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YouTube Users Attend First Official Get-Together 52

An anonymous reader wrote us with a link to News.com's coverage of the first official YouTube get-together. Video aficionados from as far away as Australia descended on the Pier 39 shopping complex in San Francisco to meet and, of course, videotape each other. An estimated 100 some people attended the 'As One' event, which allowed some of the most popular bloggers and video posters to meet their fans. "'I don't have any groupies yet,' said Ben Going when asked whether his Internet fame has changed his life. The 21-year-old waiter from Huntsville, Ala., has a regular YouTube audience that numbers nearly 26,000. Two minutes after making his joke, Going was approached by two red-haired teenagers who asked him for an autograph. Going, known at YouTube as Boh3m3, shrugged at a reporter and appeared simultaneously thrilled and embarrassed. Lowering his hat, the one Going wears in many of his videos, he signed away."
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YouTube Users Attend First Official Get-Together

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