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Comment Galaxy S7 can shoot 240 fps (Score 2) 86

I find it weird that the slow-motion is only compared to iPhone 7 and Pixel at 120 fps, while Galaxy S7 has a double framerate of 240 compared to those. Of course this is still far from 960 fps, but the summary gives an impression that iPhone 7 and Pixel were the industry leaders in this regard, which they simply aren't.

Comment Re:Can someone explain in laymans terms how.... (Score 1) 334

Thanks to this research, we have better diamond anvils now and not after waiting for 5 years, so there's at least that.

Also, I bet that many people would have called playing with sand and fire pointless - what possibly could be the benefit of melting sand, there are more important things to do, like staring at the cosmos. And then some shiny things were created, perhaps the first reactions of some people was something like "Well great, we all like shiny things, but so what. We need food, why don't you focus on that?" Coincidentally, the result of this study was some shiny thing, which doesn't have practical uses at the moment.

A big part of the fundamental research is to look where other paths don't take and expect for the unexpected.

Comment Re:LG Customer Support Fail (Score 1) 161

Yeah they do have a return policy, but since the store is in another country, I don't yet know how this will end. Actually, the EU consumer protection directives require a two-year warranty for everything within the EU, with a cost-free repair, replace or refund. But it does not say about the shipping (so the cost-free might simply mean that no specific charge is done for the service itself) or which of the three options must be followed.

So I did send them a query, but did not yet get a reply. If I had staid in the country for one day longer, or had noticed the defect one hour earlier, I would have returned the device. I still do have a chance of getting a refund and purchasing a new pair in my home country. I just don't want to end up paying too much for the shipping (the shipping within EU is generally more expensive than within the US).

At this time, my best option might be to return the equipment to the store for refund and just purchase a new headset in my home country. But if Sony had played this well, they would just have replaced the headset themselves within a reasonable time. The end result would be the same: Sony would be returned one faulty headset and I would get a functional one. But due to their internal policies, this is not going to happen in a reasonable time.

Comment Re:LG Customer Support Fail (Score 1) 161

Yea I also just found this out. I bought a pair of their headphones (a very expensive model), and they were defective from the start. I bought them from another country within EU, but they were supposed to have an European-wide warranty. Technically that is true, but I have to pay for the shipping to the repair workshop in my home country, and the waiting times are just absurd (more than 2-4 months depending on whether I want to have a defective part replaced or the whole headphones replaced). The repair workshop says they are not getting the replacement parts from Sony and Sony says that they I should ask from the workshop why they cannot get the replacement parts from Sony any quicker!

The headphones as such are impressive, but the warranty struggle has just ruined the whole thing for me.

Comment Re:And the hits keep on coming ... (Score 1) 1066

Yes, polls were the source. But the polls weren't completely off. The actual results were within the margin of error of at least most polls. Also, there were several polls that predicted Trump winning. The polls also did predict to a degree the regional difference, so in all likelihood, to a degree, they are right on the generation difference, and other ones as well, but of course, with some margin of error.

The exit polls are probably more accurate than the pre-election polls since they better take into account voter activity and last minute change of heart etc. However, they of course have their weaknesses as well (for example, some groups might be less likely to reveal their vote, and they don't take early voting into account). All this said, I think there's still pretty well reason to believe the generation difference really is greater than the regional difference.

Completely different thing is the voting activity. It could have shifted the results completely if the voting activity was similar in all of the groups. For example, the younger the people, the less likely they were to vote.

Comment Re:Amidst Winter? (Score 1) 138

It makes no sense to define the seasons by the months globally. Think about the southern hemisphere for example - the seasons are timed exactly the opposite in there as in the northern hemisphere, so saying that "winter is the time from December to February" (or whatever like that) in a global context is simply nonsense. Also, there are even different seasons in different parts of the world (for example, wet season and dry season in the tropics). You can read about the seasons in Finland in the web pages of the Finnish Meteorological Institute at if you want to know more.

Comment Re: Neat that it's possible, but insignificant (Score 1) 181

You can't really scale a step into many, you'll just multiply it instead. Also, you can take just one first step when you're walking. Whether or not this can cover all of the oil production is irrelevant - this would just be a first step. Then you do something else for the remainder. Add to this improvements in renewable energy and excess energy production development - these are all important steps, even though it is very unlikely a single one of them will solve all of the issues related to fossil fuel.

Comment Re:This stuff drives me nuts (Score 1) 166

Well, SFTP and FTP can be run over a secure channel like a VPN or SSH tunnel -- in fact SFTP was designed to run that way as it provides no authentication capabilities of its own

Do you perhaps mean FTPS, not SFTP? FTPS is basically FTP over a secure channel (as HTTPS is to HTTP), while SFTP is a completely separate protocol (SSH File Transfer Protocol - an extension to the Secure Shell protocol). You can also tunnel FTP over SSH, but it is yet a different type of connection.

Comment Re:This is why we need rust (Score 1) 100

I hope you're just being sarcastic, but in case you're not, ...

- This is a hardware issue, not a programming language problem
- Rust helps to prevent programming bugs with memory, like dangling/null pointers, buffer overflows etc. But it has control over the memory layout, which is a crucial requirement in implementing a row hammer attack, so a row hammer attack with Rust would likely be very suitable for implementing such an attack
- Even if there was a programming language that prevented this by doing some memory layout randomization or similar, it would also lose performance due to non-contiguous memory (prefetching will not work and there will be cache misses), and thus it also would kill the battery life
- Even if ignoring the points above, it would require a massive amount of work to move away from JavaScript on web pages
- We would also require the OS, including the kernel, written in such language (which probably would not be possible, since there would be an abstraction of memory, which doesn't play nice with many device drivers etc.)

Comment Re:Mikko Hyppönen, dammit! (Score 1) 38

That is true. But at least the proper transliteration was used - I've seen names like Hämäläinen being transliterated as Haemaelaeinen, which is plain horrible (it's the German transliteration, and it just does not work with Finnish). Related to comments below, "door" could be a less ambiguous example for how 'o' is pronounced in Finnish.

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