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Comment At what point does a good intention turn bad? (Score 1) 182

You just have to wonder at what point does the fight against fake news become the fight against honesty?

Wikipedia covers its legal ass by relying on published elsewhere citations. This is not always insuring honesty and sometime even promoting the continuation of dishonesty. I recall a policy change where any paid editor needs to state being paid and by who, which came up in regards to israeli editors. Only where do you see this editor information on any articles or do you have to research editors per wikipedia article editors to see where there may be subtle bias (and who is going to take the time to do that)? I also have both personal experience and knowledge or incorrect information in a few wikipedia articles, but who will listen?

So when Jimmy comes up with this fighting fake news, its sure sign of using "fake news" as a way to suppress honest news and information.

So lets all jump on the "fighting fake news" bandwagon and realize nothing really changes. But more important, understand why this "fighting fake news" came about in the first place, is simply because people are waking up to the control BS.

Comment Assange did say he'd exchange for Manning (Score 1) 369

Assange did say he'd turn himself over in exchange for Mannings release. Then Obama pardon'ed Manning with a claim of it having nothing to do with Assange's offer. But now that Manning is about to be released (which BTW was his sentencing was very excessive) the gov story is writing it up.... to no surprise, as though the gov is totally in charge, makes no deal with Assange... etc...

So with all this in mind, there are still insurance files and with a public court case, which unlike Manning, will be public and with jury nullification.... This event Assange has proven, validated his reason for jumping bail and seeking asylum at the Ecuador Embassy, where he has in essence been in custody/constrained.
Good thing he is not the only one @ wikileaks.

Comment I needed a good laff (Score 1) 168

Certainly the author does not work at Microsoft.
Today hardware is far faster then even a few years ago, so why is it slower for the users? A: Developers think the extra power is to accommodate more layers of program code? But if you are running an earlier OS like AmigaDOS (AROS)... it flys faster than my three finger typing, on current hardware.
So let me guess, the NSA uses current hardware but programs in assembly... How else might they process all the spying they do?

Comment Re:Getting the peoples voice back in government (Score 1) 249

There is also this of which Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer are supporters of.
A yellow flag went up for me on this as "The way to become wealthy is to make people need you" - Bill Gates
But I'm registered for the competition and getting the peoples voice in the peoples business of government is the plan, and ultimately scale it to the world. But starting with the US is a big influential step.

Comment its not so much about taxes but how used! (Score 1) 903

When income tax was created the peoples voice was disconnected and so today a great deal of taxes are used in a manner the taxpayers would not approve of. And there is a problem with Americans have viable and heard voice in their government business. Soooo read, share and with your representatives so they may actually know how to represent you. And know, they don't just work in their respective states but on teams in congress.

Personally I do not approve of my taxes beiung used for US Military Industrial Complex warmongering, nor for supporting the US MIC "in" to warmongering in the middle east (israel - which if israeli's are such good business people, they really don't need so much welfare, from so many sources)

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