

  • read this post []

    "Subtle mind control? Why do all these HTML buttons say 'Submit' ?"
  • Why is 11-11-1999 not an odd day? I feel that I am missing something very fundamental here..
    0 is just like 2 or 6 or -4. When you divide by 2, you get an integer!
    That's all "even" means! It is not very complicated!!!
    0 is not special!!!
    This isn't number theory, it is simple 2nd grade arithmetic!

    *pant* *gasp* *wheeze*
    No offence to you personally (offence maybe to the average second grade math teacher tho), but i had to get that off my chest.
  • by quadong ( 52475 )
    Wi-to-kay = 3 sylables
    yir-to-thow-sand = 4 sylables
    Y2K = 3 chars
    Year 2000 = 9 chars
    Y2K means a computer bug
    Year 2000 means a year or a computer bug or a host of other things
  • The article says the next odd day will be 1-1-3111, so the leading 0 does not count. Which brings up the point that this year has been chock full of odd days. The only reason we are going so long without one is that we are entering an even millenium. We should have been celebrating the odd millenium instead of squandering it, only to realize on the last odd day what we are losing!
  • % man cron | grep "day of the week"
    day of the week (0-6 with 0=Sunday).

  • yeah for real

  • "prime is a number that is divisible only by two numbers, 1 and the number itself."

    Isn't 1 prime is devisible by 1 and the number itself (1). These just happen to be the same number. According to Mirriam Webster, though:

    "any integer other than 0 or ± 1 that is not divisible without remainder by any other integers except ± 1 and ± the integer itself"

    1 would be prime unless they made the special provision so that by definition it isn't.
  • Except for your personal prime/odd confusion and understaing of the number of stupid wrong things that have been repeated ad nausueum, "Exactly!"
  • Jamie Zawinski wrote:

    time() returns 943045533.

    94304-5533 is a zip code in Palo Alto, California.

    Coincidence? Or something far more sinister?

    There are (latent) coincidences all around us, just waiting to be observed. There's a quotation (or maybe it's something I made up -- someone please tell me if they know where it's from, 'cause not knowing bugs me!) in my head, something like "There is nothing so unlikely as all the things that actually are."

    If you shop at a store with numbered carts, you may have noticed that you associate certain numbers (on carts) with referants in the Outside World. I don't know the exact ratio, but I've attempted to guess how many of the numbers from 1 to 1000 (reasonable grocery cart numbers) have taken a meaning beyond just the digits.

    A random sampling:
    • 1 - ironically, thousands of meanings. 1 is the loneliest number, 1 in a million, etc.
    • lowest triangle number
    • 007 - the most dangerous cart, as well as "7" the holy number, days in the week, etc.
    • 12 months, apostles, fingers + feet, days of xmas
    • 13 - everyone's favorite
    • 28 Days in an idealized (lunar / menstrual) cycle
    • 32 - freezing point
    • 42
    • 52 - cards in a deck, weeks in a year
    • 57 (Heinz 57 sauce, 57 Chevy)
    • 98 - body temperature
    • 101 - canonical beginners class, skateboard company
    • 180 - the difference in degrees between what most politicians say and what they mean
      How much RAM (in TB) most of us would like ;)
    • 360- Degrees in a circle
    • 365 - days in a year
    • 366 days in a leap year
    • 408- engine
    • 512 - any multiple of 2 is binarily significant ...
    • 666 - mmmm, steal stuff from his cart, right?
    • 747 - plane
    • 757 - plane
    • 767 - plane
    • 777 - chmod permissions
    • 923 - looks like ESP in mirror
    • 999 - from Saturday Night Live Sketch about The Omen "No, there're no sixes! ust a couple of nines!"

    Granted, some of these are categories rather than unique referants, but still ...

    Anyhow. I think Jamie's point is the arbitrary nature of assigning significance to "coincidences" when the systems which generated the coincidence is itself contrived. At least, that's my point. ;) Cool mneumonics, though.


  • by tim_m ( 27065 ) on Friday November 19, 1999 @08:42AM (#1518766)
    > I guess I don't quite get it. Why won't 11/13/1999 be an odd day?

    It was. But that was 6 days ago. Today is the last one until 1-1-3111.

    Now, if there were a November 31st, that would count too, but, alas, there is not. So Happy Odd Day everybody!
  • math/EvenNumber.html [] is a good math dictionary and agrees that zero is even.
    0/2 = 0, 0 is an integer, therefore 0 is even!
    Zero is the number before 1 and after -1. It is the NUMBER that is the additive identity. It is the NUMBER that when multiplied by another number makes itself. It is the NUMBER that when raised to any power other than itself, equals itself. It is the NUMBER that when any other number is raised to its power, equals 1. It is the NUMBER whose angle signifies the positive x direction. It is the NUMBER that is arbitrarily chosen to be the value of potential energy at infinity for a point charge, and works EXACTLY the same as if you picked any other number!
    Please do not run around slashdot disscusions talking about things you do not understand, like basic math.
  • by jd ( 1658 ) <> on Friday November 19, 1999 @08:43AM (#1518794) Homepage Journal
    On this Odd day, here is some Odd trivia for you:

    • 11 and 19 are both primes, as well as odd numbers. If 1999 is also prime, this will make this Prime Day, as well.
    • The Odd Prime: 2. It is the only even prime, making it most odd. :) (From the 'fortune cookie' program)
    • The total number of Odd numbers is equal to the total number of integers.
    • The integers are neither Real, or Imaginary, which makes them very Odd indeed!
  • by cpuffer_hammer ( 31542 ) on Friday November 19, 1999 @08:43AM (#1518804) Homepage
    I plan to live for ever or die trying.

  • by gargle ( 97883 ) on Friday November 19, 1999 @12:26PM (#1518808) Homepage
    If you write the date in British format (as most countries do), 19/11/1999, then 19111999 is prime as well!
  • When you say a statement is wrong, you imply that there's a correct one, that there is some authoritative basis on which you can say "It's wrong." Saying "A new millenium begins on 1 Januiary 2000" is not not like saying "Carbon's atomic number is 42." While there is an obvious physical basis for days and years, there is no physical basis for centuries and millenia. (Except for the fact that we have ten digits on our hands.) Calendars are a matter of human consensus - you have to look to a human authority.

    I'm not aware of any legal authority that states when the millenium begins.It would be perfectly legal and reasonable for Congress to legislate that centuries begin on January 1, xx00. The 250+ million people in this country would then abide by that convention. If you think that's a silly example, then I'd ask you how many people would have to agree on a calendar before it became "right". There have been many peoples through out history who observed different calendars, and there are numerous extant calendars now. So, for example, would you say that Jews who observe the Jewish calendar wrong to believe that the third millenium won't begin on 1 January 2001? Why or why not?

    I'll grant that according to the commonly accepted calendar in the US and most of the Western world, the 3rd millenium begins on 1 January 2001. But I've got to ask, "Third millenium since when?" Not the birth of Jesus of Nazareth; the date and year of his birth are impossible to specify without supernatural knowledge. The calendar itself was adopted hundreds of years after 0001. It's been changed a number of times - you'd be very hard pressed to say how many years and days it's been since, say, November 19, 500. There are whole strings of years and days that have been skipped or never observed.

    So if a whole group of people choose to believe that a new millenium begins on 1 January 2000, just party with them, and be sure to invite them to your party on 1 January 2001. Personally, I will continue to believe that every day begins a new millenium, and I'll party accordingly.
  • they should have said
    "Happy Last Odd day"
  • The original poster might have been confusing even/odd with prime/composite. While 0 is even, it is neither prime nor composite (this holds true for 1 too, except it's odd).
  • I don't have time to prove this for all integers (that involves mathematical induction and is left as an exercise for the reader), but here's a real informal proof of the statement "5 is a real number."

    Real numbers form a group under * (multiplication) (yeah, they form a field, too, but I don't need THAT much ammunition).
    Since they are a group under *, if A and B are real numbers, then A*B is a real number.
    If we say B=A, then A*A is a real number.
    I think we'd all agree that SQRT(5) is a real number, so let A=SQRT(5).
    So SQRT(5)*SQRT(5) is a real number, implying that 5 is a real number. QED
  • Depending on how you choose to format your dates, (I prefer 1999.11.19 with all digits filled) you could contest that the next odd day will be 3111.11.11 instead of 3111.01.01. But that's quibbling over something that I'll probably not really care about when the time rolls around.
  • 10-28-1888
    ^ ^
    1 is not an even number. All the *digits* have to be even. The last even day was not in 1888, but rather 888.
  • There is a physical basis for the atomic number. It's the number of protons in the nucleus. Your analogy would be better served by atomic weight, which is a truly arbitrary number.
  • by lahosken ( 24108 ) on Friday November 19, 1999 @08:48AM (#1518884) Homepage Journal
    Why is this article under "It's Funny."?
    Is it supposed to be a parity?
  • by ajs ( 35943 ) <> on Friday November 19, 1999 @08:48AM (#1518887) Homepage Journal
    1999 does appear to be prime, given:

    perl -le 'for($i=int(sqrt(1999));$i>1;$i--) {print $i if int(1999/$i) == 1999/$i}'

    prints nothing, thus 1999 has no factors in the range of
  • It was. So were 11-13-1999 and 11-15-1999. The point is this is the last odd day for over 1000 years.
  • That was the day I was born (an odd occurance that).. :-) Perhaps not as odd as the appearance of the Devon Rex cat [], though.
  • If I had written:
    Give me a minute ... dang no bullets.

    Then it would have been more obvious. I don't know if it would have been any funnier though.
  • But, there was no year 1 on the calender ether, or 2 for that matter. Infact we didn't start using the xian calender untill ether the 400's or the 1400s (I'm not exactly sure). there's no reason why you cant' say that the year that was 1 BC was the first year, Jesus wasn't born in 1AD anyway!

    People don't give a fuck about the year 2001, they care about 2000.
    "Subtle mind control? Why do all these HTML buttons say 'Submit' ?"
  • Last time I checked, 1,1,2001 is odd...

    The formula for odd numbers is 2*(n+.5)

    N for 2001 = 100
    N for 1 = 0

    It may be the last one of the millenium, but not the last we will be alive to see. (At least I hope so!)
  • 1 is not an even didgit, ALL of the didgits must be even for it to be an 'even' day.
    so nothing from 1000-1999 can be an even day.

    And nothing from 2000-2999 can be an odd day.

  • That's what I'm saying. I fully plan to see the next millenium. And what about 9-9-99? I guess we were all so upset about the idea of a Y2K preview no one mentioned odd day. And how special are they in odd years, anyway? Can we get a list of odd days in the 3rd millenium? Bet there's plenty.

    Oh, and I know I'm odd: check out the insanity test

  • The last odd timestamp will be:
    19:59:59 19-11-1999

    I am 2h, 59m, 9s away from that ;-)
  • Oops. I forgot to post the definition of prime.

    A prime number is a number that is divisible by exactly two numbers. One, and itself.

    1 is only divisible by one number.

    Anyway, the other respondant is correct. One is not prime because it is defined as not prime for convienence.

  • Ok, to Clarify this, TODAY IS THE *LAST* Odd day until 3111. However the 17th, 15th,13th, and 11th of this month were ALSO odd days. But this is the LAST one.

  • No... 12 is the weight of carbon-12, which is "arbirarily" defined. This is different from the number of protons and neutrons, which "coincidentally" is also 12. An atoms weight is not determined only by the number of nucleons, because the binding energy also plays a factor. If the weight of C-12 was defined as 1 or 42 everything would work out the same.
  • Never mind, I just got it...
    each digit in today's date is odd. I'm an idiot
    and should be moderated down.
  • the 2 and the zero's
  • I just got this in my mailbox like 10 minutes ago from my coworker...and it shows up on slashdot...
  • [7:24pm] mcope@orion (~): factor 11595919111999

    It's prime
  • I think their year just turned to 5760, so in 11 years it will be 5771.

  • by Col. Klink (retired) ( 11632 ) on Friday November 19, 1999 @08:54AM (#1518978)
    > The integers are neither Real [...]

    Yes they are. All Real numbers are not Integers, but all Integers are Real.
  • It's worse than you think, we need multi-variable calculus to even hope to keep the planets in orbit.
  • On the last Odd Day for the next 1000+ years, I get the feeling I can try abusing the office NT machine to see if it doesn't crash.

    Of course if/when it does, I'll start planning for 2/2/2000 as my "Get Even" day.

    -S. Louie
  • You're wrong.
  • I wouldn't ask any primary school teacher. I remember primary school teachers that were rather iffy about negative numbers.
  • by copito ( 1846 ) on Friday November 19, 1999 @06:18PM (#1518996)
    Give me a minute....
  • Good one! But like I said, it was just a random sampling to demonstrate the point. And despite the objection in this same heirarchy by osu-neko, even if it's not technically accurate (I have no idea whether he pulled this figure out of his navel, or if it's right on), the number is still one that sticks anytime I see that particular cart ... not that I'm obsessed with grovery carts, they just make a handy example of how we assign arbitrary connections. Just how brains work, I say.


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