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Dirty Domain Names Allowed Again 110

webslacker writes "Network Solutions is unhappy about it, but what the #$@& can they do? CORE, one of the new domain name registrars, is allowing the "seven dirty words" in your domain names. "
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Dirty Domain Names Allowed Again

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    all 450 quintillion combinations of the 7 dirty words were registered by porn sites in the .net, .com, and .org domains within 5 minutes of the announcement.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Search for "seven dirty words" and "george carlin" to understand that.
  • by Anonymous Coward is boing auctioned off at ebay
  • is mine, all mine...

  • Uh huh. Sure. What filter would catch and not catch Whatever filter you dream up, we can create a domain name with one of the seven forbidden words that will get past it.

  • It's 'shiitaki'.

  • The whole thing is IMNSHO quite silly. Forbiding words in domain names is just plain rediculous. This is typical of the americans, good thing you managed to get rid of it!
  • At a previous employer, a network filter had been installed o protect the employees from the dangers of pictures of unclothed human bodies. This software would automatically block accesses to the entire domain that held the offensive content; it filtered on URL substrings and all page content.

    After hours one day, I was browsing Fender's guitar web site, came upon the Yngwie Malmsteen model Stratocaster and immediately access to "" was blocked. " com" had "teen" in the URL.

    Shortly thereafter I found another job.

  • In the not so distant past, Chevy tried to sell the Nova in Mexico, and couldn't understand why noone bought them.

    After they changed the name to a word that didn't mean "doesn't go" in spanish, it sold quite well . . .
  • Hmm, and I decided that I didn't want any more of those MBA courses even without knowing this :)

    OK, I'll make up for it by tossing out one that I personally verified, having been in the car to take her to appointments: my grandmother was treated for her terminal cancer by a a specialist--named posthumous.

    But on the nova UL--It seems to me that versions of that that I've seen in print specified the name the Nova was changed to, and I thought I'd found it as a chevy model in reference models. Did the name eventually get changed for some other reason?
  • It -is- international. It's just that the US Govt believes that the world is controlled by US law. Also, they had the very top-level nameservers.

    The rest of the world set up their own nameservers and cheerfully ignored anything anyone in the US said or did. At least, those who set up nameservers outside the US did. A lot of smaller countries have their nameservers hosted by a different nation.

  • "A landmark free speech decision held that Federal Communications Commission regulations banning the words from broadcasts did not violate the U.S. Constitution."

    Isn't the internet supposed to be international and cross national boundaries?

    I don't suppose anybody will read this far down the page though with all of those childish foul-mouthed posts further up :(
  • That's horrible. I assumed it was someone doing a pisstake of the Evening Standard site, but it seems genuine...
  • The culture has changed. Medieval Catholics' ultimate "cuss words" were blasphemous, and "fuck" was a slightly-vulgar-yet-acceptable verb.

    Indeed. In fact, a search of medieval parish records in the UK will reveal what would today be considered obscene surnames, but then were, as you say, slightly vulgar yet acceptable. Examples include Fuckalot and Widecunte. No, I'm not kidding. Still, it's probably a little disconcerting if that's the only thing others in your village can think of to describe you...

  • What would be not tolerated when it comes to domain names? If one had, should it be allowed? I'm sure the burden of the legal dogs that are sure to follow such a popular site would be on the new owner, but should the registrars be responsible for screening, censoring, and being liable? Anyhow, a person always can add offensive subdomains quickly that include every profanity and hate message. Why bother screening domain names?
  • by hoover ( 3292 )
    And you have the old Bavarian town of
    "Fucking". The roadsign at the town's main
    street gets stolen by puritan American
    tourists every three months or so ;-)

  • Just save him the search and go here. []
  • (This is only loosely on-topic and will most likely be moderated out of existence. C'est la vie.)

    So, CORE, and others are finally in the TLD registration game. Why the hell is it still seventy bucks for two years?! I want competition, dammit! I want market innovation! I want to own for under twenty bucks! ;)

    Seriously. Now that there are multiple registrars, surely someone will lock onto the novelty of product pricing. For seventy bucks, I'll stick with the one name I have. But for twenty bucks (okay, maybe up to 40) I'd go get a few more. That means I have to DNS them, host them somewhere, and generally put more money into the economy instead of the cash cache under my mattress.

    Remember, kids, competition is Good.

  • Does this mean someone can register ""?


  • by zyklone ( 8959 ) on Wednesday July 14, 1999 @04:37AM (#1803137) Homepage
    Looks like the gov't has registerd it:
    US District Court, Central District of
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    Domain Name: FUCK.COM

    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
    Network Operations Center (NSOL-NOC) NOC@NETSOL.COM
    Billing Contact:
    Accounts Payable (AP5173-ORG) ap@NETSOL.COM

    Record last updated on 02-Jun-99.
    Record created on 26-Apr-99.
    Database last updated on 13-Jul-99 09:09:13 ED
  • Just because the host name doesn't contain one of the "seven dirty words" doesn't mean that the content of the site won't contain "unsuitable content" (whatever the hell that is).

  • Internic shows differently... (THEGARYSHOW-DOM) THEGARYSHOW.COM
    Kimball, Jonathan D (MM9897) 212-656-1484
    Springsteen, A (AS16338) 716 832 3348 (ISHIT5-DOM) ISHIT.NET
    To single out one record, look it up with "!xxx", where xxx is the
    handle, shown in parenthesis following the name, which comes first.
  • I heard someone say "titties" and "booty" on NPR the other day. In a song, actually
  • This'll make filtering software work a little easier, eh? Why is allowing dirty domain names such a big deal. I've always thought that the porn sites could then practice a more little truth-in-advertising when setting up sites.

    This reminded me of the time when our IT manager decided that the company's web use was needed web filtering and logging software (all because someone in a remote office was offended when she mistyped a website name and got some oral sex site -- we, of course, had to verify this). To express our disgust at this, myself and the other system and network administrators nearly collected enough money to register the domain "", create some simple-minded joke website, and then setting up several systems inside the firewall to hit the site about 50,000 times a day. (The fact that this was supposed to go into effect around April 1 had more than a little to do with it as well.) Then we'd wait to see what happened when the web tracking reports came out. As a side benefit, it would have been fun to watch the NT admin try to figure out why disks were filling up with log files.

  • Well, both the equally relevant and exist... apparently German domain name authorities are more relaxed... :-)
  • What makes one word dirty and another one not? I'd love for someone to logically and reasonably explain that one for me...
  • It's really quite simple. People tell us that they are bad, so they are. Don't argue or think about it. Thinking on your own is bad, you should be another member of the herd. Who really gives a crap? They are words, that's it words. Watch south park and you'll understand. "Graffic deplorable violence is ok, as long as you don't use dirty words." And think about it, that's really the way it is in society. You can see two people having sex on tv, but you can't say they're "fucking." You can have someone brutually murder someone else, but the victim best not yell "shit!"

    Besides, anymore you don't have to watch out for fuck and shit, but niggar or gook. I'm not saying I support racial slurs or racism, quite the opposite. But why do we now have an "N-word"? People in the US are way to concerned with what people do rather than what they say. But I guess as long as we keep teaching children that it's ok to murder, you just can't cuss while you do it, america will be the happiest country on the planet.

    They're just words people, they don't hurt anyone, unless you're sadam huisaine(i know that's no where near right), then you better watch out.
  • Of course the Internet falls under the US Constitution. After all, Al Gore invented the Internet. If he invented it, he should be able to tell us what to do with it. Even if it is watching trees grow via live videofeed. Hmm, is treefuckers.orgasm registered yet?

    Vote Libertarian!!!
  • has been in continuous operation for years. Go visit to see.
  • An organisation that attempts to seduce mothers? :)
  • Only Domainbank [] now blocks such registrations though they allowed them up until late yesterday. But many good 'dirty' domains remain. Just Use a different CORE Registrar []. Other active CORE registrars open to the public still accept such registrations and in fact I just registered some more a few hours ago including ''. I'd recommend Nominalia since their system works pretty well and $68 is the best price around. Just be sure to use your OWN dns servers or since they charge about a $33 surcharge per dns! [] Netwizards appears to do such registrations, but you'll need to create an acct there first and then wait until it's verified before you can register domains there - or faster, call them first. [] Any questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact me and/or post to the following groups: alt.domain-names.registries There's still some good ones left :-) Good Luck!! Ron Bennett
  • Netnames [] is good for determining availability across the various ccTLDs.

    In regards to gTLDs (COM, NET, ORG), Geektools [] and [] do the job - they'll first query NSIRegistry and then automatically query the appropriate Whois database. Note that there's aprox a 4 day lag time between the NSIRegistry's real-time and public databases so new registrations won't showup even though they'll registered. To see CORE registrations in near real-time, query the CORE Whois server direct at port 43 and enter domain name and press Enter.

    An example of an automated lookup for TITS.COM via

    Domain registry query

    Whois Server Version 1.0

    Domain Name: TITS.COM
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Name Server: No nameserver
    Updated Date: 08-jul-1999

    The Registry database contains ONLY .COM, .NET, .ORG, .EDU domains and Registrars.


    Ron Bennett (COCO-388)
    PO BOX 6532
    Wyomissing, PA
    19610-0532 US

    CORE Registrar: CORE-78

    Status: production

    Admin Contact: Ron Bennett (COCO-388)
    This domain has no NameServers!

    Created: 1999-07-08
    Created By: CORE-78

    This whois service currently only reflects registrations made through CORE as a registrar in the .com, .net and .org top-level domains.
  • Completely off topic, but I'm collecting little snippets like you signed off with (If it ain't broke . . . .) which will eventually go into my MOTD file.
    Who the blazes is Scott Adams? The name rings a bell, but prehaps it's something American, so we don't hear much of him on the East side of the Pond?

    Here's one in return:
    [concerning miracles]: "a wise man proportions his belief to the evidence"
    David Hume, Enlightenment period philosopher ca. 1760.
  • Of fer god sakes, how did this get to be a '2'? What clueless moderator bumped this dumb old urban legend [] up? C'mon people! Get a clue!
  • I think in this context you should listen to this mp3-file:

    http://3233624969/atrox/slashdot/Comedy%20-%20Uses %20Of%20The%20Word%20Fuck.mp3 [566 KB]

    Sounds like a radio-record, so I hope its ok to put it online.

  • On a funnier note, my mom bought a bunch of white erasers and gave me some. "Mom," I said, "Why'd you give me this f*8cking eraser?" She was appalled. "But Mom," I said, "That's what it says right here on the side "Fuh King". It's a Fuh King
    Nothing strange there.. One of the cities in New Zealand is Whakatane; pronounced fuck-a-ta-ne. Which is of course a Maori word, and not English. So has quite a different meaning.
  • Not so. Go to xico.html for a debunking
  • go there. check it out. he's even selling e-mail addresses for $25 for one year.. WOOHOO!

    I don't know exactly how he got, but he's had it since before '96.

    Also, go to and pick up some cool ass free fonts. (free beer, not.. nevermind)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I run BeOS. The rules don't apply.
  • I don't know if anyone knew about this, but in Canada we have no restrictions on what words can be used on the radio. The CRTC has taken a stance that Radio stations can decide for themselves if they choose to play music with swear words in them, or to bleep them out.

    They realize that most (if not all) Radio Stations do not want to risk losing listeners by using obsenities, so you will rarely hear any. Gee, self regulation can work...
  • there is still work to fight the censure: you post is illegal in Australia :-(
  • I tried to register, and got the following message:
    "You cant register that domain at this time."

  • Well, isn't this ironic. I think the government is overstepping its bounds just slightly here. If Spencer Abraham's Anticybersquatting Bill passes, this should be the first domain to be sued, because I don't think the government has any plans to use this domain name. And if they do, what are they going to use it for? May I suggest that they use it as a public forum for anti-government expression? (Check out this bill S.1255 at Library of Congress []; I think Sec 3(B)(ii)(II) would be the appropriate section under which to sue.)
  • Sheesh. Mrpunch is right; the government did NOT register f*; it is merely holding onto to that name pending a court case in New Hampshire regarding the First Amendment rights of the people who DID register it. (They are suing NetSol and the government on the grounds that, since the Commerce Dept. mandated domain names, this constitutes prior government censorship. NetSol holds that they are a private entity, and thus have a perfect right to censor.)
  • according to this [].

    (you'll have to click through for the whole speech.)
    I'm not gonna print the words cos there's a mixed audience on /.
  • Scott Adams is the Author of "Dilbert".
    And I'm from the same side of the pond as you.
    Was it not Hume who, when running for MP, said "I'm tough on Causality, tough on the Causes of Causality"?
  • Websites like this, for example:
  • And why only seven?

    Don't hate the media, become the media.

  • To think that they would actually ban these "BAD" words in domain names? Why the would anyone be so stupid as to do that. What you don't
    want your children to see your links to Hey maybe those domain names offend someone. Guess what, it doesn't
    offend me. If it offends you I suggest not having and children that are weak and can handle real life like you. PLEASE don't have children. I
    BEG you. We don't need anymore weak people on this planet. If you can't handle words, bloodshed, brutality, and sex, please do not have
    children just like YOU.

    Like TV if it offends some people, they have to take it from the rest of the people. But with TV they don't want children exposed to those
    words. What about when the kid's dad comes home and says 'Johnny get the fuck out my chair and turn that shit off before I beat you into
    therapy. and get me another fuckin' beer you cock.' If children can handle the violence at home, they sure as shit can handle the violence on
    TV. There is no point in creating the illusion that the world is a happy place. Children will grow up soon enough and find out they've been lied
    to their whole childhood.
  • Ahem.

    "We train young men to drop fire on people. But their commanders won't let them write 'fuck' on their airplanes because it's obscene!" -- Col. Kurtz

    Actually, it's a nice time to be preoccupied with ideas like this -- South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut dragged the issue right out onto the living room carpet where Aunt Mildred can ignore it only by dint of strenuous effort.

  • We really don't need another web site about Microsoft technical support.
  • I can't wait to be able to register!!


  • has existed for years. Gotta love the Fulchester Underwater Canoeing Klub!
  • This opens a whole new realm of names:


  • I do not understand what's wrong with these 7
    words. I do not even know which words they are.
    But I am sure this is not to protect children
    because children know them for sure. It must be
    to protect non-native English speakers in case
    they find out the dirty truths of English too soon. :-)
  • While visiting Canada a few years ago, my fellow Americans and I were pleasantly surprised to hear *all* the words of a then-popular Alanis Morriset(sp?) song on the radio. The Australian who was with us looked at us like we were from Mars: "I thought you had free speech in America?"

    Then Aus. passes their 'net censorship bill... go fig.
  • is a (un)holy number, or so im told, ie god(dess) made the world in 7 days, etc look in their guild of how to, it's called a bible or something.

    #include "standard_disclaimer.h"
  • (I bet he missed that one)
  • Hey! Get it right! It's shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits. His Most Holiness George Carlin has given us those words in His own order, and we must repeat them precisely.
  • The culture has changed. Medieval Catholics' ultimate "cuss words" were blasphemous, and "fuck" was a slightly-vulgar-yet-acceptable verb.

    "Hostie de calice de tabernacle, Windows NT est encore fucke'!" is an integral part of the colorful metaphors of Quebec francophone sysadmins... ;-)
    - - -

  • More relevant, probably, is whether it is "appropriate and necessary" to ban using these words for domains. No, I don't see a lot of socially relevant content coming out of these domains, but on the other hand, what damage are we doing by letting then be taken, as opposed to setting more precedents for censorship by banning these domains. And it's not like it's going to make it any easier to find porn, you can't get much easier than it is now...

    Geek-grrl in training
    "We're gonna go to the mall and window shoplift."
  • What an entreprenural recipe for guaranteed success! Rake it in baybee. Watch those domains get sucked up. These guys [CORE] are going to cream it big time.

    err... you
  • Hmmmmmm,

    Makes you kinda wonder what kinda web sites will arise, using these new "allowable" website names. Probably not anything to benefit linux methinks. While I think that free speach and all should be upheld, I'm not sure that it is appropriate and necesary to have the seven dirty words (which, btw, George Carlin does a very amusing skit to, gonig to see him Fri :) ) used for web site addresses. Nothing good will come out of it, just more pr0n sites trying to lure people into their grips. Which may be good for some people I 'spose, but most won't appreciate.

    -"We have to get ready for tomorrow! Why what are we going tomorrow Bill? The same thing we do everyday, try to take over the WORLD!"

  • I wonder how much the Gov is going to sell it?

  • Ahhh what a relife.

    Filtering out websites with unsuitable content will now become a piece of cake.


  • I was a very sheltered child. But I pretty much knew all those words (and more, and in different languages too) by the time I was 9. Didn't know what a hooker was tho for the longest time :-)

    You would be pretty naive not to know what these words are. And not just from the media - I learned the old fashioned way, from adults!

    On a funnier note, my mom bought a bunch of white erasers and gave me some. "Mom," I said, "Why'd you give me this f*8cking eraser?" She was appalled. "But Mom," I said, "That's what it says right here on the side "Fuh King". It's a Fuh King
    Eraser. LOL made in Hong Kong, you wonder how the company would think that there was nothing wrong with that name!

  • Really? That is so funny :-) Newfoundland is bad for names like that too. There's lots of sexual sounding names down there...oh yeah, the Greek word for flashlight sounds like f too...I thought sh*t was allowed because of Japanese words, like sh*ttake.

  • Well, I always thought that disallowing dirty domain names was kind of silly. And of course, is going to get hits from bored teenagers in much the way that 1-800-FUCK-YOU would get lots of calls.

    However, I find it strangely disappointing that people can't come up with anything more interesting or intelligent. Someone posted about instead of ... I think the first shows a certain amount of thought that the second lacks.

    Of course, it's less and less relevant to keep censoring the Seven Dirty Words (even though radio still does it) because they're not considered the ultimate obscenity anymore. I don't swear all that much (four years of being a college DJ taught me to watch my mouth), but I don't feel as nasty about using the "F" word as I do about using the "N" word, for instance -- even if I'm quoting someone else (and I'd never use the "N" word of my own volition, except possibly in a story).

    The culture has changed. Medieval Catholics' ultimate "cuss words" were blasphemous, and "fuck" was a slightly-vulgar-yet-acceptable verb. (Chaucer has a character "go to take a piss" in one of his Tales ...) Protestants found scatological terms more "obscene" than blasphemous ones, in most cases. Now, it's changing again. I can say "goddamn" or "fuck" in relatively polite conversation, but racial and ethnic slurs are another matter entirely.
  • Beware of CyberSitter!

    It's evil anyhow, but this site will show you why programmers should be extra-careful to avoid letting this get installed on their machines. Among other things, CyberSitter didn't like the function name "RefreshItems" because of the cuss word embedded in it. :P

    Then again, as a technical writer for a utility company, the project I'm working on would have the same problem. All these "nipples" and "butt ends" and "stopcocks" on the equipment database ... *sigh*

    And as a scadian, anything with "A.S. XXXIV" is likely to get blocked by stupid censorware as well. When I have kids, I'd rather let them run across the odd dirty pictures than have to figure out why they can't get to something like that.

    Not to mention, as a pagan, I really hate CyberShitter in particular. :P

    (Oh, did I mistype that? Freudian slip, sorry!)

    *shrug* Seemed relevant. Not that I'm not preaching to the converted about filtering software or anything. ;)

  • Weird, I previewed and everything, but the URL disappeared.

    Here it is: tml []


  • by fable2112 ( 46114 ) on Wednesday July 14, 1999 @06:21AM (#1803189) Homepage

    Yes the priorities are screwed up. Examples follow:

    1. Ellen getting TV-14ed for kissing her girlfriend, while Dharma and Greg can practically have sex in front of the audience and only get TV-PGed for it.

    2. One use of the word "fuck" = automatic PG-13 rating in a move. Admittedly, this is better than it was; used to get it rated R. Ditto for one shot of someone smoking dope. One glimpse of a nude female breast will probably kick it up to R. Yet PG and even G movies can show various and sundry violent acts. A particularly nasty example of this was the NC-17 movie Kids, which is one of those movies that should have been rated R so that parents would watch it WITH their teens and talk about it!!!

    3. MTV's silliness about Tom Petty saying "roll another joint" when they've had plenty of songs with more-subtle pot references.

    And in closing, the quote from Apocalypse Now: "You can go into a village and bomb innocent men, women, and children ... but you can't write 'fuck' on the side of an airplane because it's obscene."

  • What's a Chutney-Ferret?
  • A good question. I assume that since .com, .org, .gov, and .net were originally registered by US citizenry, while other countries added the .uk, .ca, .au, etc. (not intentionally leaving anyone out), it is kind of landmark for us (US citizens) to reclaim some of our free speech rights.

    I do not guess that there is any restriction on anyone using the .com, etc. names; however, the US Federal government may still think it has the right to administer them. If the CA courts ban the use of the names; maybe a non-US /. can try to fight it in an international arena.
  • FUCK stand for "for unlawful carnal knowledge", or "fornicate unlawful carnal knowledge" i.e. having sex with someone when it is unlawful. It is, however, pretty damned old term. Back then any non-church-condoned sex (out of wedlock) was unlawful.

    Find a legal dictionary.

    ps the french don't speak english. they didn't back in medieval times either.
  • explain this to me:
    US District Court, Central District of
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • As you know, many large companies routinely buy up likely domains that are variants of their own company name.

    For example, consider the mythical corporation named `XXX, Incorporated'. Their domain of is probably not the only one they happen to own. They often also own as well. Now suddenly they need to rush out and buy up as well.

    Now, apply this to zillions of companies, and it sure looks to me as though this is a way to generate a lot of cash quickly. In other words, a get-rich-quick scheme. :-)

  • something lacking thought on the web?!?! absurd.

    there is less smart but infinitely cooler and more expressive sounding about motherfucker as opposed to oedipus. sorta like hanging out with the MC5 instead of your high school latin class.
  • Well, hey, if the KKK can have a website then why not

    Really, such a big fuss over so much nothing.

    The Divine Creatrix in a Mortal Shell that stays Crunchy in Milk
  • Not necessarily: the US have not banned domains that swear in Italian just as Italy have not banned English swear words.
  • I believe that this is one of the domains turned over to the court pending a suit against Network Associates. Check it out [] at
  • All words are dirty, someone else had'em in their mouth before you had.
  • or the other way round...

    My schwartz is bigger than yours!
  • A plush toy manufacturer approached a Web-design and hosting company about creating a Web site for their company. It was agreed on that '' would be a good domain to promote the site with. InterNIC wouldn't register the domain because it contained...yep, you guessed it.
  • it was a rough translation, and the explanation in short form. *shrug*
  • The history behind the word "fuck" is quite interesting. A friend of mine who was a linguistics student was doing some research and found this, (and a few other that are quite interesting out...)

    After the Black Death had ravaged Europe, the economy was dismal, due to a majority of the peasants having died. This is not the only reason, however, as some of the local barons and lord (and such forth) were afraid that the peasants might actually be able to rise up against them, or, that other land owners would come, and attack them for the peasants..

    In any case, (if I remember right, it was the King of France) sent word amonst the entire land, commanding everyone to fornicate..

    ie: Fornicate Under the Command of the King
    or, fuck.

    history is an odd, odd thing...

  • That's just a list of all domains that matched
    You then have to whois !FUCK14-DOM, as it is the actual domain
  • You think this will have any bearing on any future court cases where Justice is questioned ;o)

May all your PUSHes be POPped.