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Comment Re: good luck with that! (Score 1) 285

Not all manufacturing plants are designed to be modular. Modularity of components can only go so far, then human intervention becomes inevitable. Having a robot open an enclosure to replace a input/output module of a PLC, let alone re-wire it is more complex than plug and play. Also to that end, how does a robot modify electrical/mechanical prints? By what protocols? A better construct would be a human - machine symbiosis. Once again, good luck with that.

Comment good luck with that! (Score 1) 285

I can understand replacing simple tasks, but complicated ones? It's difficult enough to find maintenance techs owning anything more than a pair of channel-locks and a cresent wrench. Programming a robot to perform diagnostics, mechanical or electrical will become a nightmare. Being able to correlate dissimilar concepts on machine failure to effect a proper and effective repair is daunting. After 45 years of experience, I still find myself learning something new, or re-learning a better way. Don't even get me started with constant retooling.

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