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Bitcoin The Almighty Buck

Flattr Adds Support For Funding In Bitcoin 60

An anonymous reader writes "Swedish startup Flattr, which offers an 'online tipjar' service, has announced it has added partial support for Bitcoin: you can now fund your account with the virtual currency. Furthermore, the company is considering adding the option to withdraw in Bitcoins too, but it first wants to gauge its community's desire for the feature on Twitter."
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Flattr Adds Support For Funding In Bitcoin

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  • Given the nature of bitcoins I'm not sure how this would work. Not everyone would be able to do it or there would be limited supply and shortages once in a while. Might be kinda interesting.

  • I'd love to use bitcoin more but I'm having a hard time getting any. Where is there that still sells them easily in the UK? Most of the places seem to have closed..
    • by ribuck ( 943217 )

      I'd love to use bitcoin more but I'm having a hard time getting any

      An easy way to get bitcoins is to sell your second-hand stuff for bitcoins at http://bitmit.net/ [bitmit.net]

    • The way I got most of my bitcoins was signing up at the bitcoin forums (back when they still hung off the bitcoin.org domain) and replying to people asking for work to be done in exchange for bitcoins. I did some web work (like convert a static HTML site to WordPress) and got paid. Brilliant.
      The forums still sometimes have people posting opportunities like that. You should check it out. Though, the type of work you do might not be web work, but whatever sort of work you're able to do over a network.

  • A site that *gives* you Bitcoins would be far more popular than the site that *takes* them. Currently, to get BTC you need to buy them in Japan, and they are expensive. It's much easier to do nothing and ignore this tip jar and the entire BTC economy, since they are not influential.

    BTC doesn't save you money on a gallon of milk; but it would be all the rage if that changes. But first the BTC network must solve some fundamental problems, such as how to get an instant confirmation of a transaction. Credit

    • I think it's unlikely that BTC will ever be used in a brick and mortar environment, but see my arguments about transaction fees below. OTOH for web based transactions if someone is ordering physical goods it's a non-issue to wait for some confirmations to hit the network (I mean by the time you have their product boxed up and ready for shipping the transaction would have already been confirmed), and if they're ordering some web based service, you can probably grant the user instant access without confirma

  • While personally I view Bitcoins as a great experiment, first step out of many that will be taken that will in fact free the individuals from the oppression of governments by giving many viable, easy to use and very attractive alternatives to all of the things that governments have usurped to themselves as monopoly power, there is currently something else that is happening with Bitcoins.

    Winklevoss twins are trying to get out [cnn.com] of their gigantic position without crashing the market, they want to make tens of m

    • by gl4ss ( 559668 )

      well with the etf you have in theory someone to sue. I guess there's a bunch of foundations etc which can't by their rules invest in bitcoins directly but could in an etf...

      they're putting themselves in a legal mess though - while probably avoiding the legal mess of selling 10 million dollars worth of bits.

  • by thegarbz ( 1787294 ) on Saturday July 06, 2013 @08:01AM (#44202349)

    Unknown Lamer posts an article about an unknown start-up offering an unheard of service which now accepts a unused currency.

    I think we have our post of the month!

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