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Comment Corporate applications? (Score 3, Insightful) 204

Will this work for people sending messages to other random people? Probably not. But imagine a corporation deploying this system to all of their computers. Suddenly, the boss can tell their employees to do unethical things, make illegal threats, and so on without any chance that the FBI is suddenly going to show up and arrest him with evidence of his misdeeds.

Comment Re:What were they thinking? (Score 1) 177

>what kind of idiot waves a pole around when moving at nontrivial speed near walls, beams, etc. that the pole can catch on?

Narcissists, that's who. And unfortunately, they are becoming more common. People these days are incredibly entitled, and it's not the younger generations, it's everyone.

Comment Re:sigh... (Score 1) 940

Because, in many cases, the banks crammed these loans down the throats of anyone and everyone they could find. Banks didn't give a fuck if you couldn't make the payments, they just kept issuing loans. They would lie to people about how much they would really cost or what an "interest only" mortgage really meant. Please don't pretend that the banks didn't have a large hand in causing this.

Comment Re:sigh... (Score 1) 940

It's the same problem that's created the bubble we're in right now. Interest rates are so low that it's basically free money, so of course housing prices have skyrocketed in response. Once interest rates rise, prices will plummet down to a reasonable level, and a crapload of people will find themselves underwater on their mortgages overnight. Then come the homeowners defaulting on their loans, then come the government bailing out the banks with taxpayer money, and so on.

Comment Re:Clickbait-y headline is clickbait-y (Score 1) 161

Nope. His system just applies a blur filter to the video and strips the audio. He hasn't done anything that a very small script couldn't have done. In fact, most programs commercially available for body cams (usually used by private security in malls and such to avoid lawsuits) have an option to do exactly that already. This guy is getting paid for doing zero useful work.

Comment Re:Love it (Score 1) 161

No, he's not.

His "solution" is to blur everything, yes literally *everything*. The entire video is blurred so that you can't make out faces, which makes sense, but you also can't make out guns, weapons, street signs, small movements of hands, clothing, etc. Depending on the light, you often can't even tell the difference between a police officer and a trash can. It's worthless for any practical purpose.

This guy literally got a job to do nothing other than to copy data from a camera to a server and to post a public copy with blur filter applied to the whole thing. There's no face detection to selectively blur faces, there's no intelligence or any kind of special algorithm applied whatsoever. It's fucking stupid.

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