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Comment Maybe just not being ill (Score 2) 378

Being ill takes a lot of energy, being healthy again but still eating and exorsizing to the same level could result weight gain.
I would think a search though the data should start to answer this question. Or relationship with our gutflora is more complex than can be summed up. There may be lots of changes in peoples that could be made this way. More collecting of before and after facts (even things like concentration, strangth, dexterity) should be considered.

Comment Join you local Maker Lab or Hack Space. (Score 4, Interesting) 251

I was very much wanting to get a 3D printer. In looking around I found a Maker Lab / Hack Space ( There we have a number of 3Dprinters plus laser cutter, cnc, lathe and much more. Along with people that know who to use them and help fix and adjust them.
I have access to all this for what it would cost to buy just a 3D printer (a year). When and if I want my own I can build it there.

Comment Copyright, Re-Copyright, and creative difference. (Score 2) 230

It would be nice to have an explanation of when a copy goes out of copyright and how that effects other copies and originals. When an original (A) goes out of copyright, which I think we mostly understand. Compared to when copy of A (B) goes out of copyright. How does this affect the copy right on A and B. Does B have to be creatively different, detectably different, and what if they cannot be told apart? What about copy C made from A after copy B, or copy D and from B before copy C, or copy E made from B after Copy D.
What about different legal systems, and different types of works (words, vs sound)?

Submission + - JilksClan Video (

JilksClan writes: Hey everyone, I'm new to YouTube and I'm having an impossible time starting up. I also have had my PVR and my TV taken from me so I can only record with my laptop for now.

I want to be able to give people some entertainment and talk to all of my subscribers but nobody watches my videos on Youtube, I am having a blast. However I am having a blast alone.

Comment Re:Actually (Score 1) 170

Since the argument in this thread is around the question of complying by deleting the file and surrounding content, or simply making it not accessible. I would think the words:
"or disable access to"
Would to a reasonable person indicate that removing link/from the website would be sufficient, as it would be the second (2) of the three choices the law offers.
"responds expeditiously to (1) remove, or (2) disable access to, the material that is claimed to be infringing or (3) to be the subject of infringing activity." (numbers added)

While I do not speak legal, I would thing the powers that be would have used "and" instead of "or" or just removed the second option.

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