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Comment good luck with that! (Score 1) 264

I can understand replacing simple tasks, but complicated ones? It's difficult enough to find maintenance techs owning anything more than a pair of channel-locks and a cresent wrench. Programming a robot to perform diagnostics, mechanical or electrical will become a nightmare. Being able to correlate dissimilar concepts on machine failure to effect a proper and effective repair is daunting. After 45 years of experience, I still find myself learning something new, or re-learning a better way. Don't even get me started with constant retooling.

Comment Re: Who would sink a nuclear ship? (Score 1) 203

If you really want to know what happens, then go to Japan and stay there; eat the seafood, drink the water and bathe in the the environment. Take notes, leave a journal for posterity and have children. Post your data to social media, words and pictures; leave it to the future to assess the outcome. You are too close to the inception point, with little data to make a valid extrapolation. Given 20 or 30 years worth of data will give a meaningful direction for further extrapolation. Given 100 years of data, an hypothesis will redefine the direction and possible results.

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