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Submission + - $5000 Student Loans Default the Most (theatlantic.com)

minstrelmike writes: You can read horror stories about people with $150,000 student loans, but they aren't the ones with the most problems. The "typical for-profit student is a 24-year-old from a first-generation family earning less than $40,000, who eventually drops out of school. The completion rates for two-year and four-year for-profit institutions is about 40 percent and 25 percent, respectively." These are the people most at risk of default.

Comment Re:They sound completely insane (Score 1) 325

Actually, both Christianity and Islam are evolving. It's just that only the fundamentalists make the news. When we Americans read about idiot fundamentalist Christian sects, we write them off as wack jobs since we know 'regular' Christians don't do that. It's the same in Muslim countries.
But when we Americans read about fundamental Muslims in other places, we assume they speak for all the billion Muslims in the world. (All the refugees that are abandoning ISI are Muslims, too).

There are 950 different Christian sects and 700 different Islamic ones. Both the Amish and the Catholics think they are the one true religion.

Comment Re:Private Company (Score 2) 293

The only really scary thing here is the fact that "two thirds of Americans get their news from social media". No wonder the country is so fucked up.

Before the internet, most people got their "news" from rags like the National Enquirer and New of the World--the top selling newspapers in America. Being stupid and being mis-informed isn't new and it isn't happening because of the internet or the world wide web or facebook or that new-fangled thang called electricity. Entertainment attracts more people than information does.

Comment Re:Yeah, this plan (Score 1) 263

...reminds me of those people who drive what is clearly a 5 or 6 thousand dollar value used van/truck through the front of a quikie-mart so they can steal the mini-ATM that probably only has a couple of thousand in cash (max) at any given time. Real profitable. Dumb Ass!

If the van is stolen, it's probly only worth a few hundred at most.

Comment Re:Social Media is incompatible with Social Justic (Score 1) 151

People tend to overlook the fact that democracy is the exact opposite of individual rights. The Founding Fathers (USA) tried to implement a _representative_ democarcy to avoid the massive probems of lynch mob mentality (aka Social Justice). The internet, since usenet, has increased the size of the mobs and the directness of communications.

And the much-feared anonymity is not really causing the problem. Example: facebook.

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