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Comment Re: HS diploma who failed geometry (Score 2) 436

As a patent lawyer, I can tell you that technology lawyers don't like engineers on the jury because they jury will give that juror's opinion inordinate weight. If that engineer completely misunderstands the technology, or doesn't like one of the parties, they can steer the entire jury one direction because they will use their outside knowledge to "teach" the jury. Rather than relying upon what evidence was given in trial, the jury will follow the lead of the one engineer, even if that one engineer is wrong.

Submission + - Supreme Court Weakens Patents

ajakk writes: The U.S. Supreme Court, in a unanimous opinion, overturned the decades old test for determine whether a patent is obvious. The Court ruled that the Court had looked at obviousness in a "narrow, rigid manner." This should allow patents to be more easily invalidated because they are obvious.

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