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Facebook Businesses

Facebook Analyzes the Impact of Love On Their Business 37

c0lo writes "Facebook might understand your romantic prospects better than you do. In a blog post, the company's team of data scientists announced with hard numbers that hints at budding relationships before the relationships start. The two people enter a period of courtship, during which timeline posts increase. After the couple makes it official, their posts on each others' walls decrease—presumably because the happy two are spending more time together (and less on FB?!) A subsequent blog entry offers an insight on break-ups: it is the last of a series of 6 blogposts that ran last week on the "love" theme."
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Facebook Analyzes the Impact of Love On Their Business

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  • by CadentOrange ( 2429626 ) on Monday February 17, 2014 @09:57AM (#46266157)
    Probability of Relationship is inversely related to Slashdot posting frequency.
    • by tool462 ( 677306 )

      If you run out the time axis long enough, you'll see it more reflects a bathtub curve than 1/x. I.e., in a long enough relationship, there will inevitably be a dramatic rise in posting frequency. Usually this is an indicator of a pending failure. When you see the onset of this increase, it's best to implement some redundancy. It may accelerate the failure of the first component, but ensures no disruption in service.

  • An Old Quote (Score:5, Interesting)

    by avgjoe62 ( 558860 ) on Monday February 17, 2014 @10:02AM (#46266181)

    Why are there so many sad love poems as opposed to happy ones? When you're happily in love there are better things to do than write poetry.

    I suppose the same applies to Facebook postings - when you're happily in love, there's better things to do than write on someone's wall.

  • "Facebook, Facebook, on the wall
    Who is the fairest of them all?"
    • Mark Zuckerberg. You should totally bang him. Just give me a moment to analyze your recent selfies to see if you qualify.

  • boycott? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by memnock ( 466995 )

    So am I the only person who is back after a week of choosing not to visit the site?

    • I heard the boycott was extended with another week.
    • Post volume seemed to be the same last week as it was the week before and this week thus far.

      There was significantly less bitching about beta.

      I still recommend for all your slashdot skimming needs.

  • FB is looking into a match making service and testing the market... That's all this is. and if it works. MS will follow... no doubt claiming it was there first...... and that is a match made in...... well hell...

  • There's always "those two" who start posting on each other's walls, obviously as just an excuse to chat, and then when they finally hookup they stop posting because they're too busy making out. Usually the Facebook mingling accelerates slowly -- The guy posts, the girl responds (or doesn't respond, so the guy takes a hint.) Etc. When marriage finally ensues, and the two live together, they leave Facebook almost entirely. Of course this is a reflection of the general social behavior of people. When we're you
  • That must be why I see all the ads for Christian Mingle - I am neither Christian nor single.

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