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Comment Anyone up for a proper ipod dock connector? (Score 1) 393

I've been trying to find some good schematics for an ipod dock to analog audio in connector for those compact hifi boxes, has anyone been successful in buying or building one him- or herself? All I'd need is to feed analog audio into the system, no fancy play controls and the like. Thanks!

Comment Latest drivers run gpu fan at 100% (Score 1) 663

I've been using Linux for quite a while (since 1992 or thereabouts) both for work and gaming and have had good results with NV hardware.

However the latest drivers (301.xx or thereabouts) run the 8800gt's fans at full speed even after the system boots, which seems to be a bug affecting quite a few other users across all major distributions.

Comment Re:Now if only ... (Score 1) 265

I don't think it's money that draws you into IT in the first place; if it is, it's probably a bad incentive as money can only do so much to make you happy.

What drew me into IT was passion for the subject, and I do believe that the only way you can possibly do a job for a lifetime is if you're passionate about it.

So while a bigger paycheck *may* be effective in bringing brighter people into the field, they'll probably be as ruthless in their craving to maximize their income as they'd be in other lines of better-paid work (you mentioned security traders, for instance, I'm not sure I'd want those for colleagues ;-))

Comment Re:Avoid Django (Score 2) 287

+1 for Django from my end, too. It can be a bit complex at times if you still know what CGI is and are used to code your web pages accordingly, but once you've got going with it it can be amazingly flexible and powerful.

Also, the built in "admin" will save you a ton of work down the road.

I'm not a full-time developer mind you, but the people I've heard good things about Django from are right up there with the best of them as far as development skills go in our company.

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