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Comment Horse (Score 1) 122

When I was at Sprint I heard the story of a cut fiber line. They go to check out the location and the ground is disturbed where the cut is. The tech thought the culprits left before they got there. When they dig down they find a dead decaying horse. The farmer buried his horse on the edge of his property without knowing he cut the fiber.

Another farmer put up a new fence and used the fresh laid fiber line as a guide. He proceeded to cut the fiber numerous times over a half mile with his fence posts. Talk about a costly fence post error.

Comment Re:I'm Pretty Sure That's Illegal (Score 1) 266

Even if the $180 was actually owed, if they failed to contact you for 2 years or more, then they have lost the legal right to the money. Also ask for documentation on the debt so you know what the debt is about, if they can't prove the debt they can't collect it. No matter what you do, don't pay a single penny to the company no matter how much they threaten you. Paying any money will reset the 2 year clock. BTW, I would not trust any website of these collection companies, only do certified return receipt postal mail so you have a paper trail of your efforts.

I had a bogus debt and a collection agency tried to collect it. I asked for documentation and they sent me a screen capture of the account balance window, it showed $0.00 was owed. I sent their own documentation back to them as proof I didn't owe the debt. My collection account was resold every few months and a new collection agency would try the same thing. This kept on for 4 YEARS.

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