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Comment Re:Why can't it remember my setting? (Score 1) 123

Why do I have to set my newsfeed to "Most Recent" each time I visit facebook?

. facebook should respect my request to view my newsfeed as I want to view it, and stop hiding behind their "algorithm" to show me stuff I don't want to see.

I regularly post this complaint in my FB feed, calling out Zuckerberg on it. Fuck man, you're a goddamn software company and you can't keep one fucking preference saved?????

Comment Re:Don't care, not my card, card issuer's problems (Score 1) 385

I am not liable for fraudulent charges.

Sometimes you are. I was fraudulently charged $19/month for several months by Travelocity. I disputed the charges through Bank of America, and BOA told me that Travelocity was their "marketing partner" so the fraudulent transactions could not be reversed. I cancelled the credit card, closed all my BOA accounts, and switched to Wells Fargo (the only other bank within bicycle distance of my house). I also never again used Travelocity for anything. I periodically go into the local BOA branch and steal their ink pens.

Stealing their pens is a great form of retribution! I need to do that to the BofA that stole some of my money. If this was a credit card, I hope you never paid the fraudulent charges. Fuckwads!

Comment Re: well well well (Score 1) 769

Do you have any actual evidence of Clinton's dishonesty? I keep hearing bad things about her, but when I try to check them out I don't see the support. She's one of the most honest in this campaign according to Politifact. (I don't trust their methodology enough to pick out the difference between, say, Clinton and Kasich.) However, you insist that she's less honest than Trump, a fact that apparently came out of someone's ass.

Don't bother asking for facts. The right wingers have successfully created the "crooked Hillary" meme despite 30 years of nonstop investigations and she's never been charged with any crime.

Comment Re:Niggers Beware!!! (Score 1) 769

Actually, black people will mostly benefit from trump if he delivers the jobs he promising to give. This is why there is actually quite a lot of black trump supporters. I think they prefer to get a job from a racist than a pat on the head and a kick to the butt from a corporate terminator.

Except for the fact that he has no plan to generate all these jobs out of thin air, except the usual trickle-down lies of tax breaks for the uber-wealthy.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 461

Because if you look at who the emails are from, according to TFS, none are from Hillary. The headline is clickbait.

They're not from her, but they're directly or indirectly all ABOUT her and the DNC's unwavering Coronate Hillary position. What else did you think was going to be the focus of the matter? Yoga and wedding plans? Right.

So fucking what? It's not a Hillary scandal. Political parties have inside favorites - film at 11:00.

Comment Re:That's amazing! (Score 1) 140

I'm part of the 7% I have an account under a fake name I used to have two accounts until someone decided ikatefacebork was not my real name and Facebook demanded to see my photo id.

Haven't had to use the other account in years the only reason I had one in the first place was to deal with companies that CBA to have their own login system.

You should have just photoshopped your ID to have ikatefacebork as your name.

Comment Re:Don't do it (Score 1) 180

Nope. The banks are just as bad.

I was switching banks and during that time I used the wrong checkbook to pay out monthly bills - this was the same bank my parents used so they simply took the money out of their account.

When confronted, the bank person explained that it was the same last name so they just took the money. They got real annoyed when we wanted to change the name on the accounts to Smith (cause then we could just write checks and not worry about covering them).

More likely, you were linked in some way other than just last name (perhaps your parents were at some time on your account). Same happened to me when my wife (now ex-) tried to be "helpful" to her son's girlfriend by being on her account. Girlfriend skipped out on fees, and BofAsssholes took them from our account. I screamed murder, then changed banks.

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