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Comment Re:Solar: Not only cheapest. Often a total win. (Score 2) 504

Main problem with this economic analysis is that solar is only half the equation.
Solar requires batteries, unlike coal, gas. (There are "pump batteries" which refill dams during daylight hours and thus act as a battery to store power for nighttime use).
I like solar energy but there are additional issues besides mere production.

Comment Re:"Refuses?" (Score 1) 295

"The company told him to visit one of their service centers, where one of its employees could reset his TV."

funny, that seems like a legit offer of help.

That's my take on it, especially with a tv that is old, no longer being produced, and with on-line instructions (probably completely standard) tried that didn't work. A support person on the phone would only walk him thru the same procedure. It's infected with ransomware. If a reboot solved that problem, it wouldn't be a problem.

Comment Re:Happy Anniversary! (Score 1) 191

When our new-fangled computer room lost all power to the air conditioning and fried a whole mess of servers, the IT group got mad because our Linux server was taking 5 minutes to boot up. The main lady complained saying their windows servers booted up in 30 seconds. I said they'd better since they have to reboot for every single update, or to install software, or to remove sofware. Whe nit "finally" came up, our log said the box hadn't been rebooted in 4 years.
It didn't get fried either. Had an automatic shutoff. And this was a few years ago.

Comment Re:Fix Action (Score 1) 191

I did the ipconfig/release .... stuff and it didn't work.
Then logged into the router and turned off encryption (based on microsoft help page) and that _appeared_ to work
Didn't actually work. After a reboot, still couldn't connect.

Then it happened to my wife's PC but did not happen to my work one (windows 7) so, more searching.
Turned off Windows Defender and it was able to get the new ip
Windows Defender wanted itself turned on again so I did and now everything appears to be working.

Looks like Windows Defender can protect you against everything except a windows update.

Comment Re:MERCEDES MAN! (Score 1) 65

That's kind of what I was thinking. Everyone always claims their new tech is going to make people safer, happier, etc.
When really all it is mostly used for is to sell stuff.
Television was promoted as something that was going to show concerts and informative classes to the masses.
Same with the internet

Now granted, selling stuff often does make people safer, happier, etc., but still
these headlights are going to be providing advertisements to the driver.
And in driverless cars, they'll be showing ads to all the passengers all the time.
Just imagine how wonderful that will be.

Comment Re:Snowden (Score 1) 73

Indictment ? For case like this... you go straight to jail...no possibility of fighting in court.

That is COMPLETELY incorrect. He gets his day in court.
Of course it's a secret court. The kind of court which if run by Saddam or Putin or China would be called illegal but since it is managed by true patriots such as Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Trump, then it's okay since we're all Americans.

In the secret court, there are (slightly) different rules:

1. anything you say that cannot be used against you is declared irrelevant.
2. the jurors are not allowed to discuss the case with anybody, including each other.
3. your defense attorney is assigned by the judge and will destroy his career if he actually wins the case

But Snowden would get his day in court and then his life in prison.

Comment Re: Well duh! (Score 1) 73

And pray tell, why should a responsible government jeopardize important political and economical ties and agreements over some dipshit?

I spose it depends on how you define responsible. Some folks think it's okay to torture people if they are dipshits; other countries (which also call themselves responsible) think each person has inalienable rights.

And this is over and above the complete uselessness of torture to actually gain information. A scientific government/military would use techniques that work. That approach seems to fit the definition of "responsible govenment" imo. Your mileage apparently varies.

Comment Re:Maybe both have their place. (Score 1) 325

Looking at the "mission profile," it appears as if all the military building programs are trying to be all things to all soldiers. We still use B-52 bombers because the new bombers don't work. And frankly, if we want bombers that drop shitloads of ordnance, they need to be big. And that means they'll probably be slow.

And 40 of them won't be invisible. Maybe radar won't see them but citizens with smartphones certainly will.

And our current fleet of slow-moving loud B-52s still strike fear into the populace. If we want a similar show of force, maybe we just need updated versions of the B-52, not a brand-new one full of super-duper (and unproven) hi-tech. We don't need a yuuuuuuuge bomber that's bigger and faster and shinier and has VTOL capabilities. But we do need bobmers that can actually fly and drop bombs.
(And we already have attack helicopters so what's with the military's VTOL fetish?)

Comment Re:So how does this affect the Drake Equation? (Score 1) 258

The probability of life in the universe goes up if the size of the universe goes up, but the probability of finding other life forms doesn't increase since they can't pass the Hubble limit either.

But the Drake equations themselves are bogus because adding time to probability is like dividing by zero.
The law of large numbers states that anything happens given enough rolls of the dice.
If you want to calculate _probability_ correctly, do so without adding in time or a bazillion "events."
If there are 10 to the twenty-fourth number of stars in the universe, then for life to be unique to Earth only requires 24 events in a row, each with a one-tenth chance of occurring.

If we're going to be guessing anyway, we should at least try to use the mathematical tools correctly.

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