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Comment Re:Bravo indeed (Score 1) 424

If she'd been smart she would have gotten a formal copy right on the video, AND...copyright/trademark on the phrase she used "You're Filming? Bravo".....and made a fortune off this attempt to get back at someone that backfired.

There's always a silver lining somewhere if you just will look for it, and not take yourself out of the gene pool prematurely.

I'm pretty sure she didn't expect the video to go viral, and certainly didn't expect her spontaneous comment to become a meme.

Comment Re:Civilized (Score 1) 180

So it's more important to spend millions of dollars getting high speed internet to some cabin in the mountains for a hermit who doesn't even want it, than to provide higher speed for 1000 people in an urban area?

That's just plain stupid. You're a Democrat, aren't you.

We hermits want it you elitist motherfucker.

Comment Re:addressing the wrong problem. again. (Score 1) 140

This is just a temporary measure until they come up with a better solution.

Sorry, I don't buy that. If the problem is that some people are over-using the systems preventing others from using them, then completely disabling them for everybody while you look for a better solution is worse than doing nothing. You've turned unavailable for some people in some places at some times to unavailable for all people every place all the time.

No, they're not. You can still use the other functions - wifi services, free calls, and maps - as the poster you responded to points out! You can't do any of those things while someone is hogging the booth with porn (or anything else).

Comment Re:Old school censoring.... (Score 1) 139

Well somewhere there will be a database that ties the number plate to your name and address. Actually probably several databases not all subject to the same degree of security. Then the absence of the vehicle outside said address would be a good indicator of the premises being empty.

I have two ways of defeating that - a garage and a second car. If I'm selling a car, I can guarantee you I have at least one other fucking car.

Comment Different kinds of courage (Score 1) 579

There are different kinds of courage. Not all are of the "risking your life" variety. I'd say that risking your job on a decision requires courage. No, you're probably not going to die, but those who made the decision (including Tim Cook) could lose their jobs if Apple loses enough money over the decision.

Comment Re:Why can't it remember my setting? (Score 1) 123

Why do I have to set my newsfeed to "Most Recent" each time I visit facebook?

. facebook should respect my request to view my newsfeed as I want to view it, and stop hiding behind their "algorithm" to show me stuff I don't want to see.

I regularly post this complaint in my FB feed, calling out Zuckerberg on it. Fuck man, you're a goddamn software company and you can't keep one fucking preference saved?????

Comment Re:Don't care, not my card, card issuer's problems (Score 1) 385

I am not liable for fraudulent charges.

Sometimes you are. I was fraudulently charged $19/month for several months by Travelocity. I disputed the charges through Bank of America, and BOA told me that Travelocity was their "marketing partner" so the fraudulent transactions could not be reversed. I cancelled the credit card, closed all my BOA accounts, and switched to Wells Fargo (the only other bank within bicycle distance of my house). I also never again used Travelocity for anything. I periodically go into the local BOA branch and steal their ink pens.

Stealing their pens is a great form of retribution! I need to do that to the BofA that stole some of my money. If this was a credit card, I hope you never paid the fraudulent charges. Fuckwads!

Comment Re: well well well (Score 1) 769

Do you have any actual evidence of Clinton's dishonesty? I keep hearing bad things about her, but when I try to check them out I don't see the support. She's one of the most honest in this campaign according to Politifact. (I don't trust their methodology enough to pick out the difference between, say, Clinton and Kasich.) However, you insist that she's less honest than Trump, a fact that apparently came out of someone's ass.

Don't bother asking for facts. The right wingers have successfully created the "crooked Hillary" meme despite 30 years of nonstop investigations and she's never been charged with any crime.

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