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Comment Look shiny! (Score 0) 289

"Hey kids! Look over there.

No not on Tesla's finances or on safety concerns about the stuff we're making now.
Look over there to my new pie-in-the-sky idea."

And when the whole Musk empire finally goes bankrupt it will all have been a big conspiracy against progress.
Nothing to do with big ideas bumping against harsh reality.

Submission + - Police forces are stockpiling massive databases with personal information

Presto Vivace writes: The Post and Courier

A person can end up in one of these databases by doing nothing more than sitting on a public park bench or chatting with an officer on the street. Once there, these records can linger forever and be used by police agencies to track movements, habits, acquaintances and associations – even a person’s marital and job status, The Post and Courier found in an investigation of police practices around the nation. ... What began as a method for linking suspicious behavior to crime has morphed into a practice that threatens to turn local police departments into miniature versions of the National Security Agency. In the process, critics contend, police risk trampling constitutional rights, tarnishing innocent people and further eroding public trust.

Submission + - Alleged Owners of DDoS-for-Hire Service vDOS Arrested in Israel (

tsu doh nimh writes: Two young Israeli men alleged to be the co-owners of a popular online attack-for-hire service were arrested in Israel on Thursday. The pair were arrested around the same time that published a story naming them as the masterminds behind a service that can be hired to knock Web sites and Internet users offline with powerful blasts of junk data. That earlier story was the subject of a Slashdot discussion here.

Submission + - "Crazy Eddie" dead at 68 (

p51d007 writes: Eddie Antar, the founder of the Crazy Eddie electronics retail chain known for its hugely popular TV commercials in the 1970s and 1980s, and later brought down by a massive fraud scheme, died Saturday at the age of 68.

Submission + - Man Who Created Unskippable DVD Video Sues Apple Over Licensing Patents (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple is being sued by a Florida-based company for failing to license DVD playback functionality. The plaintiff, Nissim Corps, represents sole inventor Max Abecassis, a contributor the DVD Consortium in the 1990s, who also fought an ultimately unsuccessful ten year lawsuit against movie-censor software makers ClearPlay on similar grounds. Interestingly Abecassis is the man who invented the User Control Operations part of the DVD spec, which enables content creators to create unskippable videos.

Submission + - MIT's New Imaging System can read Closed Books using TeraHertz Radiation ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: MIT researchers and their colleagues are designing an imaging system that can read closed books.

In the latest issue of Nature Communications, the researchers describe a prototype of the system, which they tested on a stack of papers, each with one letter printed on it. The system was able to correctly identify the letters on the top nine sheets.

This new imaging system will be useful for reading the antique books in Museums without touching them, and it could be used to analyze any materials organized in thin layers, such as coatings on machine parts or pharmaceuticals.

Anyway, currently the cost of this system is around 100k, so it is still not in a position to be mass-produced for everyday use.

Submission + - Loud Noise Brings Down Banking Data Center, Destroys Hardware

An anonymous reader writes: ING Bank saw its Romanian payment and ATM services grind to a halt after a routine fire extinguisher test forced its data center operations offline for 10 hours. A loud noise emitted from inert gas being released during the planned extinguisher system drill cut off the bank’s main facility in Bucharest, Romania, but also caused irrevocable damage to dozens of its hard drives. Head of ING Retail Banking, Daniel Llano, apologized for the inconvenience and informed customers that the ‘serious’ technical fault had been caused by Inergen flooding. Inergen gas was released, but the pressure was too high, causing a sound exceeding 130dB. The noise, similar to that of a ‘running jet engine’,created large vibrations which spread to the casing protecting the hard drives – and destroyed the internal hardware.

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